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Chapter 1189: Xiao Yi Said Nothing

Almost at the moment Xia Yanran left, Zhen Mi was pushed away by Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi used so much strength that Zhen Mi could not react in time and was almost pushed to the ground by Xiao Yi.

Touching her nose, Zhen Mi gave a look that showed her good intentions were being unappreciated and said, “Your skill of kicking someone to the curb when they’ve outlived their usefulness is really impressive. But, I really don’t understand you. Since you like Miss Xia so much, why did you ask me to put on a show here with you and make her misunderstand and be unhappy?”

Xiao Yi didn’t speak.

Zhen Mi looked at Xiao Yi and found that his expression was very dark, and there was a frosty and menacing look in his eyes.

“You’re unhappy because Miss Xia left?”

Xiao Yi stood up from the sofa and walked to the french windows, taking out a cigarette from the cigarette box and putting it between his lips.

Perhaps too many misunderstandings and separation had caused him to have some doubts and left a scar in this relationship.

He truly did want to reconcile with her and spend the rest of his life with her. But he was afraid that she would not trust him or leave him because of some kind of misunderstanding in the future.

After thinking about it, he decided to use Zhen Mi to test her.

If she could trust him wholeheartedly this time, and ask him directly or listen to his explanation even when she saw something questionable, he would put down the grudge in his heart.

But she was still the same as before.

When something happened, she would leave without a word of doubt and sentence him to death directly.

A relationship with no trust was doomed not to go far. Even if he got back together with her today, there would be conflicts over trust issues in the future.

Xiao Yi closed his eyes and a sense of helplessness and exhaustion spread out from deep within his heart. He wanted to persist in this relationship, but reality made him wonder how to continue…

“Huh? Didn’t you leave already?” Zhen Mi’s voice drifted into his ears.

Xiao Yi turned and found that the woman he thought had left was standing at the door of the office. The blood that was almost frozen in his body suddenly became lively again.

She didn’t leave.

She didn’t leave!

Xia Yanran looked at Xiao Yi who was standing in front of the french windows and then at Zhen Mi who was sitting on the sofa.

When she saw that scene just now, she was stunned and did intend to escape and flee as quickly as she could. But when she reached the elevator, she gradually calmed down.

It had been so many years, did she still not know Xiao Yi’s character? If he wanted to have an affair or be ambiguous with another woman, would he still give her chance to stay by his side?

No matter when, he had never lacked women around him.

If he really was interested in Zhen Mi, he would have gone to the hotel with Zhen Mi, plus why would he have slept with her last night?

Besides, she had recalled carefully that from her angle, the two of them looked like they were kissing, but Xiao Yi’s hand was not on Zhen Mi’s body and Zhen Mi did not snuggle in Xiao Yi’s arms.

She was a reporter and it was not like she was unaware about the questionable nature of angles.

On second thought, this time, from when she came into the lobby, the front desk did not ask her to register like the other time and let her go find Xiao Yi directly.

It must be Xiao Yi who had given the order. He knew she would be coming, but was still behaving intimately with another woman in front of her?

If she showed the smartness and competence she had in her work, she would not be so foolish in her relationship. But it was because of a woman’s sensitivity and overthinking that caused misunderstandings.

Of course, she also understood that this misunderstanding was caused by Xiao Yi on purpose.

She had worn down his trust for her.

He dared not make promises to her easily. He was afraid that his promises would become a joke in front of her.

At this moment, Xia Yanran really understood how badly she had hurt him.

That kind of hurt was not physical, but mental, and it had left a mark.

For her, he dared to attend the withdrawal ceremony and had a near death experience. Why couldn’t she give him more trust? Why did she ask to break up whenever she met with a problem?

Xia Yanran’s heart was in pain and felt suffocated.

I’m sorry, Xiao Yi.

Xia Yanran’s eyes turned red and she ran towards Xiao Yi.

But very soon, a figure blocked in front of her.

Zhen Mi was dressed handsomely in a punk style today, wearing several earrings on her ears. She stood in front of Xia Yanran and held her hand. “Miss Xia, have you ever considered changing away from this kind of man who thinks too much?”

Xia Yanran’s hand was held in Zhen Mi’s palm and the back of her hand was caressed by Zhen Mi’s finger. The weird feeling in Xia Yanran’s heart became stronger.

She had felt that there was something abnormal about Zhen Mi, but could not put to words where she was abnormal.

Before Xia Yanran could say anything to Zhen Mi, Xiao Yi strode over and took Xia Yanran’s hand back from Zhen Mi’s grip.

“I’ll consider that contract you want to cooperate together for. But if you dare to touch her again, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Zhen Mi left with a cheeky grin.

After Zhen Mi left, Xiao Yi took Xia Yanran to the lounge connected to the office. He pulled her into the washroom, turned on the tap and washed her hands.

Xia Yanran frowned when she saw that he seemed to be washing something dirty. “Xiao Yi, what’s wrong?”

“Keep away from Zhen Mi in the future.”

His face was tensed, and his eyes fierce with implied warning.

Xia Yanran drew back her hand from Xiao Yi and used a paper towel to dry the water between his fingers. “I didn’t say anything when you were so intimate with Zhen Mi.”

“Then did you know that she has no interest in men and only likes women?”

This time, it was Xia Yanran’s turn to be stunned.

No wonder she felt that every time she saw Zhen Mi, she found that some of her actions were strange. She just did not expect that the daughter of the Marquis was homosexual.

“Did you hear that?”

Xia Yanran looked up at the man’s dark eyes. “What about you? Are you still going to find other women to test me in the future?”

“Only once.”

Hearing his words, Xia Yanran’s lips could not help lifting up.

Seeing her smile, Xiao Yi’s heart shook and he held the back of her head, kissing her.

“Where’s President Xiao? Wasn’t he still here just now?” Assistant Fang’s voice sounded outside.

Xia Yanran pushed Xiao Yi away. “There’s someone looking for you.”

Xiao Yi looked at Xia Yanran’s red face and raised her delicate chin, kissing her on the lips again. “Rest here. After I go out, open the drawer of the bedside cabinet. There’s something for you.”

Xiao Yi pulled open the door and went out of the lounge.

Assistant Fang saw Xiao Yi coming out of the room and understood immediately. “President Xiao, do you want to delay the meeting?”

“No need.”

“President Xiao, I have finally seen you smile. You haven’t ever since you took over.”

Assistant Fang’s voice was getting further and Xia Yanran leaned against the door of the lounge, thinking about how their relationship was gradually working out, and she felt undeniably touched, a warm feeling spreading in her heart.