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Chapter 1186: Sad

Xia Yanran could not control her emotions. It was as if she was on the verge of a breakdown. The bitterness from all these days were released through her tears.

Neither of them spoke, and there was only the sounds of light and inconsistent breathing.

After some time, the man’s hoarse and cold voice sounded. “If you’re not going to say anything, I’m hanging up.”

In the past, he was most afraid of her crying. As long as her tears fell, his heart would soften. But this time, her tears had no effect on him anymore.

Xia Yanran sniffed, her heart seemed to be grabbed tightly by an invisible hand, making her unable to breathe because of the pain.

“Xiao Yi, do you not want me anymore?”

She had never thought that she would become so pathetic and foolish in front of him.

But who could she blame?

She did not cherish it when they were together and did not believe him when they met with problems. She was always thinking too much and made decisions by herself.

If it was her, she would get annoyed too.

Although it was impossible for women not to be melodramatic, he had already tolerated her twice. How could he continue to tolerate her?

After Xia Yanran asked this, the man on the other end of the line was silent for a while. Just when she thought that he would not answer her, his cold and slightly sarcastic voice was heard. “Xia Yanran, weren’t you the one who gave up first?”

Xia Yanran lowered her eyes. She bit her lip hard and said in a soft voice, “I’m sorry, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have asked for a break up. C-Can I still have a chance?”


“I don’t want you to go into a room with Zhen Mi and have sex with her. I used to think that letting go of your hand would make us feel better, but I just can’t do it. I can’t. It’s impossible for me to forget the feelings from all these years. Xiao Yi, can you forgive one more time?”

There was a dead silence once more.

Xia Yanran’s heart had sunk to the bottom of the valley and she seemed to feel his silent refusal. Because she had let go first, he had no desire to be with her again.

It was too late.

Xia Yanran did not want to make the situation worse, so she said, her voice choked, “If you feel that you can’t forgive me, then treat it as if I said nothing. I’ll go back to Ning City tomorrow and I-I won’t bother you anymore in the future…”

Before she could finish, the man’s deep and cold voice sounded. “Turn around.”

Xia Yanran’s wet eyelashes blinked and she let out a puzzled ‘huh?’.

“Turn around.”

Xia Yanran stood up and turned her head according to the man’s words.

The man whom she thought was in the hotel room was standing on the other side of the fountain with one hand in his pants pocket and the other holding the phone, looking at her with eyes that were like stars in the dark sky.

The light from the street lamp fell on him, it was dim and there were shadows around so she could not see clearly.

Not quite trusting her eyes, Xia Yanran closed her eyes, then opened them again.

That tall and cold figure was still standing there, those deep dark eyes were staring at her quietly.

Xia Yanran’s heart could not help jumping.

So, he did not go to the hotel with Zhen Mi.

Xia Yanran’s blood seemed to have surged up. Hanging up the phone, she ran towards Xiao Yi.

But she had crouched too long just now and her legs turned numb when she moved them. Instead of rushing towards Xiao Yi, she fell into the fountain.

The water in the fountain was not deep, but she was still in a terrible state falling into it. Thoroughly soaked by the water, she flailed about before finally showing her head.

Even though she was in such a disheveled state, the corners of her mouth could not help but curved into a smile.

Xiao Yi ran towards Xia Yanran the moment he saw her fall into the fountain. He was worried that she was hurt, but who knew that the foolish woman was actually smiling.

Even though Xia Yanran knew that she looked extremely silly, she could not control her joyful mood.

Looking at Xiao Yi who was standing by the fountain, Xia Yanran wiped at the beads of water on her face. “Xiao Yi, aren’t you going to pull me up?”

“You’re being silly yourself and still want me to pull you up?”

His face was expressionless.

Xia Yanran scoffed in her heart. Forget it!

Seeing that he did not go to the hotel with Zhen Mi, she would overlook it!

Xia Yanran climbed out from the fountain herself. She was wet all over and there was some pain in her ankle. She must have sprained it when she fell in just now.

Xia Yanran looked at the icy cold man and she limped up to him.

“Xiao Yi, I hurt my foot.”

“You asked for it.”

Lowering her eyes, Xia Yanran pulled pitifully at his sleeve. “I really know that I was wrong. I’ll trust you in the future, tell you everything and not hide anything for you, okay?”

She was stubborn and proud. In the past, even if she was in the wrong, she would seldom admit her mistakes, let alone act so coquettishly.

Although there wasn’t much expression on Xiao Yi’s face, his heart had already softened.

This woman was his soft spot.

Xia Yanran’s expression turned gloomy and she lowered her eyes when she saw that Xiao Yi was silent, the outline of his face sharp and cold.

“You might need time to think about it too. I won’t disturb you. I’ll go back to the hotel first.”

Xia Yanran turned to leave.

But she had walked forward two steps when her slender wrist was grabbed by a warm and strong hand.

Xia Yanran looked down at the man’s hand that was holding her wrist. His fingers tightened slowly and the warmth from his palm felt like a hot iron, deeply imprinting on her heart when it touched her skin.

Just as Xia Yanran was about to say something, the man’s hand on her wrist pulled hard.

She fell into the man’s firm and broad chest.

Ah! Suddenly, her body was suspended in air as he lifted her up.

Xia Yanran put her hands on the man’s shoulders and looked at his handsome facial features, her heart skipping a beat.

“Xiao Yi…”

“Remember what you said. There won’t be another time.”

Xia Yanran understood what he meant. If she mentioned breaking up again, he would never forgive her.

Having learnt from this lesson, she would not dare mention breaking up anymore. No matter what problems they met in the future, she would not want to separate again.

After breaking up and seeing how cold and distant he was to her, her heart was almost broken into pieces.

Xiao Yi carried Xia Yanran towards the hotel above the clubhouse. He looked down at the woman in his arms and saw that tears had welled up in her eyes. She looked like she was about to cry and looked slightly pitiful. “What, does your foot hurt?”

Xia Yanran shook her head.

“Then why are you crying?”

“I’m just happy because I got back something I lost.”

Xiao Yi ignored her and carried her to the door of his hotel room.

“The room card is in my pocket.”

Xia Yanran said, “Put me down, my foot doesn’t hurt that much.”

Acting as though he had not heard her, he simply said, “Do you want me to keep standing outside with you in my arms?”