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Chapter 1185: He Asked Her to Scram

The girl thought of herself as beautiful and was one of the top four women in the clubhouse. As long as she wanted to seduce someone, there was no man she would be unable to seduce.

Seeing that Xiao Yi did not speak, the girl slowly got up from the ground and half knelt in front of Xiao Yi, her fingers that were painted a bright red moved up slowly from Xiao Yi’s knees.

That gaze and expression was unusually heart-stirring.

Xia Yanran could not bear to look anymore and she clenched her teeth, wanting to get up.

But very soon, she heard a painful scream.

The girl’s hand that had moved to Xiao Yi’s thigh was suddenly grabbed by his large hand.

Her slender wrist seemed to be locked and bound by iron, unable to break free and her bones seemed to be breaking.

“Ah, it hurts! It hurts! President Xiao, I won’t look anymore. I’ll punish myself and drink ten shots of hard liquor.”

The punishment for this game was rather cruel. Those who did not answer truthfully or complete a dare would have to drink ten shots of hard liquor.

Xiao Yi released the girl’s hand and spat out a word, “Scram.”

The girl stumbled to the side of the coffee table and drank ten shots of hard liquor. Her face was flushed red and her stomach turning in a fiery mess of heat. After drinking, she could not stand it and ran to the washroom to throw up.

Nobody cared what had happened to the girl and the game continued. Xia Yanran was shocked that these young men were playing so crazily.

Those who could not complete the truth or dare would be punished with drinking ten glasses. Did they want people to drink to their deaths?

Xia Yanran prayed that the bottle would not point at her. She did not want to know the color of anyone’s underwear.

But God seemed to be against her. She had just finished praying when the bottle pointed at her.

Sh*t! Why was she so unlucky? Xia Yanran’s mouth twitched.

“Miss Xia, before putting on the blindfold, you have to look carefully. Fall onto the side of whoever you want to know the color of underwear.”

Xia Yanran blindfolded her eyes.

According to the rules of the game, she turned ten times on the spot. After turning, she was confused. She did not know who was sitting where and could not distinguish between north, south, east and west.

Xia Yanran began to regret it. Why did she promise Zhen Mi to come to such a gathering?

Her body was shaky and the dizziness of her head had not eased. She staggered forward two steps and she did not know who was so immoral to stretch out his leg and trip her.

Since she wasn’t standing firmly, she fell forward, falling onto a firm chest.

A cold and charming masculine scent filled her nose.

It was the scent she was familiar with.

Xia Yanran’s heart thumped hard.

“Brother Xiao sure is lucky today. Women are throwing themselves at him, even when they’re blindfolded.”

Xia Yanran took off the silk cloth covering her eyes and put her hands on the man’s chest to stand up, her ears turning hot, but Xiao Yi sat with his legs open. Her legs were between his legs and he closed them together.

She felt embarrassed, especially under the stares of so many pairs of eyes.

Xia Yanran struggled, wanting to stand. “I’ll drink ten glasses as punishment!”

“No, no. You haven’t asked Brother Xiao the color of his underwear. You can only do the punishment if he refuses to answer.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Xia Yanran had no choice but to look at Xiao Yi. He was leaning against the sofa lazily, looking at her with a faint glint of smile in his eyes.

Putting on a bold face, Xia Yanran asked, “President Xiao, what’s the color of your underwear?”

Xiao Yi sat up straight and leaned forward, his hand suddenly reaching out and holding the back of her head. Putting his lips by her ear, he said in a deep and husky voice, “Don’t you know?”

Xia Yanran’s long eyelashes fluttered when she heard his words. He liked to dress simply and liked black, so many of his clothes were black in color. Even his underwear was the same color.

Xia Yanran stood upright from Xiao Yi’s arms and faced with the people’s gaze, she said with a red face, “Black.”


The shouts and cheers continued.

“Brother Xiao, is it black?”

Xiao Yi raised his eyebrows. “Blue.”

Xia Yanran looked back at Xiao Yi and Xiao Yi looked at her with dark eyes. “Miss Xia, there is no unchangeable thing in this world. If you don’t cherish it, there will always be someone to replace it.”

Xia Yanran’s hands that hung by her sides slowly clenched into fists.

She did not look at Xiao Yi anymore and under the eyes of the people, she walked to the coffee table and picked up the shot glass. “Since I got it wrong, I’ll take the punishment.”

She was about to drink the first shot, when a hand reached over and grabbed her wrist.

Xia Yanran raised her head and looked at Zhen Mi who was standing beside her.

Zhen Mi took Xia Yanran’s glass with her other hand. “Enough, I’m the one who called Miss Xia over, so I’ll have to look after her. I’ll take these ten shots for her.”

Zhen Mi was unrestrained and did not even let Xia Yanran drink a drop. After finishing ten glasses, she wrapped her arm around Xia Yanran’s shoulders and sat on the sofa.

The third round of the game, it was Zhen Mi’s turn and she fell onto one of the young men.

Zhen Mi was not interested in him. After asking, the young man did not answer and she did not force him. So, she drank another ten shots as punishment.

The alcohol was very strong and Xia Yanran helped her to sit down when she saw that Zhen Mi’s face was flushed red.

“Miss Zhen, I’ll go get some sober-up tea for you?”

Zhen Mi pulled Xia Yanran’s hand and patted the back of her hand. “It’s fine.”

“I’ll be fast.”

Zhen Mi was unable to change Xia Yanran’s mind and she nodded with a smile. “You’re so thoughtful.”

Xia Yanran only dared to let out a breath after getting out of the room.

Fortunately, she did not have to participate in the last round of the game.

After asking for sober-up tea from the front desk, Xia Yanran returned to the room and found that both Zhen Mi and Xiao Yi were no longer in the room.

Xia Yanran suddenly felt slightly flustered.

A young man saw Xia Yanran’s puzzled face and burped, saying, “Zhen Mi’s drunk and President Xiao helped her to a room upstairs. I think only President Xiao can handle a woman like Zhen Mi.”

The sober-up tea in Xia Yanran’s hands spilled all over the ground.

The suffocating pain in her heart surged like a tidal wave. She came out of the room and walked down the hallway like a headless fly.

There was a hotel above the clubhouse. Did Xiao Yi really take Zhen Mi to a room?

Xia Yanran went out of the clubhouse and crouched on the fountain ledge in a dazed stupor.

Not wanting to let her imagination run wild, since she was sitting there doing nothing, she took out her phone from her bag and called Xiao Yi.

The call got through the first time, but nobody answered.

Her heart sank down to the pit of her stomach.

She then called the second time.

It rang for some time and just when she thought that no one was going to pick up, the call was connected.

But the person on the other end of the line did not speak. Through the receiver, Xia Yanran seemed to feel his breathing.

It did not sound like the breathing of someone doing that kind of exercise.

Xia Yanran looked up at the hotel. She did not know which room he was in and she could not see him. But hearing his breathing, her tears could not help falling down.