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Chapter 1184: Seductive

Xia Yanran stood in front of the mirror looking at her reflection.

Recently, after taking the medication and going to Tibet, her face had become even more bloated. Although her foundation was good and her skin fair, because of the bloating, she was less beautiful than before.

What kind of makeup should she apply?

Even if she put on beautiful makeup, she was no longer a girl in her early twenties anymore.

She would just go plainly. If Xiao Yi really did not like it, she would not persist anymore.

Xia Yanran took out a white blouse and cropped pants. After changing, she tied her hair into a ponytail and stood in front of the mirror, looking rather beautiful.

But if she took the medicine for a long period, she did not know what she would look like in the future.

Forget it, she wouldn’t think so much anymore. It was because she tended to think so much that she had pushed her relationship with Xiao Yi to such a state.

After applying a layer of bright lip gloss on her lips, Xia Yanran picked up her bag and went out.

When Xia Yanran arrived at the location Zhen Mi had mentioned, it was full of people. The room was full of smoke and laughter. There were several elites whom Xia Yanran had seen on the news before.

They were probably the young masters Xiao Yi had got acquainted with after becoming a business bigwig.

The light was dim inside and there were sounds of laughter and clinking of glasses together. Xia Yanran stood at the door feeling trapped as she did not see Xiao Yi and Zhen Mi.

“You’re here!” Just when Xia Yanran was feeling awkward, a slender arm slung across her shoulders. Xia Yanran looked up and saw the smiling Zhen Mi.

Zhen Mi led Xia Yanran into the room.

“Move, all of you move aside. I’ve brought my friend over.”

Entering the room, Xia Yanran found that Xiao Yi was sitting in the corner of the sofa, talking to a rich young man.

Hearing Zhen Mi’s words, he raised his head and glanced over listlessly.

This glance made his expression turn dark immediately. By now, Zhen Mi had already led Xia Yanran to the center of the sofa.

“Miss Xia, we’re going to play truth or dare now. Do you want to join us?”

Xia Yanran was not a spoilsport. Since she had come, she was not hesitant and smiled. “Okay.”

The young men saw that Zhen Mi was close to Xia Yanran and they whistled.

Zhen Mi kicked that young man and her gaze landed on Xiao Yi who was sitting in the corner. “Xiao, we’re going to play a game, are you joining in?”

“President Xiao will never play this type of game,” one of the young men said.

But rather unexpectedly, Xiao Yi stood up and walked over. “Count me in.”

Before, one of the young men asked Xiao Yi to play, but Xiao Yi declined. Now, Zhen Mi had just called out to Xiao Yi and he came over. Everyone then whistled again.

The young man sitting beside Zhen Mi stood up and gave up his seat to Xiao Yi. So Xiao Yi went over and sat beside Zhen Mi.

Xia Yanran was sitting on the other side of Zhen Mi and when Xiao Yi passed by her, he did not even spare her a glance.

Xia Yanran felt extremely depressed. Even though they had quarrelled badly before, he had never been so cold like he was now.

After Xiao Yi sat down, the game began.

The wine bottle did not point towards Xia Yanran or Xiao Yi in the first few rounds.

Those young men were very good at livening up the atmosphere. There were some who chose truth and were asked 18-prohibited questions, making people blush and laugh.

The bottle turned again and this time, at Xia Yanran.

“Miss Xia, truth or dare?”

Xia Yanran stood up and looking at the eyes on her, she said with a tingling in her scalp, “I’ll choose truth!”

Although truths were questions that were not safe for virgin ears, dares were even crazier.

Zhen Mi asked, “When was the first time you had sex?”

Xia Yanran’s ears felt hot and she bit her lip, answering, “Not long after I came of age.”

“Wow! Miss Xia, you’re quite open!”

Xia Yanran sat down under the cheers and glanced secretly at the man beside Zhen Mi from the corner of her eye. He was playing with a lighter between his fingers, his expression indifferent and he did not look over to her at all.

Disappointment grew inside Xia Yanran. She really could not see through Xiao Yi now that he was behaving like this.

Xia Yanran was distracted. Suddenly, an even louder cheer sounded. Xia Yanran broke out of her daze and found that the bottle was pointed at Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi stood up amid the cheers. “Truth.”

The young man opposite Xiao Yi asked, “Brother Xiao, among the women in the room, is there one you’ll want to get into bed with?”

Xiao Yi’s dark gaze slowly moved from the women with different styles and who were as beautiful as flowers, but did not look at Xia Yanran. Finally, his gaze landed on Zhen Mi and he spat out a word, “Yes.”

Screams, whistling, sounds of banging on the table could be heard all at once. Even in this noisy environment, Xia Yanran had a sense of coldness and suffocation like she was in an endless desert.

Xiao Yi’s gaze landed on Zhen MI when he said that… so he wanted to sleep with Zhen Mi?

Xia Yanran glanced at Zhen Mi. Zhen Mi was different from the ordinary young ladies. She looked handsome, chic and had an indescribable charm.

“Brother Xiao, is Zhen Mi the person you want to sleep with?”

Xiao Yi raised his eyebrows. “This is the second question.”

“F*ck, we’ll have to turn the bottle to Brother Xiao the next round too!”

Xia Yanran also hoped that the bottle would be turned to Xiao Yi. She wanted to hear his answer.

But the next round, the bottle did not point at Xiao Yi, but at a young man’s female companion.

“From this round onwards, everyone has no right to choose truth or dare. This round we’ll turn four times and whoever gets pointed, will have to choose dare. The contents of the dare are, blindfold your eyes, turn in a circle ten times and ask whoever you’re facing the color of their underwear.”

The young man’s female companion blindfolded her eyes and turned around on the spot ten times. Her body was unsteady and she fell towards one of the people on the sofa.

There was another round of cheers and laughter.

Xia Yanran saw that the girl had fallen by Xiao Yi’s legs and that young man was not angry or jealous. He was cheering even louder than everyone else.

Xia Yanran could see that the female companions brought along by the young men were merely a bed warmer for them.

The girl took off the blindfold and seeing that she had fallen beside Xiao Yi, she blushed and a small smile appeared on her lips. “President XIao, it’s the rules of the game and I have no choice. Can you tell me the color of your underwear?”

The girl spoke coquettishly, her eyes blinking with a sense of seductiveness.

Irritation flickered in Xia Yanran’s eyes. If Xiao Yi told the girl the color of his underwear, she would leave immediately.

Xiao Yi’s tall body leaned against the sofa, not telling the girl anything, yet also not saying that he wouldn’t. Instead, he continued to look at her with those dark eyes.