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Chapter 1183: I Still Love You After All These Years

Jue Chen turned the prayer beads around in her hand and lowered her eyes, her expression calm. “Xiao Xi and I were good friends since childhood and knew each other well. After I was adopted and brought to S Country, I kept in touch with her all the time.

“She knew all about me and I knew all about her. She had long liked Mr Xiao, but Mr Xiao only had Miss Xia in his eyes. She had told me before that she wanted to destroy your relationship, but I stopped her.

“But later, she still did something wrong and Mr Xiao severed their relationship as adoptive father and daughter, asking her to leave Hong Kong. After she left Hong Kong, I took her in.

“I taught her many things, including hypnosis. I don’t think she’s bad in nature and if I continued to reform her, she would be a good girl. But then, my beloved man died and I was in so much pain.

“I was depressed at that time and even made unreasonable demands to Xiao Xi, asking her to accompany me to Tibet and commit suicide by burning charcoal. That night, we planned to do that but the hotel suddenly caught fire. Xiao Xi and I were burned, but I was burned more seriously.

“After experiencing such a big catastrophe, I found out how wrong I was. I wanted to die, but why did I drag my best friend along? After I was discharged from the hospital, I shaved my head and became a nun. Xiao Xi suggested that she wanted to live with my identity. I felt so ashamed towards her, so I handed her my identification and bank cards to her.

“She promised me that she would be a good person…”

Jue Chen opened her eyes and had a heavy and sad look. “What crime did she commit?”

Xiao Yi told Jue Chen about how Xiao Xi had used Yi Ran’s identity and colluded with Ku Li.

Jue Chen never thought that Xiao Xi would use hypnosis to harm people. She closed her eyes, her heart feeling heavy. “She still went on a road of no return. If I had spent more time reforming her, this might not have happened.”

Pursing his lips, Xiao Yi looked at Xia Yanran who was beside him. “Go out first, I have something to say to Master Jue Chen alone.”

Xia Yanran furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

What kind of things could he not say in front of her? But seeing his strong gaze, Xia Yanran could only leave.

After Xia Yanran left, Jue Chen seemed to have guessed what Xiao Yi was going to say. “Did Xiao Xi make some request on Miss Xia’s inability to get pregnant?”

Xiao Yi nodded. “It should be when we were in Hong Kong, she must have done something to Xia Yanran’s contraceptive pills. She said that she had a prescription for Xia Yanran to get pregnant.”

“Did Mr Xiao come here to ask me to persuade Xiao Xi to give up that prescription?”

Xiao Yi took out the drawings again. “You’re the person she wants to see the most now. A person who did something wrong should be punished. Because of her, Tang Chao lost an arm and became a vegetable, so I can never let her out again. Master Jue Chen, you’re a kind person. I’m sure you know all this better than I do.”

Jue Chen closed her eyes and nodded. “Let me think about it.”

Xiao Yi did not force her and after leaving his contact details, he left the room.

Xia Yanran stood on the stone road outside with her head lowered, silently counting the number of slabs under her feet.

Hearing the sound of the door being opened, Xia Yanran raised her head and looked at the man coming out of the room.

She did not know what he had to say to Jue Chen alone and she wanted to know so much it felt like a cat had scratched her heart. But when she saw his cold and expressionless face, she dared not ask anything.

Xiao Yi was no longer the Xiao Yi from before.

He was now cold and heartless towards her.

After Xiao Yi came out, Jue Chen also came out. “It’s already late. You can rest here tonight!”

Xia Yanran had no problems with it. To be honest, she really had no energy to go down the mountain again. It had been a long day.

Jue Chen arranged a room each for Xia Yanran and Xiao Yi. After washing up, Xia Yanran lay on the bed. She was sleepy and exhausted but was unable to sleep after tossing and turning around.

Holding her face in her hands, images of what had happened today appeared in her mind.

Did Xiao Yi come all the way here for her?

He rushed into the fire and saved Jue Chen, regardless of life and death. She was almost hit by a burning wooden beam, and he rolled on the ground with her in his arms, shouting at her loudly after.

There was no way to hide his nervousness and worry for her. Although after that, he was extremely indifferent to her.

She could feel that he still loved her.

But now, he looked impatient everytime she wanted to talk to him.

And, what was the relationship between him and Zhen Mi? She couldn’t understand what he was thinking at all.

Her cold had not recovered yet and thinking about too many things, her temples were starting to throb again.

She should stop thinking about it.

Another sleepless soul that night was Xiao Yi.

Coming out from his room, he stopped when he passed by Xia Yanran’s room.

His eyes were dark, staring fixedly at the closed door as if he could see the woman inside through the door.

It was only after he stood there staring at her for a while that he finally left.

The next day.

When Xia Yanran woke up, she found out that Xiao Yi had left with Jue Chen.

Xia Yanran was depressed. Why didn’t he tell her that he was leaving with Jue Chen?

Did she really become an invisible person in his eyes now?

After having breakfast in the temple, Xia Yanran also went down the mountain. The purpose of her coming to Tibet was clear, but she did not know why Xiao Yi had left with Jue Chen.

There were still some doubts in Xia Yanran’s heart, so she did not immediately return to Ning City, but bought a ticket to the Capital instead.

After getting off the plane, Xia Yanran went to the hotel and slept for a night.

When her jet lag and spirits improved, she came out of the hotel. While eating at the buffet restaurant, Xia Yanran saw Zhen Mi again

Zhen Mi also saw Xia Yanran. She came up to Xia Yanran and greeted her. “Hi, we meet again.”

Zhen Mi held Xia Yanran’s hand, a charming smile on her face. “I have a gathering with Xiao tonight, would you like to go together?”

Retracting her hand from Zhen Mi’s hand and thinking that she was also looking for Xiao Yi, Xia Yanran nodded without hesitating. “Okay.”

Zhen Mi pinched Xia Yanran’s face. “Remember to put on makeup and dress yourself up.” After telling Xia Yanran the address, Zhen Mi left with a smile.

Xia Yanran touched her face that was pinched by Zhen Mi and she frowned.

Why did she feel that this Zhen Mi was a little strange?

Xia Yanran had already made a decision in her heart.

Find Xiao Yi in the evening and tell him all the doubts and things she wanted to say.

If they really didn’t have the chance to get together again, at least she wouldn’t have any regrets. No matter what choice he made, she would not blame him.

It was true that a large reason their relationship had ended up like this was because of her.

He was right.

It was tiring to mention breaking up so many times.