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Chapter 1181: Her Tears Fell Because of the Pain

Xia Yanran knocked on the door and after getting consent, she pushed open the door to go in.

At this moment, a set of steady footsteps could be heard from the yard and Xia Yanran turned back subconsciously.

Xiao Yi was here.

When Xia Yanran saw him, she became more doubtful. Xiao Yi came to Xia Yanran’s side, glanced at her and went into the room first.

Although Xia Yanran wanted to call out to him, it was too late. Xiao Yi was tall and his legs were long, so with a few quick steps, he was already standing in front of Jue Chen who was chanting and meditating.

Jue Chen had her back towards them so they could not see her face, only her thin back.

She was really thin. The nun’s clothes hung on her loosely, as if a gust of wind would be able to blow away the thin and weak woman away.

“Please stop.”

When Xiao Yi was about to reach behind her, she spoke, her voice hoarse like she was seriously injured.

Xiao Yi stopped, his face expressionless.

Xia Yanran slowly walked in and said softly, “Master Jue Chen, we don’t wish to intrude, but there are some things that we want to ask you.”

Jue Chen stopped beating the wooden fish. She slowly turned around, holding the prayer beads.

Xia Yanran’s pupils constricted when she saw Jue Chen’s face that was disfigured by the fire. It was impossible to see what she had looked like before, so it was enough to imagine how fierce the fire was.

When Jue Chen saw that Xia Yanran and Xiao Yi did not scream or back away in fright by her appearance, she raised her hand and said hoarsely, “Sit down!”

Xiao Yi and Xia Yanran sat opposite her.

After a few brief greetings, Jue Chen said, “Ask what you want to ask.”

Xia Yanran took out the drawings of Yi Ran and Xiaoxi she had drawn. “Master Jue Chen, do you know these two people?”

Jue Chen looked at the drawings and shook her head. “No.”

Xia Yanran stared fixedly at her and found that it was suspicious that she said she did not know them when she had barely glanced at it.

Just as Xia Yanran wanted to say something, Xiao Yi held onto Xia Yanran’s arm. He took a few pieces of paper from the pocket of his windbreaker and handed it to Jue Chen. “Master, look at these drawings.”

Jue Chen swept her gaze over at the drawings Yi Ran had drawn in the prison and her pupils constricted slightly.

“Sir and Madam, I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with what you want to know.”

Xiao Yi looked at Jue Chen’s disfigured face and said with a deep and cold voice, “Then do you know that someone made use of drugs and caused this lady beside me to be unable to get pregnant?”

Jue Chen looked at Xia Yanran and said after a moment of silence. “I don’t know.”

Xiao Yi laughed coldly. “A person who dares not tell the truth can be called a master? Do you think that by shaving your head and entering the temple, the past will just disappear?”

Jue Chen closed her eyes, her voice hoarse and calm. “I’m tired. Please go!”

The rooms for tourists in the temple needed to be booked in advance. Xia Yanran and Xiao Yi had nowhere to stay so they had to go back down the mountain.

Xia Yanran had countless doubts in her mind, not only towards Master Jue Chen, but also Xiao Yi!

As Xia Yanran looked at the silent man who was walking in front of her, she could not help breaking the silence. “Mr Xiao, where’s Miss Zhen?”

Silence. Xiao Yi did not answer her.

Xia Yanran was slightly embarrassed after being ignored.

In Tibet, the sky did not turn dark that fast, but the way down the mountain was not easy to walk. They were not walking fast and the sky gradually darkened.

Xia Yanran’s phone battery was almost flat and she looked at the man who had not spoken to her after coming out of the temple. “Xiao Yi, since you don’t even want to talk to me, what does it have to do with you if I can get pregnant or not? Why did you come here to find Jue Chen?”

The man in front of her suddenly stopped.

Xia Yanran was caught unaware and they were going downhill, so when he stopped, she knocked onto his back.

“Ouch! Why is your back so hard?!”

The man turned back and looked at Xia Yanran. “Have you met anyone with a soft back?”

Xia Yanran saw that he had finally spoken to her and she frowned. “So you’re able to hear my voice. I thought that something was wrong with your ears!”

With a snort, Xiao Yi continued to ignore her, then resumed walking.

Xia Yanran saw that he had quickened his pace and she shouted at him, “Xiao Yi, since there’s nothing between us anymore, you should be more gentlemanly. It’s late at night, can’t we just walk together?”

“Why weren’t you afraid when you came here by yourself? Now you’re feeling afraid?”

There was a trace of coldness and mockery in the man’s voice. Xia Yanran wanted to say something back when suddenly a terrifying scream sounded.

It seemed to have come from the temple.

Xia Yanran was so shocked she did not stand properly and fell forward uncontrollably.


Xia Yanran lost all the color on her face. If she were to roll down the mountain, she might lose her life tonight!

Just when she was about to fall, a vice-like arm tightened around her waist and she fell into a firm and broad chest.

Xia Yanran’s nose was hit hard again.

Her tears fell because of the pain.

Why was her nose so unlucky tonight?

“You don’t have to cry from joy just because you fell into my arms, right?” The man’s indifferent voice sounded from above her head.

Xia Yanran wanted to beat him to death.

Lifting her head, she glared at him with wet eyes. “Stop being so smug. It’s only because it hurts.”

Xiao Yi smirked. “It hurts? Where does it hurt?”

Xia Yanran saw a menacing look coming out from his eyes and her heart jumped. “It’s none of your business where it hurts!”

Xiao Yi’s eyes darkened as he lowered his head and came close to her.

Their faces became closer in an instant.

Their breaths were intertwined together.

Xia Yanran’s eyelashes fluttered. Being so close, she could feel the hotness of Xiao Yi’s breath spilling onto her face and intertwined with her breath.

The bright moonlight fell onto them like a silver stream, reflecting their intimacy like a dream.

Xiao Yi looked at the woman in his arms. Her eyelashes were fluttering like fans and she was looking at him with bright eyes. Their eyes seemed glued together, neither of them could look away.

As Xia Yanran looked at his handsome face slowly coming closer, her heart started to beat wildly. Kissing after breaking up seemed to be particularly exciting and thrilling.

Xia Yanran slowly closed her eyes.

Several seconds passed.

And yet, the man’s kiss did not come at all. Opening her eyes, Xia Yanran looked at the man close to her. His deep dark eyes were looking at her fixedly, his gaze was calm and had no desire to kiss her at all.

There was a buzz in Xia Yanran’s mind and she felt like she was exploding.

A faint smile was on his lips. “In what capacity do you want me to kiss you?”