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Chapter 1180: It’s Enough to Have Just One Child in This Life

“Wow, the hero saves the beauty!”

As Xia Yanran climbed, she recalled where she had heard that woman’s voice. It was not very familiar, but she had definitely heard it somewhere.

After walking a few steps, Xia Yanran suddenly remembered that before coming to Tibet she had given Xiao Yi a call and the woman who had answered…

Yes, it was the voice that had just spoken!

Xia Yanran thought of the hand that was around her waist just now and her heart jumped.

Impossible, absolutely impossible!

Why would she meet Xiao Yi here?

Xia Yanran walked forward and used the corner of her eye to glance behind.

Sure enough, she saw a tall figure.

Xia Yanran could not help turning her head back. She had guessed correctly, the man behind was indeed Xiao Yi. How was this even possible?

He was talking to a woman behind him. The woman was wearing a hat and sunglasses, so Xia Yanran could not see her face, but she was tall and slender.

She looked very similar to the Marquis’s daughter she had seen on the news.

“Miss Xia, are you all right?” the hotel staff asked with concern as he glanced at Xia Yanran who was slightly pale.

Forcing herself to look away from Xiao Yi, Xia Yanran collected herself. When she had looked over at him for a few seconds, he did not look at her as if she was invisible.

Xia Yanran had an unspeakable taste in her heart.

Despite numerous doubts hovering in her mind, she did not ask anything and shook her head at the hotel staff, keeping up with his steps.

Having a cold and feeling breathless, Xia Yanran felt like she was being tortured. But she had no choice but to grit her teeth and continue climbing up.

Fortunately the hotel staff’s body condition was good. He picked up a stick and pulled Xia Yanran up when she really could not move anymore.

When she finally reached the top of the mountain, Xia Yanran almost collapsed to the ground.

The hotel staff had to rush back down the mountain and Xia Yanran stuffed a red packet towards him. After catching her breath, she stood up and walked towards Guangyin Temple.

Because she was too exhausted, Xia Yanran did not notice Xiao Yi’s movements.

He might have already arrived at Guangyin Temple.

But she did not understand why he came to Guangyin Temple.

Although Guangyin Temple was not as magnificent as Potola Palace, there were also many buildings overlapping one another and it was built with bricks and stones near the mountain.

There were many visitors to Guangyin Temple. They heard that their wishes would come true if they prayed to the Bodhisattvas here.

Xia Yanran circled around the temple and found a nun who was cleaning. Xia Yanran carefully asked if there was a disfigured nun in the temple.

The nun who was cleaning said, “You’re talking about Master Jue Chen? She went to attend a lecture on Buddhist culture today and may not be back until the evening.”

Xia Yanran thanked her and went to sit down at an octagonal pavilion.

She felt better after resting for a while.

The environment of Guangyin Temple was quiet and the plants made for pleasant shade. After Xia Yanran recovered some strength, she stood up to walk around.

When she arrived at the temple of the children bearing Guanyin, Xia Yanran unconsciously stepped forward.

After taking three joss sticks, Xia Yanran knelt down in front of the statue of the Guanyin.

Closing her eyes, she silently prayed in her heart. In this life, let her get pregnant with a child, just one child was enough. After praying, she kowtowed three times, put the joss sticks into the censer and gave money as an offering.

Turning around, she prepared to leave.

But she saw Xiao Yi standing at the entrance as she turned around.

He was wearing a black windbreaker and casual pants. He had both hands in his pants pockets and seeing her turning around, he looked at her with a faint smile.

Xia Yanran pursed her lips and for a moment, looking as if she had done something embarrassing and wanted to dig a hole and hide inside.


A man like him was not embarrassed appearing here, so why should she feel embarrassed?

Taking a deep breath, Xia Yanran looked away as if she had not seen Xiao Yi. As she passed by him, he smiled slightly, said nothing to her and strode into the temple.

Xia Yanran saw him taking three joss sticks and knelt at the place she had prayed at just now.

Her heart could not help beating wildly.

But the next second, the appearance of a figure made her heart sink quickly.

The woman who was with him had also come over. She walked up behind him and patted his shoulder. Their behavior looked familiar and intimate.

Xia Yanran did not want to look anymore. She turned and left quickly.

But the temple area was not large. Xia Yanran walked around and was about to rest at a pavilion with a good view, when she saw Xiao Yi and the woman again.

Now, the woman had taken off her jacket and was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt inside, paired with tight jeans. Her buttocks were perky, her waist slender and her figure was very good.

The woman’s height looked to be more than 1.77 meters and was good-looking, her face more deep-set than typical Asians. Her facial features were exquisite and well-defined. She had short hair and looked a little handsome.

She looked energetic and was exchanging martial arts moves with Xiao Yi. Her legs were long and straight, and when she swept towards Xiao Yi, her action was cool and handsome.

It could be seen that they were comparing their moves, but they looked quite harmonious.

Xia Yanran had never seen such women around Xiao Yi before. Those before were always soft and delicate. The style this time was too different.

After fighting for a while, the woman proposed to stop first. “Okay, I’ll give in. You were indeed a mafia boss before, so full of strength.”

The woman wiped at the sweat on her forehead and seeing Xia Yanran in the pavilion, her eyes turned bright. “Xiao, isn’t she the beauty you saved just now? She keeps staring at us. Hmm, why do I find her a little familiar?”

Before Xiao Yi could say anything, the woman started to walk towards Xia Yanran. She stretched out her hand to Xia Yanran and smiled. “Hi, beauty. I’m Zhen Mi, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Zhen Mi?

So she really was the Marquis’s daughter. Although she was a little different from what Xia Yanran had imagined her to be.

Looking at Zhen Mi’s smile, Xia Yanran was unable to be hostile to her. Standing up, she was about to shake Zhen Mi’s hand when a long hand reached over, pulling Zhen Mi’s arm.

Like that, Xiao Yi had pulled Zhen Mi away.

They stood a distance away and Xia Yanran did not know what they were talking about. She only saw that Xiao Yi was seemingly unhappy, his expression dark, though Zhen Mi was smiling brightly.

The empty feeling in Xia Yanran’s heart seemed stronger than ever. She sighed. It must be the lack of oxygen that was making her feel so uncomfortable!

After circling around again, Xia Yanran found another place to rest and sat there until the evening. Fortunately, she did not meet Xiao Yi and Zhen Mi again.

Thinking that Jue Chen should be back at this time, Xia Yanran got up and walked towards the temple.

After asking, she learned that Jue Chen had returned and was meditating and chanting scriptures in her room. Xia Yanran asked the nun who was cleaning during the day to take her over.