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Chapter 1179: Bumping into Him

Xia Yanran checked out of her room. Just as she was coming out of the hotel, she bumped into Xiao Yi, who was coming in through the revolving door.

Following behind Xiao Yi were two men who looked like bosses. They should be Xiao Yi’s big clients and he had personally brought them to the hotel to check in.

Xia Yanran and Xiao Yi’s gazes met.

Xiao Yi’s deep gaze moved from Xia Yanran’s face to the suitcase she was carrying.

He frowned slightly.

Where was she going? She was leaving after interviewing him?

He still thought that before they reconciled, she would not leave.

So, it was all his wishful thinking.

Xia Yanran did not miss the coldness that flashed past Xiao Yi’s eyes and her heart could not help but tighten.

She felt terrible.

So, it was so painful for two people who had once loved each other to look at each other like strangers when they met.

Lowering her eyes, Xia Yanran did not look at Xiao Yi. She was afraid that she would lose control of her emotions if she looked at him.

They had broken up so she should let herself live decently, and not like a bitter woman.

Xia Yanran pulled her suitcase and left the hotel with her eyes staring straight forward. As Xiao Yi looked at Xia Yanran’s retreating figure, he clenched his hands that hung by his sides into fists.

In the game of love, she was so calm that he had become a lion that was almost going mad.

This woman always had the ability to make him lose and go out of control!

Zhen Mi had been thinking of ways to break Yi Ran’s psychological defenses. But Yi Ran was not so easy to deal with. So Zhen Mi had no choice but to change her method.

Taking out a paper and pen, she asked Yi Ran to draw. Yi Ran did not resist Zhen Mi approaching her in such a way.

She drew several drawings.

When Xiao Yi found Zhen Mi, Zhen Mi was studying Yi Ran’s drawings. In Yi Ran’s drawings, there were blue skies, solemn-looking walls and nuns dressed in ethnic costumes holding prayer beads.

These pieces of information were gathered from several drawings.

Zhen Mi frowned and could not think of what Yi Ran’s drawings meant.

On the last piece of paper, a heart shape was drawn.

Xiao Yi sat opposite Zhen Mi and looked at her being deep in thought. He crossed his legs together elegantly and said nothing, only staring at the drawings in her hand.

After a moment of silence, Xiao Yi frowned and said, “Are these all drawn by Yi Ran?”

Zhen Mi nodded.

“She should be drawing the Potola Palace in Tibet!”

His words snapped her out of her thoughts!

Zhen Mi looked up and stared at Xiao Yi for a few seconds before she hit the table and laughed. “Yes, yes, yes. Why didn’t I think of it at once?”

Looking at Zhen Mi’s opened and unrestrained actions, Xiao Yi thought that this girl really wasted the gentle and beautiful name her family had given her!

Zhen Mi did not care about Xiao Yi’s discerning gaze and she laughed loudly, saying, “These drawings of Yi Ran should be saying that the person she wanted to see is in Tibet, and that person has become a nun.”

“Xiao Yi, if you want to open Yi Ran’s heart and find out what you want to know, I’m afraid you have to go to Tibet.”

Xiao Yi nodded thoughtfully. “Okay, I’ll ask Assistant Fang to book the ticket.”

“I’ve never been there before, so I’ll go with you!”


When Xia Yanran arrived in Tibet, it was almost evening. The temperature in Tibet at night was somewhat cool and Xia Yanran was not used to it. She caught a cold the first night she was there.

For some reason, she was also somewhat breathless and did not sleep well at all. When she woke up the next morning, she was tired and bloated.

Fortunately, no one knew her in this place.

Xia Yanran had a glib tongue and soon she became acquainted with the lady owner of the hotel.

She took out two pictures and showed it to the lady owner with a charming smile. “Have you seen these two girls before? We used to be good friends and planned to come to Tibet together, but I went abroad and lost contact with them.”

The pictures were drawn by Xia Yanran. She did not have any photographs of Yi Ran and Xiaoxi, so she could only draw out their appearance from her memory.

The lady owner looked at it and shook her head. “There are many guests coming and going from our hotel all year long. How can I remember?”

“These two friends are really important to me. Can you think about it carefully?”

Seeing the tears welling up in Xia Yanran’s eyes, the lady owner who had a good impression on Xia Yanran, felt pity for her. “Don’t cry. I really can’t remember. But I can ask around the bosses of the few hotels I’m familiar with. Can you let me take a picture of it?”

“Of course!”

Instead of sitting in the hotel to wait for the lady owner’s news, Xia Yanran went to the temple. Her altitude sickness was getting more serious and her lips were already starting to chap.

Fortunately, in the afternoon, the lady owner called Xia Yanran and told her that someone remembered those two girls.

Hearing this, Xia Yanran immediately hurried back to the hotel. The lady owner took Xia Yanran to another hotel and the owner was a thin and middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man said to Xia Yanran, “I definitely remember these two girls. Because two years ago, they stayed in my hotel. The second night they stayed here, someone smoked in the hotel and caused a fire. One of the girls almost had her face disfigured. Later, I took them to the hospital and paid the medical fee. When the police closed the case, I never contacted them again.

“But a few days ago, I met that girl when I went to the Guangyin Temple. She seemed to have become a nun. I don’t know if it was that fire that made her convert to Buddhism!”

Xia Yanran could not help sighing in her heart, but she was slightly excited. After all, she had news about Xiaoxi and did not come here for nothing.

“Boss, can you take me to that temple?”

The boss called over one of his staff. “I’ll let him take you there!”

After thanking him, Xia Yanran followed that staff to Guangyin Temple.

Guangyin Temple was situated on a high mountain and there were no roads, only a deep path that people could just barely pass through.

Xia Yanran was carrying an oxygen bag and coming to Tibet and climbing the mountain, every step she took was extremely laborious.

Her face was pale and she held onto the chains of the small path. Her legs felt weak and her body was swaying slightly.

Just when she was going up a step, she suddenly lost her balance and fell backwards uncontrollably.

Xia Yanran did not want to bump into the people behind. If she fell, she would implicate many people. She grabbed at the chain subconsciously.

But, a pair of large hands that suddenly reached out from behind her was faster than her actions. Her waist was firmly held from behind and half of the fingertips of the person were pressed against her perky buttocks.

Xia Yanran was slightly flustered and embarrassed. After she stood firm, she avoided that pair of hands behind her. Not daring to turn and look at who had held her, she said thank you and hurriedly caught up with the staff who ws showing her the way.

“Wow, the hero rescued the beauty!”

Xia Yanran had taken a few steps when a woman’s voice sounded from behind. Hearing it, she felt that it was somewhat familiar.