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Chapter 1178: Called Him After Getting Drunk

After the interview, Xia Yanran received a call from Nan Zhi. The bridesmaid dress was ready and she asked Xia Yanran to go to the Crown Palace to try it on.

Xia Yanran rushed to the Crown Palace and tried on the dress.

It fit perfectly.

After trying the dress, Nan Zhi called Yan Hua and she took the two of them to a newly opened high-end clubhouse for dinner.

Xia Yanran was not in a good mood. She knew that she could not blame anyone being at this state with Xiao Yi. Not only Xiao Yi, she was also beginning to hate herself now.

She was always relying on the fact that Xiao Yi would not really leave her and was wearing down their feelings fearlessly.

Now, she regretted it, but she did not even have the courage to ask to reconcile with him.

Why was she such a coward? Why?

Xia Yanran drank a lot of wine and Yan Hua and Nan Zhi could not stop her.

After the meal, Nan Zhi wanted Xia Yanran to go back to Crown Palace with her, but Xia Yanran refused, choosing to leave on her own.

Back at the hotel, Xia Yanran lay on the bed. Picking up the telephone on the bedside table, she called Xiao Yi.

Wine made people brave.

This saying was not wrong at all. She wanted to say all the things she wanted to say to Xiao Yi using the courage she got from the wine.

The phone rang several times.

Just when Xia Yanran thought that no one was answering, the call went through.


It was a woman’s voice.

Xia Yanran’s blood seemed to have frozen in an instant.

Seeing that Xia Yanran was not speaking, the woman on the other end of the line said without much emotion, “You’re looking for Xiao Yi, right? He went to the washroom. I’ll ask him to call you back when he comes out?”

Xia Yanran mumbled a quick ‘no’ and hung up.

She turned off her phone.

Leaning against the pillow, she sobbed without a care.

Why was this love of theirs so exhausting?

In the clubhouse room.

Xiao Yi came out of the washroom and Zhen Mi handed him his phone. “A woman called you just now and I said you were in the washroom. I think she must have misunderstood something.”

Xiao Yi took the phone and he smirked when he saw that it was the number from the hotel Xia Yanran was staying at.

Zhen Mi saw Xiao Yi smiling and blew out a mouthful of smoke, asking with interest, “Your girlfriend?”

Xiao Yi did not reply. He took his phone and went aside, calling back.

It rang for some time, but no one answered.

Then Xiao Yi called Xia Yanran’s phone, but she had turned it off.

Xiao Yi’s mood that had just improved slightly, turned gloomy.

She hadn’t changed at all!

Hearing a woman answering his phone and she started to overthink, not asking him personally. Why was she so infuriating?!

Xiao Yi frowned and rubbed his temples.

He felt exhausted, both physically and mentally.

A cigarette appeared in front of him. Xiao Yi raised his eyes and looked at Zhen Mi who was standing beside him, taking the cigarette she had passed over.

“It’s really your girlfriend? When are you going to introduce her to me?”

Xiao Yi glanced at Zhen Mi and gave her a ‘do I know you that well?’ look. Not wanting to mention Xia Yanran, he asked in a deep voice, “You’re one of the few pairs of eyes that know hypnosis, why can’t you hypnotize Yi Ran?”

Xiao Yi asked for Yi Ran to be confined to a cell by herself. The other time Junyuan mentioned to him that Xia Yanran was unable to get pregnant, he kept thinking that it might have something to do with Yi Ran.

But Yi Ran was tight-lipped. He tortured her, threatened and intimidated her, but she refused to say a word.

“I also find it strange. At my level, I shouldn’t have failed. Even if she knew hypnosis, I think my skills are better than hers. But I don’t know why it doesn’t work on her.”

Xiao Yi narrowed his eyes and his long fingers played with the cigarette Zhen Mi had passed to him. “If something isn’t right, there must be a demon in the shadows.”

Xia Yanran woke up with a hangover and her head felt heavy.

She had been too indulgent on herself recently. She would get drunk when she was in a bad mood.

She could not go on like this.

Getting up from the bed, Xia Yanran went to the bathroom to take a bath. As she was putting on a facial mask, she turned on her phone.

There were several missed calls and one of them was from Xiao Yi.

Before Xia Yanran could think of why he had called her, she had a phone call. It was from Shu Min.

Xia Yanran quickly answered it.

“Sister Shu.”

“Yanran, after I returned to Ning City, I heard from the old dean of the orphanage who the girl beside Yi Ran was.”

Xia Yanran’s long and thick eyelashes fluttered. “Sister Shu, who is she?”

“I only know that her name is Xiaoxi and as for her surname, even the old dean doesn’t know.”

Xia Yanran frowned. That girl was Xiaoxi. No wonder she felt that she looked familiar when she first saw her!

If Xia Yanran remembered correctly, Xiaoxi did not leave until Xiao Yi got rid of Second Master Qin and she went to Hong Kong to make up with Xiao Yi.

At that time, Xiao Yi had already noticed that Xiaoxi had feelings for him, her adoptive father. Xiaoxi had left on bad terms with Xiao Yi. She had broken off her relationship with him as her adoptive father and swore to never have contact with him.

Later, Xia Yanran learned from Xiao Yi that Xiaoxi had threatened him before. If he wanted to stay with Xia Yanran, she would inform Second Master Qin about it.

Xiaoxi had already thrown away the kinship Xiao Yi had for her. After she left, Xiao Yi did not look for her again. A frown marred her forehead as many thoughts ran around her mind.

Seeing that Xia Yanran was silent, Shu Min asked with concern, “Yanran, are you okay?”

Xia Yanran bit her lip. “I’m fine.”

“I went back to the orphanage and saw a boy who had grown up with Yi Ran. I mentioned Yi Ran to him and he told me about Yi Ran’s relationship. The man Yi Ran loved had died in a car accident and Yi Ran was devastated. The last time the boy saw Yi Ran, she told him that she wanted to go to Tibet, where she could cleanse her soul… Oh that’s right, Yi Ran should have asked Xiaoxi to go with her…”

After ending the call, Xia Yanran sat on the sofa, thoughts whirling around her mind.

She still did not understand many things.

Since Yi Ran had a man she had loved, how could she have liked Xiao Yi? Did she get close to Xiao Yi because of the Old Madam’s fortune?

No, from how she looked at him, it was clear that Yi Ran liked Xiao Yi.

And Xiaoxi… The doctor said that she was unable to get pregnant because she took medication that affected her hormones. Could it be that someone did something to her birth control pills when she was staying in Hong Kong?

Did it have something to do with Xiaoxi?

She needed to find out and clear things up.

With her thoughts in a jumble, she found Nan Zhi and asked her to contact the prison. She wanted to see Yi Ran.

When she learned that Yi Ran was confined to a cell and did not want to see her, Xia Yanran could only give up getting information from Yi Ran.

Tibet, she needed to go to Tibet.

Aside from her relationship, Xia Yanran was a very assertive and decisive person in other matters. Within moments, she had booked the next flight to Tibet.