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Chapter 1176: Unable to Read His Heart

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Junyuan didn’t hesitate for too long, he didn’t reject the request either, as he said calmly to Assistant Fang, “I’m very grateful for President Xiao’s heartfelt gift. But Yanran hasn’t married him yet, so I cannot accept the gifting contract. However, I can manage this hospital for President Xiao first. I’m willing to treat even more patients in the future too, as this is my duty and also my honor.”

Assistant Fang thought that President Xiao knew Junyuan like a god. He actually managed to guess that Dr Xia wouldn’t accept the hospital immediately.

“Alright, our President Xiao said that he’ll follow his brother-in-law’s wishes.”

Everyone in the meeting room cheered immediately, except for Chief Shen, Shen Jiayi and an ashen Sangyu.

Sangyu stared at Junyuan like he had taken a large blow, his hands clenching tightly. “Even if you can become another man’s savior, aren’t you still a useless person? I’m sure everyone knows now that Junyuan has erectile dysfunction. You won’t have a bright future if you follow such a useless person!”

With clear eyes, Junyuan stared at the deranged expression on Sangyu’s face. “I’ve already made a report to the police. With you stepping on me and injuring me so badly, it almost ruined my life. It’s enough for you to be in jail for a few decades.”

What?! Sangyu caused Junyuan’s injury?

Even Shen Jiayi froze, as she stared at Sangyu in disbelief.

Sangyu’s expression was extremely dark as he glared at Junyuan with red eyes. “How dare you slander me! You were the one who offended the triad people, yet you’re thinking of pushing the blame on me?”

Junyuan waved his left wrist, showing off his watch. “When you told me the truth secretly earlier, I turned on the recording function on my watch.”

Sangyu widened his eyes immediately, unable to react to his senses. Everyone stared at his expression, already sure that he was the one who injured Junyuan and they all started to pinpoint at him.

Not able to take the blow, Sangyu was frozen in his spot. He had already stepped relentlessly on Xia Junyuan down there, but he was now the one being pointed at.

Screaming out loud with a twisted expression, Sangyu hollered, “So what if it was me? Who asked Xia Junyuan to be better than me in everything? He knows that I’ve always liked Shen Jiayi, but instead of helping me, he even agreed to date Shen Jiayi! He deserved it! He deserved everything! Hahaha!”


Stepping up, Shen Jiayi slapped Sangyu, her face covered in tears. “So you’re actually a person like this. It’s so scary, you’re too scary!” If it wasn’t for Sangyu, she wouldn’t have broken up with Junyuan. Sangyu was the one who ruined her life with Junyuan.

Sangyu touched the cheek Shen Jiayi had slapped. “Jiayi, have you ever liked me? I did everything for you!”

“You’re talking rubbish! Sangyu, you look like a human but you’re worse than an animal. Let me tell you honestly, I never liked you! I always liked Junyuan.”

Sangyu looked up and laughed out loud, before he suddenly took out a dagger hidden under his clothes and stabbed it towards Junyuan’s chest with all of his strength.

He was too quick and no one expected it.

Just as the dagger was a few centimeters away from Junyuan and it was impossible for Junyuan to avoid it, a loud bang rang out and blood started to ooze from Sangyu’s wrist. The dagger fell to the ground.

Chief Lu walked in with several policemen.

In the Chief’s office.

Junyuan and Chief Shen completed the handover process. After realizing that Junyuan was almost stabbed in the heart by Sangyu, Xia Mo was so scared her legs went weak. She didn’t dare take a step away from Junyuan anymore, sitting right next to him as the Chief and him exchanged their documents.

Once the handing over was done, Junyuan invited the departmental chiefs for dinner.

As Junyuan was in a rather good mood, he drank a few cups. Xia Mo didn’t let him drink at first, but knowing that he was happy and glad that he had returned to the profession he loved, she didn’t have the heart to stop him.

After dinner, since it wasn’t too far from Junyuan’s apartment, the two of them walked back.

When they arrived at the building, Junyuan suggested to piggyback Xia Mo up. Xia Mo cherished him, so she didn’t let him. But he insisted on it, so in the end, she relented.

The two of them were all smiles and chatted happily and sweetly.

Shen Jiayi was standing in front of Junyuan’s apartment door. When she heard their laughter, she hurriedly found a place to hide.

She watched as Junyuan appeared from the emergency exit while piggybacking Xia Mo. They arrived in front of the apartment and Junyuan pressed Xia Mo against the wall, before he leaned down to kiss her.

No… Shen Jiayi had never seen Junyuan act like this. How was he still the controlled and polite person she knew before? This man was like a wolf that wanted to swallow the woman in front of him with everything he had.

The woman wrapped her legs around his waist, the couple continued to kiss as they unlocked the apartment with the fingerprint lock.

Bam! The door slammed shut, blocking off Shen Jiayi’s gaze.

At the door, Xia Mo stared at the man in front of her panting. “Did you know that your ex-girlfriend was looking at us secretly?”

Junyuan hummed in agreement.

“Do you want to touch me tonight?”

“Xiao Mo, let’s wait until I go visit your family at Huo family. I’ll only touch you after they agree to our marriage.”

Xia Mo knew that he cherished her and doted on her, and that he wouldn’t touch her even if he had a reaction now. She nodded, touched by how much he cherished her.


Xiao Yi needed time to deal with Xia Yanran and his relationship problems. Although Junyuan doted on his younger sister, he felt that what Xiao Yi said made sense as well, so both Xia Mo and he didn’t tell Xia Yanran what happened in Ning City.

During this time, Xia Yanran stayed at the Capital. She asked to meet Xiao Yi for two days before she managed to get an interview time slot from his assistant.

Xia Yanran didn’t know what Xiao Yi was thinking. After she slept with him and he answered her call once, his assistant was the one who answered her calls.

There was still an hour before it was the scheduled interview time. Since she was about to see him, Xia Yanran put on some makeup and changed into a pretty outfit.

Just as she was about to go out, her Boss called. “Yanran, did you see President Xiao’s newest scandal? I heard that he has a scandal with the Duke’s youngest daughter. When you’re interviewing him later, you can try asking him about his personal matters.”

After the call, Xia Yanran hurriedly opened the news portal.

One of the articles was about Xiao Yi’s news.

The photo had obviously been taken secretly, so it wasn’t very clear. However, she knew Xiao Yi and was able to recognize him with just view of his back.

It was indeed him.

The girl should be the Duke’s daughter. They got out of the car together and went into a western restaurant together. While they were eating, they chatted and laughed. Once they were done, Xiao Yi sent the girl back to the Duke’s residence.

Although there wasn’t anything scandalous, she could tell that their time together was rather pleasant.

Xia Yanran felt like ants were nibbling on her heart, her heart aching terribly.

She really couldn’t understand Xiao Yi. On one hand, he slept with her, on the other hand, he got so close with the Duke’s daughter. What did he want? From his actions, he wasn’t opposed to spending time with the Duke’s daughter.

“Miss, we’re here.”

Hearing the driver’s voice, Xia Yanran regained her senses. Staring at the tall building through the car window, she shook herself awake and paid the driver, before she got out of the car.