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Chapter 1175: Ruthless Slap

Assistant Fang saw Junyuan as well and he said politely, “Oh Dr Xia is here too. I just happen to be looking for you!”

Chief Shen saw Assistant Fang and walked over hurriedly. “Assistant Fang, why are you here?”

Assistant Fang glanced at Junyuan, then at Chief Shen. “Can you call all of your department chiefs and higher management in the hospital? I have an important announcement to make.”

Chief Shen nodded. “Alright, I’ll arrange for it immediately.”

Chief Shen led Sangyu and Shen Jiayi away.

Assistant Fang glanced at Junyuan. “Dr Xia, please attend the meeting later as well!”

In the Chief’s office.

Chief Shen got Sangyu to call all of the relevant people while he packed his things on his table.

Shen Jiayi noted what her father was doing, so she asked with confusion, “Father, why are you packing your things? Also, who is that Assistant Fang?”

Chief Shen sighed. “Jiayi, I already sold the hospital. In the future, there will be a new Chief taking over.”

What?! Shen Jiayi widened her eyes in disbelief. “Father, how can this be?”

Chief Shen looked down, remaining silent.

“Did you sell the hospital because you’re incapable of returning the debt you owed the casino?”

Chief Shen glanced at Shen Jiayi with a dark expression. “Did I raise you to allow you speak to me in such a tone?”

“Father, what’s going to happen to us if we don’t have the hospital?”

“Are you useless?”

Shen Jiayi’s long lashes fluttered crazily. Selling the hospital meant that her family was bankrupt! Although they weren’t considered very rich in the past, she was still the daughter of the Head of the Hospital, so she was still above other normal people. However, now, since her family was equivalent to being bankrupt, she was nothing.

What about the branded things she wanted to buy? Then there were her overseas trips, how was she going to go?

Also, there was Sangyu. She was no longer the Chief’s daughter, would he still listen to her?

Sangyu walked in after finishing the calls, so Shen Jiayi jumped into his arms, hugging him tightly. “Sangyu, you’ll be good to me no matter what, right?”

Seeing Shen Jiayi hugging him in front of the Chief, Sangyu felt a little awkward as he pulled Shen Jiayi’s hands away. He said with a smile, “Of course, I’ll only be good to you.”

Shen Jiayi followed Chief Shen and Sangyu into the meeting room.

The meeting room was filled with the higher management of the hospitals and the chiefs of all of the departments.

Seeing Junyuan and Lingyun in the meeting room, both Chief Shen and Snagyu furrowed their eyebrows at the same time.

What was he doing there?

Chief Shen said quietly to Assistant Fang, “The two of them are not doctors in our hospital. This is the hospital’s meeting, so they have no right to be here.”

Assistant Fang glanced down at the document in his hand. “I told them to come.”

Hearing this, Chief Shen had nothing else to say.

After Chief Shen sat down and announced that he would stop being the Head of Renxin Hospital, everyone was shocked.

This included Sangyu.

“Chief, what is this exactly?”

Assistant Fang pulled the microphone over, saying clearly, “Chief Shen had sold Renxin Hospital to our company, and our company will be placing the hospital under Dr Xia Junyuan’s care. This is a gift from our President.”

The moment Assistant Fang made his announcement, a loud commotion most made the room explode in chatter.

Sangyu stood up in disbelief, slamming his fists onto the table with all of his strength. “It’s impossible! This is impossible!”

Junyuan had now become the person in-charge of Renxin Hospital?

How could something like this happen?

Assistant Fang stared at the agitated Sangyu, ignoring him as he got the lawyers he brought with him to announce the transfer document.

Sangyu’s heart tensed with every word the lawyer read.

It’s impossible!

However, the lawyer was one of the top lawyers in Hua Country. The documents he read out were all bound by the law.

The hospital had indeed been sold by Chief Shen.

Sangyu felt extremely dizzy and he fell onto the chair after experiencing such a crazy blow. His eyes were red and filled with jealousy as he glared at Junyuan. “How much money do you need to buy such a big hospital? Did a rich woman fall for you when you went to S Country? Which rich woman would be so blind to actually want a useless person like you…”

As Chief Shen stared at Sangyu, who was speaking so venomously as though he had lost his rationality, wanting to stop him, only to have Assistant Fang interrupt the conversation first. “This person is…”

“I’m the hospital’s Deputy Head,” Sangyu replied smugly.

Assistant Fang nodded, saying calmly, “You’re quite bold to actually dare to slander the hospital’s new Head like this. Also, our President Xiao’s brother-in-law doesn’t need a rich woman to fall for him. Our President Xiao is able to give his brother-in-law ten more hospitals like this.”


Sangyu’s mind was in a complete mess.

He knew that Xia Junyuan had two younger sisters, both being extremely beautiful. However, from what he knew, his youngest sister didn’t have a boyfriend and only his second younger sister had one. What he heard from Shen Jiayi was that they got together and separated often and that their relationship wasn’t too stable.

“I don’t believe it. How would Xia Junyuan have such a rich brother-in-law?”

Assistant Fang stared at Sangyu like he was looking at a brainless idiot. “How did Renxin Hospital allow someone who was intellectually impaired to become the Deputy Head?”


Lingyun started to laugh first. Once Lingyun started to laugh, the other people who couldn’t stand Sangyu usually but didn’t dare speak all started to laugh as well.

Sangyu’s expression immediately darkened.

Assistant Fang stood up from his seat, walking in front of Junyuan and passed him the hospital transfer contract. He said softly, “Dr Xia, our President Xiao said that this is one of his betrothal gifts. President Xiao even said that he didn’t do this to show off how wealthy he is now. He hopes for your medical skills to help even more people.

“However, because this society is extremely realistic, it would be hard for you to use all of your skills without a proper platform. From now, you will be in-charge of the hospital and he believes that you will manage it very well.”

When Assistant Fang said the last sentence, he increased the volume of his voice.

Junyuan’s professional ethics were well known and approved and known by all of the doctors present. Many of them had been sad when he lost his ability to hold a scalpel again.

Now that he had recovered, not only could he hold a scalpel again, he was in-charge of the hospital as well. They were all glad and happy if it was a doctor with morals and ethics like Junyuan being in-charge of the hospital.

Amongst everyone in the meeting room, Lingyun was the happiest. This was really an example that no matter how dark the road seemed, there would always be a way out!

“Senior Junyuan, stop hesitating! The hospital cannot fall into the hands of people like Sangyu anymore! I hope you can lead all of us!”

The departmental chiefs all stood up and glanced towards Junyuan. “Dr Xia, please stay and take up the position as the Head of the Hospital.”

Junyuan’s emotions were all over the place. Ever since he graduated from university, he did all the research he could. However, this time, the road had been hard and full of difficulties and he hadn’t been successful at all.

It was hard not to feel helpless when he was filled with ambition, but didn’t have the proper chance and platform to strive and do the best he could.

He really never imagined that Xiao Yi would actually give him a hospital!