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Chapter 1174: Don’t Know What to Say

At that moment, Sangyu had no idea what to say.

When he was colleagues with Xia Junyuan in the past, he saw Junyuan when they went to the toilet together. He was indeed incomparable to Xia Junyuan…

“It’s impossible. He was injured badly after being stepped on. It’s impossible for him to recover.”

Xia Mo glared at Sangyu with her almond-shaped eyes. “The thing we lack the least in this world are geniuses! My doctor was able to be treated because one, there was a specialist that did a surgery for him, and secondly, he has such a beauty like me! For such a shameless and incapable Dr Sang like you, are you always going against my Doctor because you’re jealous that he’s more handsome and more capable than you?!”

Sangyu stared at Xia Mo, whose every word was to argue and defend Junyuan and grudge against Junyuan only seemed to swell within him!

Even when they were still in university, Junyuan was stronger than him in everything. When they started working, Junyuan was well liked by their bosses and patients, and even Shen Jiayi, whom he had fallen for at first glance, had fallen for Junyuan as well.

All of these years, he did everything he could to step on Junyuan to make him a loser and finally, Junyuan was worse off than him. However, he actually managed to find such a young and pretty girlfriend that protected him with all she had!

What did Junyuan do in his previous life?

Junyuan, who had been quiet, suddenly took a step forward and grabbed Sangyu’s neck with his left hand. He was extremely fast, so quick that both Xia Mo and Lingyun didn’t manage to see how he did it.

Xia Mo had never seen Junyuan like this. His usual bright eyes were red and dark now, his face tensed terribly as he exuded fierceness and hatred. “Say, how did you know I was stepped on ruthlessly to injure that spot so badly?”

Sangyu was shocked by Junyuan’s dark expression, as he stammered, “H-How wouldn’t I know? You were hospitalized at the City Hospital back then, everyone knew about it.”

Junyuan narrowed her eyes, increasing his force in strangling Sangyu’s neck. “Only my main doctor knows that I was stepped on. The patients’ details in the City Hospital are confidential, so there are only two possibilities. One, you went to the database to look at my medical record secretly, and the other is that you were the one who stepped on me!”

“I-I didn’t…” Sangyu glanced at the nurses who were looking exceedingly interested in all the drama. “What are you all doing?! Aren’t you guys calling the security guards? Xia Junyuan, we have CCTVs in the corridors. I’m going to report you to the police for being violent to me and wanting to strangle me to death!”

Junyuan stared at Sangyu’s evasive eyes. He was already more or less sure that Sangyu was the one who stepped on him.

Recalling that dark period of his, and that he almost buried Yanran’s happiness with it, a strong hatred burned in his heart.

He had lived for more than thirty years and was able to stay calm no matter what happened. He never did any bad things and always followed the laws and treated people nicely.

Had he ever done anything bad to Sangyu? However, because of jealousy, Sangyu had almost ruined his life!

A murderous glint appeared in Junyuan’s eyes, all of his rationality disappearing as he increased his strength on the hands that were strangling Sangyu.

Sangyu used all his strength to resist and struggle against Junyuan’s hold.

The two of them started to fight on the spot.

Xia Mo was worried about Junyuan’s left hand. He was still recovering, so he shouldn’t injure it again.

Moving forward, Xia Mo pulled Junyuan away. Seeing this, Lingyun also moved forward to pull Sangyu.

Suddenly, Sangyu lost his guard and received two punches from Junyuan consecutively.

At this moment, several security officers arrived.

Sangyu was the Deputy Head, so all of the security officers listened to him.

Sangyu wiped the wound by the corner of his lips, pointing at Junyuan’s nose angrily. “Chase this person out of Renxin Hospital for me and never let him step in here again!”

“What’s going on? Why is it so noisy in front of the surgery room?” Chief Shen walked over with Shen Jiayi following behind.

“Chief, Lingyun got Junyuan to come rescue Bed 36’s patient without seeking consent. I only said a few things to them, but Junyuan started to hit me. People without courtesy and manners like him are definitely the evil tumors in the industry!”

The Head of the Hospital stared at Junyuan with furrowed eyebrows. Xia Mo was hugging Junyuan, his anger still present as his handsome expression was extremely dark.

Shen Jiayi stared at Xia Mo, who was hugging Junyuan tightly, contempt and resentment in her heart. This woman was really shameless to stick herself tightly to a man in public. From what she saw, the woman would be chased away by Junyuan very quickly!

Shen Jiayi didn’t want to admit that Junyuan allowed Xia Mo to hug him so tightly because he loved and let her. In the past when they were together, Junyuan didn’t even let her touch his hand.

The Head had been extremely troubled because of his financial crises recently. Just this morning, he had sold the hospital at a high price.

The new Head would probably do a large-scale restructuring of the staff. However, before the new Head came, he still had the right to do something about Junyuan going into the surgery room.

“Dr Xia, no matter what, you’re not a doctor working here, so you cannot enter a surgery room. You went against the hospital’s regulations, I will definitely report this to the association!”

Hearing the Head’s words, Sangyu’s anger dissipated a lot. If they reported it to the association, it was equivalent to ruining Junyuan’s future!

Hearing her father’s decision, not only did Shen Jiayi not go and speak up for Junyuan, she was even hoping for Junyuan to fall even more, so that this young girlfriend beside him would be forced to leave him.

“Chief, you can report me to the Association as well. I was the one who asked Senior Junyuan.” Lingyun said.

Junyuan stared at Lingyun. “Don’t be too rash!”

“Senior Junyuan, I’ve long wanted to quit working in an unethical hospital that buries talent like this!”

Hearing Lingyun’s words, the Head waved his hand, extremely unhappy. “I won’t stop you if you don’t cherish your future. I’ll report the two of you together!”


Lingyun smiled at Junyuan. “It’s alright. The most is that I become a Borderless Doctor. In that case, my conscience wouldn’t be uneasy either!”

Junyuan, Lingyun and Xia Mo wanted to leave, but Sangyu stopped Junyuan and whispered in his ear, “Xia Junyuan, you can forget about rising again in your lifetime. To tell you the truth, I did step on you, but do you have proof? Hahaha….”

As if afraid that Junyuan would hit him again, Sangyu took a few steps back immediately. He was arrogant, but a coward as well.

The expression he looked at Junyuan with showed that he couldn’t stand him, but couldn’t do anything to him. It was extremely annoying.

Junyuan knew that violence wouldn’t solve the problem. He needed evidence to make this person, who almost ruined his life, be punished by law.

Xia Mo turned back to look at Junyuan. Seeing the redness in his bright eyes, her heart panged with pain, her small hand grabbing his large one. “Doctor, what’s wrong?”

Feeling the softness and warmth in Xia Mo’s hand, Junyuan’s churning heart finally calmed a little. He grabbed Xia Mo’s hand in turn, shaking his head. “I’m alright, let’s leave first.”

They walked towards the elevator. Suddenly, the doors opened and several suited men walked over.

Junyuan had met the person leading the group once. It was Assistant Fang, Xiao Yi’s assistant from his corporation at the Capital.