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Chapter 1172: Their Hearts Were Aligned

Staring at the fierce reporter, Xia Mo was not scared at all.

It only made her lift her chin, her eyes sharp as daggers. “There’s a new regulation by the Ning City government. When a reporter is doing an interview, they must wear their reporter pass. You don’t have your pass, so it’s against the regulations. I have the right to report you.”

Under the many eyes of the crowd, the reporter didn’t dare touch Xia Mo. He had no choice but to take out a reporter pass from his bag and wear it.

Xia Mo narrowed her eyes at the pass. “You’re from Times Newspaper, right?”

The reporter stared at Xia Mo, guardedness flashing in his eyes. “What do you want?”

“I know the boss of Times Newspaper. Let me call and find out how he hired such a lowly skilled reporter like you.” Before the reporter could say anything, Xia Mo took out her phone.

“Don’t call him!”

The moment the reporter spoke, he realized that he had fallen into Xia Mo’s trap. Xia Mo didn’t know the old President of Times Newspaper at all.

“How dare a fake reporter like you stir trouble here?”

After being exposed by Xia Mo, the reporter’s face flushed red. “Whether or not I’m a reporter isn’t important. What’s important is that the boss of this pharmacy is really evil.”

Evil? Xia Mo wanted to kill this fake reporter with a slap. Even if everyone in the world was evil, her Doctor wouldn’t be evil, alright?

After Junyuan forcefully held down onto the woman’s hand, he already managed to make a diagnosis of her condition.

“You have intestinal inflammation. You didn’t vomit and have diarrhea because of my medicine, but because you ate bad food. You had expired sauce this morning, didn’t you? You didn’t vomit and have diarrhea last night, but it started after you had the sauce this morning. If you vomited and had diarrhea for the entire night like you said, you wouldn’t have the energy to make a ruckus here. You would be in the hospital instead.”

The woman widened her eyes, not expecting Junyuan to understand everything with just feeling her pulse. How… How did he guess so accurately what she had and what she did?

The woman opened her mouth, wanting to say something when Xia Mo suddenly took the video camera from that fake reporter and aimed it at the woman. “I’ll record everything you say from now on. If there are any lies, Dr Xia and I will resort to legal actions. You should know that Dr Xia is the best doctor in Ning City. If you want to frame someone, you have to have the capability to do it too!”

The woman glanced at Xia Mo’s reporter pass. She was so afraid her legs went weak. She wasn’t someone who had a lot of experience in life, so she said with a pale expression, “Indeed, D-Dr Xia didn’t sell fake drugs. Someone gave us a sum of money to get us to ruin Dr Xia’s reputation.”

“Who is it?”

“I-It’s Deputy Sang from Renxin Hospital. Please don’t report me!”

Xia Mo didn’t know that the video camera was connected wirelessly to Sangyu’s phone. Hearing the woman confess his name, his expression immediately darkened.

He took out his phone and made a call.

“Chief Lu, I know someone who is selling fake drugs. The situation is extremely serious. Can you send someone to handle it…”

After that woman and the fake reporter ran away hurriedly, Xia Mo said to the crowd with a giggle, “Our Doctor is a nice person with good medical skills. Although his temper is good, it doesn’t mean he’s easy to bully. If anyone needs treatment from our Doctor, we’ll do our best. However, if you want to harm our Doctor, we’re not easily pushed over. I’ve already written down the names and addresses of the two people who ran away just now. I’ll be going to the police station later.”

Many people in the crowd had benefited from Junyuan’s treatment, so they all started to say, “Dr Xia is a good doctor. We believe in him. If anyone comes to make trouble in the future, all of us residents here would be the first person to deal with them.”

After Xia Mo left with a bright smile, she returned to the pharmacy. Before she could say anything to Junyuan, the supervising attendant and two uniformed policemen walked over.

The supervising attendant wanted to check all of the drugs in the pharmacy, so the pharmacy had to be closed for two days.

The police had already received a report, so they wanted to bring Junyuan back to the police station for an investigation. In that moment, Xia Mo and Junyuan both understood that the malicious man, Sangyu, must have made the report first.

At this point, Junyuan had no choice but to go to the police station and cooperate with the police.

Xia Mo followed behind the police car and arrived at the police station. On the way, she called Huo Ze. She didn’t know where this guy had gone, but his phone never went through.

Having no choice, Xia Mo had to call the Huo family’s third uncle. However, his assistant told her that the Third Uncle was in a meeting, which would only finish after an hour.

Xia Mo got out of the car hurriedly and walked towards the police station.

Junyuan’s situation was better than Xia Mo had imagined. He met an old man the moment he got brought into the police station.

The old man was the Chief’s father. Seeing Junyuan brought in, he stared at Junyuan for a good few seconds.

“You are… Dr Xia?”

Seeing the Chief’s father recognize Junyuan, the police stood by the side and stopped urging Junyuan to walk faster.

Junyuan nodded. Even though he was brought into the police station, he wasn’t panicked at all. His handsome face was as calm as usual. When he saw the old man, he nodded politely at him with a soft smile. “Uncle Lu.”

The person knew the Chief’s father? “Dr Xia, what happened?”

“Old Master, he was reported to be selling fake drugs, so we brought him in for investigation.”

The moment the police finished speaking, he heard the old man explode, “You’re speaking nonsense!”

The old man’s strong voice frightened all of the policemen out of their wits. “Old Master, weー”

The old man interrupted the policemen’s words as he stared at Junyuan and his eyes pierced the surrounding policemen. “Dr Xia saved my life in the surgery room once. He treats his patients as his kin, how would such a dignified and well-mannered person sell fake drugs? Go, call your Chief down!”

Seeing the Old Master so furious, the policemen didn’t dare say anything else and hurriedly went up to call their Chief.

The old man brought Junyuan to a resting room.

“Dr Xia, after I woke up from the anesthesia from the surgery, I heard you went on a break, but you never returned to the hospital. With your good skills, why did you go and open a pharmacy?”

Junyuan smiled warmly and explained everything that happened briefly.

“So, you hurt your wrist during your break. It’s a good thing that your wrist surgery was successful. You’re such a talented and capable person, you shouldn’t limit yourself with a small pharmacy.”

“Uncle Lu thinks too highly of Junyuan.”

The old man patted Junyuan’s shoulder, his son happening to see this when he walked in. The old man had led troops to war before, so his strong aura still just as fierce, even after he retired. Since he was young, he had been afraid of his strict and stern father. But what did he just see? His father was actually smiling at Junyuan!

The old man glanced at his son at the door, scolding out loud, “Come in!”

“Father, this is my work place! Can’t you leave me with some dignity?”

The old man pointed at his nose and snapped, “You’d better explain it to me carefully! Why did you arrest my life savior? Even if you were the one selling fake drugs, Dr Xia would never do it!”

The Chief was speechless. Old man, who was his biological son?