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Chapter 1167: A Jealous Her Was So Cute

The two of them chatted for a while before Shu Min went to the kitchen to cook.

Xia Yanran received a call from her colleague, telling her that her colleague had sent a document to her email and wanted her to print it out to sign it and send it back to her.

Walking to the kitchen, Xia Yanran glanced at the busy figure inside and asked softly, “Sister Shu, do you have a printer? Can I borrow your computer?”

Shu Min turned back and glanced at Xia Yanran before she replied with a smile, “Yes. It’s the second room from the living room. You can go in directly.”

“Thank you, Sister Shu.”

“You don’t have to be so polite.”

Xia Yanran went into Shu Min’s study and turned on the computer. Shu Min didn’t place a password, so she logged into her email and downloaded the document her colleague sent her.

After she read the document, Xia Yanran printed it out. Once she was done, Xia Yanran signed her name and called for a delivery service.

She turned off the computer, about to turn and leave when her arm accidentally grazed the photo book placed by the corner of the table.

The thick photo book landed on the floor.

Xia Yanran hurriedly squatted down and picked the photo book up. From how it had fallen, the photo book had opened. When Xia Yanran picked it up, she accidentally saw one of the photos.

It was a group photo with more than ten little boys and girls on it. Shu Min was standing behind them, smiling brightly.

Shu Min came into the study to call Xia Yanran to eat. When she saw that Xia Yanran was staring at the photo book, she walked in, hitting her head when she saw Xia Yanran staring at the photo. “Oh! No wonder I found you familiar when I saw you for the first time. Look at this little girl on the photo, doesn’t she look a little like you?”

Shu Min pointed at the girl standing at the center of the first row. The little girl was smiling brightly, looking a little like her.


“I think she looked like someone else I know even more,” Xia Yanran said, deep in thought.


Xia Yanran furrowed her eyebrows tightly. “That person is called Yi Ran.”

Shu Min widened her eyes, pointing at the girl in the photo. “That girl is called Yi Ran. One of my relatives owned an orphanage in the past and Yi Ran was one of the children there. Later, she was adopted by a couple who lived here. However, the couple passed away not too long as well. She’s really pitiful.

“However, the little girl was really motivated. Her results were really good. Later, I heard that someone had sponsored her. It’s been a few years since I contacted her. She changed her phone and never appeared in any gatherings anymore. The last time I heard from her was three years ago.

“I heard that she had fallen for a man, but that man lied to her and only told her that he was married after she fell for him. She was badly affected.”

Xia Yanran furrowed her eyebrows immediately.

Yi Ran once fell for a married man?

If she loved someone so badly once, how could she fall for another man?

However, Xiao Yi was so capable. It wasn’t impossible for her to like Xiao Yi.

Xia Yanran looked down at the girl who was smiling brightly in the photo, her eyes landing on the girl beside the first.

Why did this girl look so familiar as well?

Shu Min followed Xia Yanran’s eyes and glanced towards the girl beside Yi Ran. “What’s wrong?”

Xia Yanran pointed at that girl. “Then who is this?”

“Oh her, she doesn’t belong to the orphanage. But she’s really good friends with Yi Ran. Their relationship was always really good and she came to the orphanage to play with Yi Ran a lot.”

Xia Yanran bit her lips. “Sister Shu, do you know the name of this girl th?”

Shu Min shook her head. “It’s been too long, so I can’t remember anymore. However, the old owner of the orphanage had a very strong impression of Yi Ran. I’ll ask the owner later, she might remember something.”

Xia Yanran nodded. “Thank you, Sister Shu.”

“No need to be so polite to me. Let’s go and eat!”

“Let’s go.”

After having lunch with Junyuan at the cafeteria in the afternoon, Xia Mo decided to go to the market to buy some fresh ribs. She wanted to make some soup for Junyuan at the hospital’s cafeteria.

With Xia Mo’s sweet words, all of the chefs in the cafeteria liked her a lot.

Although she wasn’t very good at cooking, with her friendly personality, all of the chefs taught her patiently.

Xia Mo was rather satisfied with the soup she made.

Carrying the thermos flask in her hands, she heard a gentle voice the moment she walked in. “Doctor Xia’s skin is really fair. The back of your hands are slightly bruised from the drips. I’ll go get a hot towel and help you massage it later.”

Xia Mo’s mouth twitched.

She had been massaging Doctor’s wound for him every day after his drip, alright?

Xia Mo stood at the door, staring at the nurse in her nurse uniform, her figure voluminous. From a woman’s point of view, the nurse’s figure was the goal of a lot of women.

Dammit, this woman really had everything a woman wanted!

Xia Mo looked down at herself, sighing silently.

“Doctor Xia, your hands are really nice. It’s no wonder you hold the scalpel.”

Junyuan leaned against the bed, his expression indifferent as he ignored the nurse’s ramblings. When he saw Xia Mo from the corner of his eyes, a smile appeared on his handsome face.

The nurse thought that Junyuan was smiling at her, dazing out from the sight. His glass-like eyes, handsome face all made her heart flutter. To be honest, she rarely saw a man that looked as good as he did. He was like the finest piece of jade, simply flawless.

The nurse bit her lips, about to say something when a soft and slightly whining voice trailed from behind her. “My waist hurts so much.”

Junyuan stared at the pouting Xia Mo, his eyes gentle. “Why does your waist hurt?”

“Isn’t it because of you? When I came back late last night, you had to punish me and my waist still feels sore until now…” To be honest, Junyuan only hugged her waist when he kissed her last night. They didn’t do anything else and she didn’t feel sore at all.

However, when adults said that their waist hurt, people were bound to think otherwise. Especially when Xia Mo came in and sat next to Junyuan so naturally. She even placed a hand by Junyuan’s thigh. Junyuan wanted to pull her hand away, but Xia Mo glared at him instead, her eyes threatening him blatantly with the silent words, ‘See if you dare remove my hands!’

How could Junyuan not understand what Xia Mo meant. The girl was jealous, so he leaned down to kiss her head. “I’ll be more careful in the future and won’t make you sore again.”

Hearing their conversation, the nurse didn’t look too good. However, she knew her place and helped Junyuan finish his drip before she left in a hurry.

After the nurse left, Xia Mo removed her hand from Junyuan’s thigh and said with a tense expression. “She came to seduce you the moment I wasn’t here.”

Junyuan stared as Xia Mo hugged him angrily, thinking that she was terribly cute. A gentle smile was on his lips. “Are you jealous of this too? I didn’t even look at her.”

“You didn’t reply yesterday! Do you like those big chested women as well?”

“No, I like how you are. Besides…”

“Besides what?”

“You have me now, they won’t be small anymore.”