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Chapter 1166: A Way to Make Xia Yanran Pregnant

Xiao Yi’s handsome features immediately turned frozen, his dark eyes turning sharper. “She still dares to see me?”

That Yi Ran was really pitiful after entering the jail. The police followed Xiao Yi’s orders and kept her alongside those fierce and ruthless female criminals.

All of those female criminals had blood on their hands. Some were even lesbians.

Yi Ran was pretty and her figure was good as well. After entering the jail, she was practically a lamb thrown into a lion’s den and all the female criminals had their eyes on her.

Yi Ran felt glad at first, thinking that the situation in the national jails wasn’t too bad. Besides, she had some savings, so she searched for a lawyer.

However, no lawyer dared to take her case.

After she was kept with those female criminals, she tried to hypnotize the leader of the group, wanting to make her listen to her.

However, Xiao Yi didn’t leave any leeway for her. He told the jail guards to tell those female criminals that she knew how to hypnotize people.

That was why her eyes had been blinded the moment she entered the place.

Then, she got taken advantage of by that leader.

She cried, begged, kicked and did everything she could, but to no avail. What she got was an even rougher treatment from the leader.

It had only been a few days and she already lost a lot of weight. Just last night, the leader got tired of playing with her, so she gifted her to the other female criminals.

She got tortured so badly she miscarried her baby.

Blood, she had lost a lot of blood. When the jail guards found out, they sent her to the hospital. After her miscarriage, she hadn’t been able to have a proper rest when she was thrown into the jail once more.

She felt really scared and hateful!

Xiao Yi was basically trying to kill her!

She had no choice but to bang her head against the wall with all of her strength, which attracted the attention of the jail guards. She told the jail guards to inform Xiao Yi that she wanted to see him.

Xiao Yi agreed to meet Yi Ran.

Through the glass window, Yi Ran was sitting inside in the jail uniform. It had only been a few days, but she had lost a lot of weight. Her face was terribly pale, her eyes swollen while her messy hair was untied. Her face was bruised as well. It was clear that she wasn’t having a good time.

It would be impossible to have a good time to be held with a bunch of fierce and ruthless people!

Yi Ran stared at the man sitting opposite of her, on the other side of the glass window. He was wearing a thin beige sweater with long black pants. Although he wasn’t wearing a suit, he still looked sharp and oppressive.

Seeing her become like this, he didn’t seem to be surprised at all. He didn’t even look like he was sympathizing or pitying her.

Yi Ran thought with a scoff, wasn’t this what he wanted?

He wanted her to understand how ruthless a heartless and cold-blooded man could be!

As Yi Ran closed her eyes, she forced down the endless sadness and hatred she had for the man. She spoke hoarsely, “I can’t stay in here anymore. I want to get out.”

Xiao Yi’s expression didn’t even change as he stared indifferently at Yi Ran with his legs crossed elegantly. “Tell me a reason to let you out.”

Yi Ran stared at the expressionless man. His every feature looked like they were the art of a master carpenter, carved almost perfectly, though he looked terribly cruel as well. Her eyes turned red. “Xia Yanran broke up with you because she couldn’t get pregnant. What if I have a way to make her pregnant?”

Xiao Yi looked like he had heard a nice joke. “You have a way? Miss Yi, you should think about how you’re going to spend the rest of your life in jail!”

Yi Ran bit her lips tightly, tasting blood. At this moment, she should negotiate with Xiao Yi properly and keep her other thoughts at bay.

“For a woman, being infertile is a pain she will feel for the rest of her life. Even if you don’t mind it, Xia Yanran will mind it. When the two of you stay together in the future, as long as you show a small thought that you want children, she would overthink and slowly, she will become a bitter woman.

“You can believe me if you want. If I died from being tortured in jail, no one else will be able to make Xia Yanran pregnant.

“Of course, it’s alright if you don’t want a child and want to spend the rest of your life with Xia Yanran like this. However, you should know that women are sensitive, especially Xia Yanran. She hasn’t accepted the fact that she’s infertile. If I didn’t guess wrongly, she had been taking medicine recently from how bloated her face is.

“Normal medicine has no effect on her. Only her body will gain weight if she takes them. All medicine is poisonous to the body as well. If she takes them in the long run, it will affect her organs.”

Xiao Yi’s expression darkened slightly, narrowing his dark eyes as he stared at Yi Ran coldly. “Do you think I will believe your nonsense?”

Yi Ran’s injured lips curled up. “You can choose to not believe me and wait until I die from being tortured. If the two of you are still together by then, you’ll definitely regret it.”

Even now, Yi Ran didn’t want to talk too much to Xiao Yi either. Since he didn’t want to believe her, he still wouldn’t believe her no matter what she said.

If she died in jail, she guessed that Xia Yanran and Xiao Yi’s future wouldn’t be too good. Even if they reconciled now, cracks will still appear in their relationship because of children.

It was impossible for a loving couple to remain in love forever. After spending everyday with each other for a long time, that love would slowly dissipate. If there wasn’t a child present to maintain their relationship, any small challenge would be able to separate them.

Especially Xia Yanran. Her being infertile had already pressed a prick in her heart. Even Xiao Yi wouldn’t be able to remove that prick for her!

Yi Ran stood up from her chair as she slowly left with the jail guard.

As Xiao Yi stared at Yi Ran’s back, his eyebrows slowly furrowed together.

In the afternoon.

Xia Yanran arrived at the residential area where Shu Min stayed. Shu Min’s house was a duplex building. The interior was decorated warmly with various flowers and plants filling the balcony.

It was no wonder why Xu Weishan didn’t want to divorce Shu Min even when he had an affair. Where could he find such a wife that was good at everything?

Shu Min made a pot of tea for Xia Yanran, before she went to the kitchen to cut some fruits and placed them on the table.

“Sister Shu, stop being so busy.”

Shu Min sat beside Xia Yanran. Without being bound by marriage anymore, she was a lot more relaxed and at ease.

“You might laugh if I say this, but I really loved him at first. For him, I was able to leave my hometown and was even willing to give him my heart.

“He promised me that he would love me for the rest of my life. However, we had only been married for eight years and he’s already having an affair. However, I suppose I can only be blamed for being useless as well, since I wasn’t able to bear any children for him.”

Hearing Shu Min’s words, Xia Yanran thought about her situation, suddenly not knowing how to reply.

To her, if a family didn’t have children, it would never be a complete one.

Shu Min waved her hands. “Look at me, why am I saying such sad things? In this world, there are still many men who like to be childless. If I’m lucky enough to meet someone like that, I wouldn’t mind getting married again. To be honest, it’s still ultimately because Shu Weishan isn’t able to control his lower body and was an a**hole from the start.”