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Chapter 1164: This Wasn’t A Dream

After Xia Yanran finished muttering, her weak body was pulled up by a strong arm once more.

“Drink it all.”

Xia Yanran half-narrowed her eyes, which were filled with bright tears. It was obvious she was drunk.

“No, no! Not unless you feed me.” In reality, she had broken up with Xiao Yi. In her dream, she could do whatever she wanted with him!

Yes, yes, yes. She wouldn’t drink it unless he fed her. Hmpf!

Hearing her request, Xiao Yi’s eyes on her darkened even more.

Xia Yanran waited for a few seconds. Seeing that he wasn’t willing to feed her personally, she laid back down on the bed.

However, in the next second, before she could react, a bad tasting liquid was passed into her mouth.

Xia Yanran furrowed her eyebrows.

The next few mouthfuls were fed to her in the same manner.

Xiao Yi looked down at the woman laying on the bed. Seaweed-like hair laid splayed across the bed, as a pair of bright and dazed eyes stared at him.

Xiao Yi’s eyes darkened slightly.

She was looking at him as well, and the two of them stared at each other like that.

Xia Yanran rubbed her forehead against his shoulder, whining, “Xiao Yi, it hurts.”

She didn’t specify if it was her body hurting because she was drunk, or if it was her heart hurting.

Xiao Yi stared at her, remaining silent.

Xia Yanran lifted her hands and wrapped them around his neck. “Xiao Yi, if you think you’ll be happy by marrying the Duke’s daughter, I will bless you…”

No matter how sad she was, it would be fine as long as he was happy.

Xiao Yi’s eyes on Xia Yanran darkened, his lips moving slightly, “Really?”


“Alright, as you wish. I will marry that woman.”

Xia Yanran’s heart seemed to be tugged by something ruthlessly and she immediately felt pain all over.


She didn’t want him to marry another woman! However, she had already erased all of his feelings for her and couldn’t go back anymore.

Xia Yanran didn’t say anything anymore. In reality, he already made her so sad. Why did he have to come to her dream to make her even sadder?

They stared at each other for a while, but she couldn’t read his eyes.

Why did it hurt so much? Her heart was torn.

“I lied. I don’t want you to marry another woman. You already proposed to me.”

Xiao Yi smirked. “You sent the ring back to me.”

Xia Yanran didn’t want to speak to him anymore. Since it was her dream, she would do whatever she wanted. She lifted her head up and pressed her lips against his.

Her body, from her heart to her limbs, from head to toe, everything felt extremely uncomfortable.

She didn’t know how to ease it.

Xiao Yi didn’t push her away and didn’t respond to the kiss either. He lifted a hand to push her hair by her cheeks away. Just as her lips touched his cheek, he asked hoarsely, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

Xia Yanran’s head felt dizzy and heavy, not knowing what he was saying.

She pecked him again and again, luring the softness in his heart out.

Just as the skies started to brighten, Xiao Yi woke up.

He had only slept for two hours.

Looking beside him, he saw the woman lying on his arm. Xiao Yi chuckled softly before he got up from the bed.

He went to take a shower in the bathroom before he changed and left the hotel.

Xia Yanran was woken up by the sound of the doorbell. Opening her heavy eyes, Xia Yanran lifted her hands, pressing her hands to her head instinctively.

Shut up!

But the blasted doorbell kept ringing nonstop.

Xia Yanran sat up with a splitting headache.

With a glance downwards at her body, she found that her evening gown was unzipped somehow. Her lips pursed tightly and her mind was blank.

She remembered herself returning to her room last night and closing the door. Why…

What had happened again? She closed her eyes and recalled carefully.

She seemed to have had a dream and dreamed of Xiao Yi. She even hugged him later. Xia Yanran got up, taking off her evening gown and changing into casual clothes.

Before she could continue thinking, the nonstop ringing bell interrupted her thoughts. This time, she walked to the door barefoot and opened the door.

“Sister Yanran, are you alright? I was even thinking of going to the front desk to ask for a room key if you still didn’t open the door.”

As Xia Mo spoke, she passed Xia Yanran’s phone to her. “An unknown number called you several times.”