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Chapter 1163: Reaping What One Sowed

Xiao Yi leaned back against the chair lazily, staring at Xia Yanran with half-narrowed eyes. He had a small sneer on his lips. “Miss Xia, who are you to ask me?”

Hearing him call her ‘Miss Xia’ made Xia Yanran feel like her heart had been grasped tightly by an invisible hand.

But what could she be unhappy about?

She was the one who caused them to become like this!

Although she was sad and conflicted about her being infertile, ultimately, she was the one who didn’t trust his feelings for her enough. In the end, it was why they ended up missing each other.

Xia Yanran suppressed the bitterness and sadness in her heart. She smiled, acting normal. “We’ve known each other for so long after all, can’t we be friends even though we’ve broken up?”

Xiao Yi’s expression darkened slightly as he said indifferently, “I am never friends with women I break up with.”

Xia Yanran was speechless.

What in the world?

The atmosphere in the car immediately froze to a glacial temperature and it was extremely awkward.

Xia Yanran could tell that he didn’t want to talk to her anymore.

She closed her eyes, saying everything she wanted to, everything she had held in her heart. “When I left your apartment in B City that day, I left you a note. I waited at the garden for you for a very long time, but you didn’t go. I thought, I thought that you couldn’t accept the fact that we wouldn’t have children in the future, so I asked to break up…”

Pursing his lips tightly, Xiao Yi held up the electronic cigarette between his lips. He inhaled once, before he slowly exhaled with a silent puff. Smoke slowly rose and blurred his face, but his eyes looking at Xia Yanran were dark and emotionless.

Just as Xia Yanran thought that he wasn’t going to reply, she heard him say slowly, “Do you remember what I told you before? I don’t like people who keep talking about breaking up whenever something happens. I can forgive you once or twice, but anything more than that, I’ll feel tired too.”

Xia Yanran’s heart was clenched tightly.

She looked down, staying silent as she suddenly didn’t know what to say.

“There are bound to be challenges in life. If we got married and met with another challenge again, will you want a divorce? Miss Xia, I don’t have to stand at the same spot, waiting for you to regret your actions every time.”

Xia Yanran’s head started to spin, feeling as if her temple had been pricked painfully.

She knew it. She understood everything he said.

Feelings were the weakest, pushing at your most sensitive areas.

Xia Yanran didn’t want to let herself appear so ugly in front of him, so she nodded and looked down, hiding the disappointment in her eyes. “I never asked you for that… I’m really sorry for getting into your car forcefully.”

Xia Yanran looked up at the driver in front, saying politely, “I’m sorry, please stop the car.”

But since Xiao Yi didn’t speak, the driver didn’t dare stop.

It immediately fell so silent that they could even hear the sound of a needle falling on the floor.

Xiao Yi spoke slowly, “You’re drunk. If you get off now and something happens to you, I cannot answer to the Queen and your family.”

His voice was very calm, so calm he sounded like he was only scared that something might happen to her because he needed to answer to the people that cared for her. It sounded as though he was no longer present amongst those people.

Xia Yanran stopped asking to get out of the car. Xiao Yi was right. Her head was really dizzy right now, if anything happened to her, it would only make people who cared for her sad.

For the remainder of the trip, the two of them never spoke again.

To think that they were once so close, but now that they were sitting opposite each other, they were even worse than strangers.

Xia Yanran leaned her head against the window, closing her eyes slightly. All she was thinking about was that he was going to marry another woman in the future and would have children with another woman. Her heart clenched tightly, suffocating her.

With the alcohol showing its effects, and the pain in her heart, Xia Yanran felt even worse by the second.

Her head felt like it was going to split open.

Once they arrived at the hotel entrance, Xia Yanran glanced at the expressionless Xiao Yi with dazed eyes. “Thank you, Mr Xiao. Good bye.”

Xia Yanran stumbled into the hotel. Staring at her figure, Xiao Yi instructed the driver to follow behind her.

After Xia Yanran returned to her room, the driver returned to the car. “Mr Xiao, do we go back now?”

Xiao Yi continued smoking his electronic cigarette, his eyes dark as he remained silent.

After she arrived at her room, Xia Yanran lay on the bed, her eyes closed. She didn’t know how long had passed, but she suddenly heard the doorbell ring.

The world spun in endless circles. Why was her head so dizzy? She covered the pillow over her head, unwilling to get up.

Seeing that Xia Yanran wasn’t opening the door, the service staff called Xiao Yi. “Mr Xiao, Miss Xia isn’t opening the door.” The service staff had come to bring some tea for Xia Yanran to sober up according to Xiao Yi’s instructions. With how drunk she was, she would definitely get a headache the next morning.

Xiao Yi was still sitting in the hotel’s car park. Hearing the service staff’s words, he furrowed his eyebrows a little.

Although he wanted to teach her a lesson so that she would cherish this difficult relationship in the future, he was still worried that something might happen to her.

Xiao Yi got out of the car.

The Old Madam used to be the hotel’s director. After she transferred all of her assets to him, Xiao Yi naturally became one of the hotel’s directors as well.

He went to the counter to get a key card for Xia Yanran’s room before he got a cup of tea and personally went to her room.

Just as Xia Yanran was dazed from sleep, she seemed to hear someone calling her.

Who was it?

She opened her eyes, seeing the tall figure standing by the bed with dazed eyes.

Only a wall lamp was turned on in the room. As the dimmed yellow lights landed on the man’s face, Xia Yanran furrowed her eyebrows, thinking that she was hallucinating. “Xiao Yi?”

Her head hurt even more, her flushed face flushing even harder and hotter.

She remembered that when she returned to her room, Xiao Yi didn’t send her back. So, this was just a hallucination, right? She must have been dreaming.

Letting out a sniffle, she took on the man’s unique scent immediately. It was a scent that she was familiar yet unfamiliar with and she blinked in confusion. “I’m so tired. I don’t want to see you again tonight. Quick, disappear!”

The man’s expression darkened.

After putting the tea on the bedside stand, he held onto her slender shoulders to pull her up from the bed.

Xia Yanran leaned her head against the man’s shoulders. She looked around, before she looked up to stare at the man’s well-defined but tense jawline.

Whether it was reality or a hallucination, she didn’t know anymore. However, in this moment, she felt extremely happy to be able to lean on his shoulders.

Her eyes couldn’t help but turn red.

Xiao Yi looked down at her. “Do you still dare to cry?”

Xia Yanran puffed up her cheeks. “I didn’t cry. See, my tears haven’t fallen.” She reached out to touch her own face.

Xiao Yi was too lazy to talk crap to her anymore as he fed her the tea. “Drink it.”

Xia Yanran was forced to drink a mouthful of tea and she furrowed her eyebrows immediately. “It’s not nice.”

She pushed him away, before she fell onto the bed softly, muttering, “I want to sleep already, I’m so tired. Even when I’m dreaming, Xiao Yi is still so fierce.”