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Chapter 1162: She Got into His Car

It turned out that with a change of status, a person’s aura and temperament would also change.

Before, there was an evilness in his eyes and his gaze was sharp and cold. From time to time, there would be a murderous look in them and at one glance, one would feel that he was not someone to be trifled with and was wild and cold.

But now, he had one hand in his pants pocket, the other holding a glass of champagne and was chatting with the Marquis and his wife. There was a steady and reserved smile on his face and he looked a little more elegant and noble.

Xia Yanran felt like her heart was scratched by a cat.

Never before had she felt that he was so far away from herself.

She did not know if her gaze was too heated, but the man who was talking to the Marquis and his wife suddenly tilted his head and looked at her over the crowds.

Their eyes met in mid-air.

His dark eyes stopped at her face calmly and after a few seconds, he looked away and continued his chat.

Xia Yanran lowered her long eyelashes.

A young guest approached Xia Yanran and Xia Yanran politely exchanged a few words with him before walking to the corner.

She drank two glasses of wine alone.

After Xia Mo circled around, she came to Xia Yanran. “Sister Yanran, Uncle Xiao is here too. You saw him, right?”

Xia Yanran hummed in acknowledgement.

“He seems quite popular. Look, many socialites are secretly looking at him.” Xia Mo swept her gaze around.

Xia Yanran had long noticed it.

Even when he was still in the mafia, many women had always liked him. Not to mention with his current status. Moreover, he was handsome and charming.

‘Sister Yanran, if you do something, I think Uncle Xiao won’t be able to escape from their clutches.”

Xia Yanran pursed her lips.

After talking with Nan Zhi, Xia Yanran had understood a lot of inconsistencies. She really wanted to find Xiao Yi to ask him about some things.

“Momo, I’ll be going to the back garden later. Help me tell Xiao Yi that I’ll be waiting for him at the spot where he was earlier.”

Xia Mo’s eyes were shining when she heard that Xia Yanran was going to take the initiative. “Okay, okay!”

Although she was sweetly in love with Junyuan after coming to S Country, she was still paying attention to Sister Yanran and Uncle Xiao’s relationship problems.

They shouldn’t end up breaking up!

Xia Yanran went out of the banquet hall and went to the place where Xiao Yi had spoken to the man before. To boost her courage, she drank all the champagne in her glass.

After waiting for nearly ten minutes, Xia Mo ran over breathlessly.

Xia Yanran looked behind Xia Mo and did not see Xiao Yi.

“He doesn’t want to come, does he?”

Xia Mo puffed up her cheeks and said angrily, “I finally found the opportunity to talk to Uncle Xiao and told him that you’re waiting for him here, but he only replied with an ‘I’m busy’.”

Xia Mo thought of Uncle Xiao’s cold expression and was filled with indignation. “Is that still the Uncle Xiao I know? Did he become arrogant and changed after becoming the richest noble in the Capital?”

Xia Yanran thought of how when they had broken up before, it was as though someone had raked their nails over her heart. In the past, he would forgive her as long as she took the initiative or gave him a good feeling.

This time…

The gaze he had when he met her was distant and cold. He was in front of her but there seemed to be a layer of transparent film between them, making her unable to touch him easily.

“Sister Yanran, do you want me to drag Uncle Xiao over by force?”

Xia Yanran shook her head. “It’s fine. I don’t want to force him if he doesn’t want to come.”

Perhaps they had always made up very easily, so before she asked Momo to call Xiao Yi, she had the illusion of being fearless.

As long as she took the first step, he would follow.

But this time it was different.

He did not catch up with her again.

Xia Yanran suddenly regretted what she had done. Why did she give up so easily? Why was she so quick to jump to breaking up?

If she had communicated with him well, things might not have turned out like this!

Xia Yanran and Xia Mo returned to the banquet hall and Xia Yanran sat at the corner of the sofa. Looking at Xiao Yi, who had achieved success one way or another and had taken to it all like a duck took to water, an unspeakable bitterness and loss swept through Xia Yanran’s heart.

Was it only when one lost something completely that one would know how happy and difficult it was to be together?

Xia Yanran ignored Xia Mo’s dissuasion and drank a lot of wine.

Usually she had a good tolerance for alcohol, but today she was feeling down and soon after, her head began to feel heavy and was slightly drunk.

“Sister Yanran, stop drinking. I’ll take you back to the hotel!”

Xia Yanran hummed in agreement.

What was the point in staying? Whenever she saw Xiao Yi talking and laughing with other socialites, she felt like she was suffocating.

Xia Mo stood up and let Nan Zhi know. As Nan Zhi was the host of the banquet and could not leave, she arranged for a chauffeur to take them back.

Soon after, Xia Mo helped Xia Yanran out of the banquet hall. Xia Yanran leaned against Xia Mo, rubbing her temples. “Momo, don’t tell my brother about what happened in the banquet hall. I don’t want him to worry.”

Xia Mo nodded sensibly. “Okay.”

After finding the car sent by Nan Zhi, Xia Mo helped Xia Yanran to the back seat. Xia Yanran had her eyes half closed and suddenly hit her head. “Momo, where’s my handbag?”

Xia Mo then remembered that she had forgotten to take Xia Yanran’s handbag when she was helping her out.

“Sister Yanran, wait a minute and I’ll go back and get it.”

When Xia Mo came back out after rushing back to the banquet hall to take the handbag, she found that Xia Yanran was no longer in the car.

Xia Mo quickly asked the chauffeur.

The chauffeur replied, “That lady left with a Mr Xiao and asked you not to worry.”

A Mr Xiao?

Was it Uncle Xiao?

Xia Mo was still not at ease and she took out her phone, calling Xiao Yi.

Uncle Xiao’s private number was the same as before. The phone rang a few times before it got connected. The man’s low and cold voice sounded from the other end of the line. “Momo.”

Xia Mo could not help feeling slightly angry when she thought of how Uncle Xiao was unwilling to see Sister Yanran at the banquet hall, but now had taken her away. “Uncle Xiao, is Sister Yanran in your car? Where are you taking her? I have to take her back to the hotel.”

Xiao Yi could hear the dissatisfaction in Xia Mo’s tone and he laughed. “She got into the car herself.”

“Sister Yanran’s drunk.”

Xiao Yi did not say anything. He handed his phone to the woman who was leaning her head against the car window. “Tell Xia Mo yourself.”

Xia Yanran’s head was dizzy, but she was not completely irrational. When she heard Xiao Yi’s words, she took the phone and said, her words slightly slurred. “Momo, don’t worry. I just… I just want to ask him something. I’ll go back to the hotel after that. Ask the chauffeur to take you to the hospital first…”

After ending the call with Xia Mo, Xia Yanran returned the phone to Xiao Yi.

She huddled in the corner, frowning and her lips tightly pursed. Her face was flushed red and she looked pitiful.

Xiao Yi sat opposite her, his long legs crossed together and his fingers playing with an e-cigarette.

Taking in a breath, Xia Yanran met his eyes for a few seconds before she mustered up her courage to ask, “You won’t promise to marry the Marquis’s youngest daughter, will you?”