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Chapter 1161: There Are Many Women Who Want to Marry Him

Xiao Yi had another woman?

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows. To be honest, she did not believe that apart from Yanran, Xiao Yi would find another woman.

“Is there some misunderstanding?”

Xia Yanran lowered her eyes. She felt like there was a thorn in her heart when talking about her relationship problems. She was not angry at Xiao Yi, only at herself.

She felt sorry for herself for not being able to get pregnant with Xiao Yi’s child and did not dare to face him.

“If only our problem this time was a misunderstanding. Zhizhi, actually when I went to have a checkup at the Royal Hospital, I found out I wasn’t able to conceive. I didn’t know how to face Xiao Yi and ignored him for some time. He was very good to me and even proposed to me.

“Some stuff happened in between and I said I wanted to break up with him. After that, he got together with a girl who looked like me and that girl is now pregnant with his child.”

Nan Zhi was surprised to hear Xia Yanran’s words. Not only because Xia Yanran was unable to conceive, but also because Xiao Yi let another woman get pregnant with his child!

Looking at Xia Yanran, whose expression had turned slightly dark when mentioning all this, Nan Zhi frowned and was in thought. “Wait a minute, you’re talking about the woman called Yi Ran?”

Xia Yanran nodded. “Yes.”

“From what I know, an assistant under Xiao Yi was sent to jail and seemed to be called Yi Ran. And, Xiao Yi had announced to the public that he’s single, so many members of the Royal family wanted to marry their daughters to Xiao Yi. How could he have made Yi Ran pregnant with his child?”

Xia Yanran’s eyes widened slightly and her long eyelashes fluttered.

Yi Ran was sent to jail by Xiao Yi?

Xiao Yi announced that he was single?

Wild thoughts were running around Xia Yanran’s mind.

She had always been smart, but she had a shortcoming, that was, she liked to steer herself into a dead end. Because she was unable to conceive, she had driven herself to a corner. She could not get out of the dark abyss and had closed herself in tightly.

Because she cared, she was afraid to lose it.

Because she loved deeply, she was afraid to confess.

Thinking back, when she found out that she was unable to conceive, most of the time she was in a state of closing herself in and avoiding the problem.

Oversensitivity, suspiciousness and inferiority dictated all of her feelings. In their relationship, she had never even given him the most basic trust!

If he had seen the note she left and did not want to go to the park to find her, why did he call her after she had returned to Ning City?

Why was he so cold and unhappy when she proposed to break up?

‘Xia Yanran, you need to learn to not always say break up!’

She was in a fog at that time and could not see through his mind. She always felt that he minded that she was unable to conceive, that’s why he did not go to Lotus Garden.

But she had neglected something. That night, besides her and Xiao Yi at home, Tang Chao was also there.

Tang Chao liked Yi Ran and protected her. If Yi Ran had the intention to destroy her relationship with Xiao Yi, would she have asked Tang Chao to take away that note?

The more Xia Yanran thought about it, the more plausible it seemed.

As she closed her eyes, her hands clenched into fists, knocking herself on the head.

Why did she only think of this possibility now?

Nan Zhi looked at the change in Xia Yanran’s expression and pulled Xia Yanran’s hand away from her head, saying gently, “Yanran, don’t blame yourself too much. It’s a woman’s nature to overthink. Besides, it was understandable for your EQ to plummet when you felt that you’re unable to have children for Xiao Yi.”

Xia Yanran sniffed. “Although I still have many doubts, I suddenly understood something. Xiao Yi couldn’t have gotten involved with a substitute just because I proposed to break up.”

What kind of person was he? Being involved in a bloody and scheming world, what kind of things had he not experienced?

There should be many women who wanted to climb into his bed, but had they succeeded?

As long as he didn’t want to, even if he was drunk or drugged, he would not touch those women!

And she believed Yi Ran’s words.

The child in Yi Ran’s stomach must be another man’s!

Nan Zhi saw that Xia Yanran had thought through quite a few things and she smiled slightly, patting Xia Yanran’s arm lightly. “It’s good that you’ve thought it through. When you encounter something in the future, the two of you should communicate and discuss more.”

Xia Yanran gave a bitter laugh. “I’ve probably worn out his feelings for me. I don’t know if we have a chance to be together again.”

A guest came to look for Nan Zhi and Nan Zhi looked at Xia Yanran. “If you want to be with him for the rest of your life, then muster up your courage. Go and find him.”

After Nan Zhi went to talk with the other guests, Xia Yanran circled around the banquet hall. Her eyes were searching around, and she looked at all directions and corners from time to time.

There were too many guests who attended the banquet. Maybe Xiao Yi did not come after all. Xia Yanran could not find him.

After a while, she was sure that he did not come.

Xia Yanran took a glass of champagne and went to the back garden. She had walked for a moment when she suddenly saw a familiar figure.

The man was very tall. He was wearing an impeccable black suit and was talking to a man. She did not know what the man said, but Xiao Yi raised his wine glass at him.

Xia Yanran’s heart skipped a beat.

He was able to blend in no matter what the occasion was. Looking at his appearance now, one could hardly tell that he used to be a big boss of the mafia.

Instead of continuing forward, Xia Yanran turned, going back to the banquet hall and went to the washroom. Washrooms had always been the birthplace of all kinds of gossip.

When she was about to leave the cubicle, she heard two socialites discussing softly…

“Did you hear about it? The Marquis is planning to marry his youngest daughter to the newly started businessman, Mr Xiao.”

“The Marquis was formerly with the Prince. After the Prince’s treason, the King weakened the Marquis’s power. Now the Marquis only has the title and was not as good as before in all aspects. The Marquis is also a shrewd man. Now that Mr Xiao has become the richest new noble in the Capital, he would naturally gain some benefits, marrying his daughter over!”

“It’s a win-win situation. Although Mr Xiao is rich, getting involved with the aristocrats, his status will also be improved.”

“I heard that the Marquis’s daughter is quite beautiful. Previously, the Marquis planned to marry her into the Prince’s family, but the Shangguan’s eldest daughter got the advantage…”

The voices gradually faded away. Xia Yanran pushed open the cubicle door and came out, not looking too good.

Yi Ran had just exited, what, now the Marquis’s daughter was coming into the scene?

Xia Yanran washed her hands and hurried out of the washroom.

She thought that Xiao Yi was still talking to the person in the back garden, but he had gone into the banquet hall and was talking to a couple with a beautiful young girl beside them.

Xia Yanran stood frozen on the spot, her gaze on Xiao Yi. He was wearing a tailor-made suit, a white shirt with a straight collar inside. His figure was tall and straight, his facial features handsome and cold. Under the bright lights, the outline of his face was smooth and exquisite, making it difficult to look away from him.