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Chapter 1160: Banquet

The bodyguards were tall and one could tell at one glance that they knew martial arts. Manager Xu struggled for a while and could not break free.

“Who are you? What are you doing in public? Do you know who I am? I’m the manager of this shopping mall. Let go of me!”

The bodyguards ignored Manager Xu’s orders and Manager Xu glared at the two security officers. “Are you two dead? Why aren’t you helping me?”

Manager Xu’s line of sight was blocked by the two tall bodyguards and did not see the group of people looking over from a distance.

On the other hand, the security officers could see clearly. It was the new boss of the shopping mall.

These bodyguards were also the new boss’s.

How could they do anything?

The lady boss had already found the evidence of Manager Xu’s affair from Xiaojun’s phone. Xiaojun had taken a lot of private photos of her and Manager Xu when Manager Xu was asleep.

It made her feel so disgusted!

“Xu Weishan, wait for me to sue you for divorce!”

The lady boss held Xiaojun’s phone tightly and glared at Xiaojun, her eyes red and she could not help slapping Xiaojun ruthlessly. “Sl*t, just you wait for your reputation to be destroyed!”

Xiaojun got down on her knees. “Lady Boss, it was Manager Xu who expressed interest in me first. I didn’t mean to destroy your family…”

The lady boss shook away Xiaojun’s hand, turned and walked towards Xia Yanran.

She held Xia Yanran’s hands, her eyes full of gratitude. “It’s all thanks to you today. Although I don’t know how you found out, you helped me get rid of this scumbag. Pick anything you like later in the store and I won’t charge a thing.”

Xia Yanran smiled and shook her head. “You don’t have to be so polite, Lady Boss.”

They exchanged contact details. The lady boss was in a rush to find a divorce lawyer. Before she left, she turned and looked at Xia Yanran again.

She felt a sense of familiarity, as if she had seen her before somewhere.

After the lady boss left, Xia Yanran and Xia Mo also turned to leave. Xia Yanran was about to get into the elevator when she saw a familiar figure.

It was Xiao Yi!

He was dressed in a tailored black suit, his hair neat and there were several men following behind him. It seemed like he was inspecting the mall.

As the elevator went down, his figure became more and more distant from her sight.

Xia Yanran suppressed the bitterness in her heart. The distance between her and Xiao Yi seemed to be getting bigger and bigger!

When they got out of the elevator, Xia Mo could not help asking, “Sister Yanran, you’re really observant. If you didn’t say it, I wouldn’t have known that the staff was Manager Xu’s mistress.”

Xia Yanran raised her hand and brushed back the strands of long hair by her cheek. “Although she’s a staff of the mall, she was so pompous and was not afraid of offending customers at all. It must be because there was someone supporting her from behind. What’s more…” Xia Yanran smiled. “I noticed that her fingernails were exquisitely manicured, but there was only one finger with a short nail.

“Why would a person who took care of her nails only cut that one nail short? She must have accidentally broken it. When Manager Xu came, I saw that there was a red streak at the back of his neck. It must have been scratched by a woman’s nail.”

“But wasn’t Manager Xu very fond of his mistress? Why did he let her scratch him?”

“There’s a type of man who always wants to have affairs outside while keeping their marriage stable. Manager Xu was still wearing his wedding ring which shows that he didn’t want to divorce. He was just playing around with those women outside.”

“Scum, what a scumbag!” Xia Mo was furious.

When Xia Yanran and Xia Mo were about to leave the mall, someone called out to them suddenly.

It was the other staff member from that clothing store. She came over with two bags. “Miss, our Lady Boss called and said you helped her a lot. Not only is she going to treat you to a meal, she also gave you two sets of gowns.”

Xia Yanran and Xia Mo looked and the beautiful gown, that had an eight figure price tag, was in one of the bags.

Xia Yanran quickly shook her head. “No, it’s too expensive. I’ll thank your lady boss for her kindness, but we won’t accept these gowns.”

“Please accept it. Actually, someone has already paid for the gowns.”

Xia Mo’s eyes widened. “Who’s such a nouveau riche?”

A thought flashed past Xia Yanran’s mind and her heart skipped a beat.

Could it be Xiao Yi?

Other than him, there seemed to be no one else who would give her such an expensive gown.

But, why did he give her such an expensive thing?

“I’m sorry, it’s too expensive. We really can’t accept it.” Xia Yanran pulled Xia Mo’s hand and quickly left the mall.

In the office at the top level of the mall, the staff who had given Xia Yanran and Xia Mo the gowns, knocked on the door carefully and went in.

Xiao Yi sat behind the big desk and seeing the staff bringing back the two bags, he did not look too surprised.

After all, Xia Yanran had always been like this. When they had broken up, she would not accept luxury items given by people and would not give people any unnecessary thoughts.

“CEO Xiao, the two ladies refused to accept it.”

Xiao Yi twirled the pen in his hand and laughed. “Put it down!”

The staff member breathed a sigh of relief.

After the staff member went out, Xiao Yi called in the person in charge of the mall.

His well-defined handsome face was tense and looked cold and fierce. “How did Xu Weishan become the mall manager? This makes me doubt your standards and abilities.”

The person in charge wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. “He’s a senior staff of the mall and worked his way from the bottom. His abilities were indeed good before, but after being promoted, he drifted away slightly. Because he is a senior staff member, I had reminded him several times, but not only did he not change, he even caused a scene today. CEO Xiao, you can rest assured that I’ll dismiss him!”

Xiao Yi waved his hand. “Take care of it quickly. You can leave.”

Xia Yanran and Xia Mo went to another mall and bought their gowns.

Because Nan Zhi was present in the palace banquet tonight, no one dared to be against Xia Yanran and Xia Mo.

After Nan Zhi became the queen, she was naturally popular and was constantly greeted by people. She wore a white, diamond studded evening gown, and was entertaining people gracefully. She was only getting more and more noble and elegant.

Xia Mo had never attended a palace banquet before and everything was new to her.

“Sister Yanran, I want to look around.”

“Don’t go too far away.”

Xia Mo nodded. “Okay.”

Nan Zhi saw Xia Yanran, and after letting the guest in front of her know, she went to look for Xia Yanran.

When Nan Zhi was walking towards Xia Yanran, many guests greeted Nan Zhi and Nan Zhi had no airs. When people greeted her, she would smile and nod in her greeting.

With her outstanding appearance, graceful posture and noble temperament, her every move was eye-catching. If she was not married, she would definitely have many pursuers.

Nan Zhi came up to Xia Yanran and smiled, touching their glasses together. “Many business bigwigs were invited today and Xiao Yi will be coming later.”

Xia Yanran thought of Xiao Yi’s status now and she nodded. It wasn’t surprising.

Nan Zhi stared at Xia Yanran for a few seconds. “Yanran, when he comes, just say what’s on your mind. The two of you have gone through so much, so don’t give up so easily.”

“Zhizhi, Xiao Yi has another woman by his side.”