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Chapter 1159: Looking at Her From a Distance

Xiao Yi had come to do an inspection of the shopping mall and did not inform the higher ups. He only brought along some elders the Old Madam had trusted and Xiao Feng, who had recently been acting as his chauffeur.

Xiao Feng looked at the cold man beside him and could not help saying softly, “Brother Xiao, Sister-in-law seems to be in trouble!” They were a distance away so they did not know what had happened. They only saw Xia Yanran rushing over and slap the staff member twice.

Pressing his lips into a thin line, Xiao Yi did not say anything. But Xiao Feng smacked his lips together. “She’s indeed my sister-in-law. This fierceness is just right!”

Xiao Yi glanced at Xiao Feng with an expressionless face. “You talk a lot.”

As Xiao Yi turned to leave, Xiao Feng caught up to him. “Brother Xiao, you’re not going to help Sister-in-law? The manager has brought security over and it seems Sister-in-law is in a bad situation!”

“Let’s just watch first.”

Several executives who were behind Xiao Yi, did not hear what Xiao Yi and Xiao Feng were talking about. Seeing that someone was creating trouble in the store downstairs, they wanted to go over and take a look, but Xiao Yi stopped them. “Don’t go, we will just observe from here.”


If someone spread news that there were people making trouble in this kind of international brand shopping mall to the internet, the reputation of the shopping mall and the interests of the corporation would be affected!

However, the new successor was resolute. He suppressed several old elders who did not submit to him and so those behind him dared not say a word.

“Manager Xu, catch these two troublesome b*tches quickly.” The staff member, who was slapped by Xia Yanran, ran out with tears swimming in her eyes.

Like that, Xia Yanran and Xia Mo were stopped by Manager Xu and the two security officers.

When Xia Yanran glanced at the charming looking Manager Xu, she frowned slightly when her gaze landed on his left ring finger.

“What’s going on?” Manager Xu asked authoritatively.

The staff wiped at the pitifully scarce tears at the corner of her eyes and pointed at her red and swollen face. “They couldn’t afford the treasure of our shop and I just muttered a few words when one of them pulled at my hair and the other slapped my face. Look at how badly I’ve been beaten.”

Manager Xu’s expression turned dark. “This is ludicrous. We’re a high-end shopping mall, this is not a place anyone can come and create trouble! Security, take them both to the police station!”

When Xia Mo heard that they were really going to be taken to the police station, she held Xia Yanran’s arm. “Sister Yanran, what should we do?”

Xia Yanran saw a figure coming towards her from the corner of her eye. “Hold on. Not only do we not have to go to the police station, we’re going to be honored as VIPs later.”

Xia Mo blinked, not understanding what Xia Yanran meant.

“What’s going on?”

Xia Mo’s eyes widened when she saw a woman coming over. Wasn’t this woman the one who was talking on the phone and crying in the washroom just now?

The staff member told her what happened in a pitiful manner. The woman’s gaze then landed on Manager Xu. “There must be some mistake. Sending two girls to the police station is a bit much.”

“You’re the lady boss of this shop. Your staff member has been hit. Are you sure you want to speak for the two customers who beat up your staff?” Manager Xu looked at the woman, his eyes looking slightly irritated.

“You are more than aware that customers are Gods. Xu Weishan, don’t always look down on people. Because of your management style, look at how all the staff in the mall turned out?”

“It’s not your position to talk about my management style. Because of you, on the other hand, the performance of this store is getting worse. I think it won’t be long before you’ll lose the qualification to stay in this mall.”

“You…” The woman was furious when she heard Manager Xu’s words.

“Manager Xu, don’t quarrel with the Lady Boss because of this. I won’t pursue this anymore, just let the two customers leave!”

Manager Xu looked at the staff who was pleading pitifully, and a trace of heartache flashed past his eyes. He looked at the lady boss with a dark expression and told the security officers behind, “What are you doing? Aren’t you going to take them away?”

The security officers came over and restrained Xia Yanran and Xia Mo.

Who did they think they were? Xia Yanran pushed the security officer away and shielded Xia Mo behind her, looking at the lady boss, calm and unmoved. “This Manager Xu is your husband, right?”

The lady boss looked at Xia Yanran and frowned when she thought of how they had met earlier in the washroom. “Yes.”

“Is what you said earlier your real thoughts? If it is, I can help you find that person.”

The lady boss’s eyes turned bright. “You can?”


Manager Xu and the staff did not understand what they were talking about. Manager Xu was busy with work so he had no energy to waste on two unknown customers. He shot a look towards the security officers. “Why are you still standing there?”

The security officers stepped forward again, but before they could get near to Xia Yanran, the lady boss had stepped in front of Xia Yanran. She turned and looked at Xia Yanran. “Are you sure you can find that person?”


“Okay, tell me.”

Xia Yanran pointed at the staff beside Manager Xu. “It’s her.”

“Xiaojun? Impossible. She usually didn’t say more than two sentences to Xu Weishan.”

Manager Xu and that staff named Xiaojun looked at the lady boss and Xia Yanran. “What on earth are you talking about?”

Xia Yanran walked out from behind the lady boss and looked at the staff member. “I’m saying that you’re Manager Xu’s mistress.”

The staff member and Manager Xu’s expression changed. “What nonsense are you spewing out?”

Xia Yanran ignored them and looked at the lady boss beside her. “There’s a necklace around Staff Xiaojun’s neck with a newly released ring from H & G on it. If I remember correctly, there’s a distinguishing feature to H & G’s rings, there will be an abbreviation of the lovers’ name engraved on it.”

The lady boss nodded. When she married Xu Weishan, the abbreviation of their names was engraved on their rings.

The lady boss looked sharply at Xiaojun and Xiaojun covered her chest subconsciously. The lady boss strode over with big steps and before Xiaojun could react, she pulled out the necklace hidden in Xiaojun’s clothes. Sure enough, there was a ring on it.

The lady boss pulled the ring out and laughed mockingly when she saw the abbreviation engraved inside. “So that little b*tch is you.”

“Lady Boss, it’s just a ring. How can you be sure I’m the mistress? This was given to me by my boyfriend and there’s a ‘shan’ word in my boyfriend’s name too. It has nothing to do with Manager Xu.”

Manager Xu came over and pulled the lady boss away. “How much longer are you going to be so unreasonable? I don’t even speak much to your staff. How can you believe the words of an outsider and accuse her?”

Xia Yanran had long expected that this cheating couple would not admit and she said coldly, “Lady Boss, with the showy and jealous nature of your staff member, the evidence you’re looking for is probably hidden in her phone.”

Seemingly enlightened by Xia Yanran’s words, the lady boss and she asked the other staff to bring Xiaojun’s phone over. She raised Xiaojun’s hand and pressed the unlock key.

Xiaojun was pale with fear and wanted to snatch her phone back, but the lady boss was fierce and pushed her into the arms of Manager Xu.

When Manager Xu saw Xiaojun’s expression, he guessed that there must really be something really shameless in her phone. Pushing Xiaojun away, Manager Xu wanted to take the phone from the lady boss’s hand, but at this moment, two tall bodyguards in black came over, seizing the man’s hands.