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Chapter 1158: She Came Up to Her And Slapped Her Twice

During her stay, Nan Zhi had arranged for Xia Yanran to stay at the presidential suite of the hotel. Xia Yanran would always bring food she had cooked to the hospital.

When she arrived at the hospital, there were two nurses standing outside the door of Junyuan’s ward.

The nurses were giggling secretly.

Xia Yanran went over. “What are you looking at?”

Junyuan was staying in the VIP ward of the Royal Hospital. There was a living room and a room. When standing at the door of the ward, one could not see the patient in the room.

The nurses saw that Xia Yanran had arrived and said with a smile, “Last night when we were going our rounds, we saw Doctor Xia and Miss Xia kissing when we went into the ward. We want to go in now to do our checks, but we’re afraid we’ll see that scene and disturb them.”

When Xia Yanran heard this, the corners of her lips could not help lifting up.

Her brother had finally slept in the same bed with Momo! Actually, the bed in the VIP ward was not small, but her brother had never let Momo sleep with him.

Her brother was a real gentleman. But now it seemed like he was still unable to resist Momo’s charms!

It was good that although they had not known each other for long, they were preparing to get married.

“Why are you standing here?” Xia Mo had opened the door of the ward and seeing the nurses and Xia Yanran, she seemed to have understood something from their gazes and her face turned red. “I-I…” Not knowing what to say, she covered her face and ran into the ward.

Ah! How embarrassing!

Xia Yanran coughed lightly and said to the nurses, “When you go in later, just pretend that you saw nothing last night. My sister-in-law is embarrassed.”

“We understand.”

Xia Yanran took the breakfast into the ward and Junyuan had just came out of the bathroom after freshening up. He looked fresh, gentle and handsome, and his complexion was better than usual.

It seemed like Momo had contributed a lot to it.

After breakfast, Xia Yanran said to Xia Mo, “Momo, didn’t you say the other time you wanted to see what the palace banquet looks like? I received a message from Zhizhi last night after returning to the hotel and there will be a small banquet tonight at the palace. I heard that the guests are members of the Royal family and business celebrities. Do you want to go and take a look?”

Xia Mo nodded and then shook her head, her deer-like clear eyes looking at Junyuan. Junyuan smiled gently at her.

“Just go if you want to.”

“But I promised you…”

Junyuan had guessed what Xia Mo was going to say and his ears turned hot. “It’s fine. We still have a long way ahead.”

When attending a banquet at the palace, one should naturally be dressed up in an evening gown!

In the morning, Xia Yanran and Xia Mo went to the largest international brand store in the Capital. They walked around and went to the washroom. They accidentally overhead a woman in the cubicle talking on the phone and crying.

“He married me because he was eyeing the inheritance my family left for me. I took that money and came to the Capital with him to start a business. Now that he has become the manager of the shopping mall, he started to have a mistress outside. A few days ago, he came back in the middle of the night and I found a lipstick mark on his shirt collar… I checked, but didn’t find out who the mistress was.

“I want to divorce him now, but we made an agreement before getting married. Whoever asks for a divorce first would have to leave the marriage with nothing!

“I can’t find any evidence of him having an affair, and I can’t accept it if I were to leave the marriage with nothing…”

Xia Yanran and Xia Mo looked at each other. The woman came out of the cubicle after the call and stood in front of the sink to wash her hands. Seeing Xia Yanran and Xia Mo, she walked out in a hurry.

After the woman left, Xia Mo whispered, “That woman just now is so pitiful.”

Xia Yanran sighed. “These scumbags should really die.”

They expressed their regrets and commiseration over the woman’s plight and went out of the washroom, going into an international flagship store.

The staff swept her eyes over Xia Yanran and Xia Mo like laser beams. They were faces who were not the known rich and affluent ladies they were familiar with.

The enthusiasm to serve them halved in the blink of an eye.

Xia Yanran and Xia Mo did not care about the staff’s somewhat condescending expressions gaze and carefully made their selections.

Grabbing onto Xia Yanran’s hand, Xia Mo’s lips curved into a grin when she saw one of the dark green evening gown. “Sister Yanran, you’ll definitely look good in this one.”

Xia Yanran also liked it and she said to the indifferent staff, “Can I try this?”

The staff leered at Xia Yanran. “The price for this piece is at an eight figure mark. It’s the treasure of our shop and you’ll have to buy it after trying it on. Are you sure you want to try it?”

The staff looked at Xia Yanran with a gaze that was practically screaming ‘don’t try if you can’t afford it’.

Xia Yanran’s heart jolted. She had not expected that this evening gown would be so expensive. Even Xia Mo, who had grown up in the Huo family, was stunned.

Why was it so expensive?

The staff saw that both Xia Yanran and Xia Mo were shocked and she blew at her exquisitely manicured fingernails. They were a high-end dress store and usually served important and respected guests. So she felt that she was superior to these common folk.

Lifting her lips into a mocking smile, she continued, “This gown has to be bought together with the matching handbag. The handbag costs 2 million and 600 thousand dollars. If you can afford it, I’ll take the dress down and you may try it.”

Nevertheless, it was clear from her gaze on Xia Yanran and Xia Mo that she was looking down on them. Xia Yanran had already passed the age of acting rashly and picking fights with inconsequential people. It was true she could not afford such an expensive dress anyway.

“You don’t have to take it down. We’re not trying it.” Xia Yanran pulled Xia Mo out of the store.

“Ha, country bumpkins,” the staff member sneered.

Xia Yanran frowned and she turned to look at the staff. “What did you just say?”

Seeing Xia Yanran’s cold expression, the staff was stunned for a moment before she bent over and laughed. “Was I wrong to call you country bumpkins? What place is this? Didn’t you look at your statuses before coming in? If you can’t afford it you can go to a smaller shopping mall. Do you want to be respected when you look so poor and unsightly?”

Xia Yanran narrowed her eyes slightly. When the staff bent over, she found that the thing around the staff’s neck looked familiar.

Xia Mo had never seen a member of staff who was so stuck up. Where did she get the courage to humiliate her customers? Xia Mo rolled up her sleeves and walked towards the staff angrily.

When the staff saw Xia Mo rushing towards her, she reminded another staff member sitting in front of the cash register, “Call the mall manager quickly and ask him to bring security over. There are two crazy women making trouble!”

Xia Mo came up to the staff and grabbed her hair. “Apologize.”

The staff member shook away Xia Mo’s hand that was grabbing her hair. “How dare you make trouble here, just you wait!”

Just as Xia Mo wanted to say something, Xia Yanran came over and slapped the staff on the face twice. Xia Mo looked at Xia Yanran, dumbfounded. “Sister Yanran, you’re so fierce.”

“Since we’re going to create a ruckus, it’s a waste not to slap her.”

The staff was stunned after being slapped and when she regained her senses, Xia Yanran and Xia Mo had already walked to the door. She chased after them and just then, the mall manager rushed over with two security officers.

No one noticed that there were several men in suits standing on the third level opposite.