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Chapter 1156: He Wanted to Spend All His Life with Her

Xiao Feng was driving it and seeing Xia Yanran standing under the tree by the gate, he stopped the car.

The car window was lowered down and Xiao Feng’s clean and handsome face appeared. “Sister-in-law…”

When Xiao Yi, who was sitting in the front passenger seat with a tired expression, heard Xiao Feng calling her, he opened his eyes slightly and looked out of the window.

From her position not too far away, Xia Yanran paused when she saw Xiao Feng, and came over with a slightly embarrassed look. Seeing her, Xiao Yi looked away and there was no expression on his well-defined face.

Xia Yanran stood by the window and the corner of her eye swept towards Xiao Yi. He looked haggard and thin, his expression cold and serious.

Seeing that he was all right, Xia Yanran breathed a sigh of relief.

“Sister-in-law, why are you here…” Before Xiao Feng could finish, Xiao Yi shot a cold glare at him.

Xia Yanran did not miss Xiao Yi’s sharp gaze and there was a bitterness in her heart. She said with a slightly hoarse voice, “Don’t call me sister-in-law anymore, call me Yanran! I passed by and heard that there was an explosion last night so I came to take a look.”

Without waiting for Xiao Feng to say anything, Xia Yanran waved her hand at Xiao Feng. “Go ahead if you have something on. I have to go too.”

Xiao Feng saw Xia Yanran turning to leave and wanted to give her a ride, but when he thought that they were going to visit Tang Chao at the hospital, he said goodbye to her and drove away.

After driving a distance away, Xiao Feng could not help looking at the expressionless man beside him. He asked, “Brother Xiao, I can see that Sister-in-law still has you in her heart. Why don’t you take this opportunity to explain to her clearly so you can reconcile with her?”

As Xiao Yi’s tall body leaned against the seat, his eyes were slightly closed and he said hoarsely, “Do you know how many times she has asked to break up with me? I know she has her difficulties, but I don’t like her attitude of wanting to break up with me when she meets with the problems.”

Xiao Feng frowned. “Don’t you want to make up with her?”

“At least I won’t reconcile with her that easily, that’ll teach her!”

When he was still in the mafia, he was helpless in many things. When she said she wanted to leave him, he also did not want to implicate her and just let her be.

After so many years, they had separated and gotten back together too many times. He never thought that they would break up again after she went to look for him in Bardahl.

But she still did.

Although he knew that she felt aggrieved and upset about being unable to get pregnant, was afraid that he would ignore her and thought about a lot of things, why couldn’t she open up and talk to him?

Perhaps when she left the apartment in B City, she had left some message for him, but if she had said it to him face to face, wouldn’t there be no misunderstandings?

Thinking about how when he went to pick Yi Ran up at the hospital in Ning City, Xia Yanran was standing there looking upset. Yi Ran must have told Xia Yanran about her being pregnant!

Why couldn’t she trust him more? Was he the kind of scum who would allow other women to take advantage of him and even cause someone to get pregnant?

Even if he told her now that he didn’t mind having no children, she might be happy for a bit, but over time, she would still feel sensitive and inferior about it.

He must make her understand that children were just secondary. The most important thing was that they could spend their life together, have mutual trust and tolerance for each other!

That was the only way their relationship would last.

After seeing him that time, Xia Yanran did not find Xiao Yi again and she read all the news about him from the newspapers or her phone.

Now that he had become the successor of the Old Madam, all the media were scrambling to report about him. But he was rather low-key and had never accepted an exclusive interview from the media.

Because of this, Xia Yanran received a task from the CEO of the magazine company.

“Yanran, aren’t you at the capital of S Country? You’ve heard the news recently about Xiao Yi, haven’t you? Now that his status has risen, this topic is very popular. I’ll give you another week off, try to do an interview with him. I’ll hand over this arduous task to you!”

Before Xia Yanran could say anything, she heard the CEO say, “I believe in your ability, you can do it. I’ll wait for your good news!”

Looking at the phone that was already hung up, Xia Yanran was incredulous for some time.

It was really an arduous task!

If the CEO knew that Xiao Yi was her boyfriend before and it was her who proposed to break up, his jaw would drop open in shock!

Forget it, there was still a week. She would think about how to interview him tomorrow!

Or, would he accept her interview since they had a past relationship? If she really could not get an interview with him, she believed the CEO would understand!

Although she was unlucky in love, Xia Yanran’s mood was cheerful seeing her brother and Momo being so loving together.

Her brother’s operation was very successful. A week after removing the stitches, he could return to Ning City.

She heard that after going back, her brother planned to visit the elders of the Huo family who had raised Momo. If he could get their consent, they intended to register for their marriage.

Looking at their speed, Xia Yanran couldn’t help but feel impressed. This was almost considered a flash marriage!

“Xiaomo, go back to the hotel with Yanran tonight. You don’t have to sleep here every night.”

“You still can’t exert your wrist. If I’m not here, what if you want to drink water?”

Junyuan laughed gently. “Don’t I still have my left hand?”

“I-I’m just worried.”

Xia Yanran was sitting on the sofa looking at her phone, and she could not help laughing when she heard their conversation. “Brother, if you ask Momo to go back to the hotel with me, she would be sleepless at night. With you by Momo’s side, I think she will be happy even if she’s sleeping on the extra bed!”

Xia Mo’s face turned a beet red. “Sister Yanran, you’re making fun of me again.”

“It’s getting late, I’d better go back to the hotel and not play the light bulb between the two of you.”

“No, you won’t!”

Xia Yanran got up from the sofa. “The CEO of the magazine company arranged work for me and I have to go back and sort it out.”

When Xia Mo heard her words, she nodded. “Be careful on the road.”

“I know, Sister-in-law.”

Xia Mo was grinning from ear to ear hearing Xia Yanran calling her ‘sister-in-law’.

After Xia Yanran left, Xia Mo’s smile was still on her lips and looking at her youthful and energetic appearance, Junyuan touched her head. “Have you been in contact with Xiao Yi recently?”

Xia Mo immediately understood that the doctor wanted to find out about Uncle Xiao’s relationship problems.

“Uncle Xiao has now become the most popular newly-started businessman in S Country. He’s so busy and whenever I call him, he doesn’t even pick up. I’m planning to visit him tomorrow.”

Junyuan held Xia Mo’s hand. “Don’t go yet, let Yanran weigh the options and solve it herself!”

Before Xia Mo could say anything, a saint-like man walked in. Xia Mo stood up and greeted him with a bright smile. “Miracle Doctor Bai.”

“I came to check on Doctor Xia. I’ll leave after that and not interrupt the both of you being so sweetly in love.”

Now another person who was teasing them.

Bai Ye examined Junyuan and seeing that his wound was healing well after the operation, he left soon after.

Xia Mo went downstairs with him.

After she returned to the ward, looking at Junyuan, whose expression was dark, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“After Miracle Doctor Bai came in, you looked at him three times. If you met Bai Ye first, would you have fallen in love with him at first sight?”

Xia Mo was speechless.