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Chapter 1155: The Punishment She Deserved

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Without any further thought, Xiao Yi went downstairs. The room he stayed in was by the backyard and the courtyard had been blown up completely.

Nothing else was in his mind as he rushed into the fire, not caring about anything else.

After circling around, he still did not find Tang Chao.

Xiao Feng also brought his men down. “Everyone, help find him.”

Finally, they found Tang Chao leaning amongst the branches of an old tree that had been blown up in half. Fortunately, when he fell down with Ku Li, he was stuck on a branch.

Ku Li landed first and the explosion happened.

Although Tang Chao was conscious, his situation was not much better. His shirt was stained with blood, his face beyond recognition. He broke an arm and was laying there, dying.

Xiao Yi’s heart felt miserable.

Why were the people around him always being implicated because of him?

First it was Junyuan, now it was Tang Chao.

Xiao Yi was trembling all over. His teeth were chattering and his bloodshot eyes were almost popping out of their sockets.

“Tang Chao, Tang Chao!” He shouted hoarsely, over and over again like a trapped animal.

Xiao Feng looked at Tang Chao and also could not help shivering even though he was used to looking at bloodshed.

He pulled Xiao Yi and said hurriedly, “Brother Xiao, you can’t touch him now. We have to call for an ambulance right away. Perhaps there’s still hope of survival!”

Xiao Yi immediately reacted and nodded. “Quick, call an ambulance!”

Meanwhile, Yi Ran was locked in the room by the bodyguard for almost a night.

With her eyes blindfolded and her mouth stuffed full of dirty socks, she could not see the situation outside and could not speak. She could hear Xiao Yi’s roars and also the sound of the ambulance wailing in the background. But she did not know who went into the ambulance.

A feeling of uneasiness grew within Yi Ran. After a few hours, she could not resist the fatigue in her body and slept.

When she woke up, the sun was shining brightly in the sky. The socks covering her eyes were pulled off and she regained her sight.

When Yi Ran saw Xiao Yi, who had blood on his body, walking in with cold air exuding from his body, a shiver went down her spine.

Xiao Yi stood in front of Yi Ran, a murderous look in his eyes. “Tang Chao is in a coma and has lost his arm. Are you satisfied?”

Tang Chao was not killed?

Yi Ran’s pupils constricted and she wanted to say something, but her mouth was blocked so she could not speak at all.

Xiao Yi shot a look at the bodyguard behind him and the bodyguard took out the smelly sock stuffed in Yi Ran’s mouth. Yi Ran breathed in fresh air and could not help retching.

After the swirling in her stomach receded, she looked at Xiao Yi with tears running down her face. “Brother Xiao Yi, you can’t do this to me. If I wanted you dead, I would have poisoned you. I didn’t want to hypnotize Tang Chao at first, but he overheard something he shouldn’t have and was about to tell you. It was Ku Li, he forced me to…”

Before Yi Ran could finish, her face was stepped on by Xiao Yi’s leather shoe. Yi Ran fell to the ground and her delicate skin was broken by his hard leather shoe.

Yi Ran begged, her voice coming out in fragmented sobs. “I-It hurts. Brother Xiao Yi, I-I’m pregnant with your child, you can’t hurt me like this… Please, for the sake of our child, let me give birth to the child first…”

“Child?” There was a cold and murderous air coming out from Xiao Yi. A dark smirk crossed his features, making him look like the grim reaper. “What, you think I’d touch you?”

Yi Ran’s eyes widened and she glared at Xiao Yi incredulously. “What do you mean? That night at the hot springs resort, you slept with me. Are you trying to deny it now that I’m pregnant with your child?”

Xiao Yi retracted the foot that was on Yi Ran’s face. He clapped his hands once and Xiao Feng came in. Immediately after, Xiao Yi instructed Xiao Feng to show Yi Ran the video of her having sex with that attendant.

Yi Ran’s face was disfigured by being stepped on roughly by Xiao Yi and it was full of blood. Before she could feel the pain, she was dumbstruck when she saw the video.

Although the light was dim in the video, the man could be seen clearly. From the moment she fell into his arms, until he carried her to the big bed, every scene was clear.

She was very proactive, wrapping her arms around the man’s neck and actively seeking his kiss. She called Brother Xiao Yi’s name again and again, and he wanted her again and again.

Again and again.

Yi Ran felt her stomach turn uncomfortably and she lay on the ground, retching.

Although that man was tall, he was ugly and had a pockmarked face, which turned people off when looking at him.

Yi Ran could not believe that she had slept with such a disgusting thing. Her expression was distorted and her eyes were red, shouting crazily, “N-No, it’s not true! I remember clearly that it was you, Xiao Yi. You were the one who did it with me. This video must be fake!”

Xiao Feng, who had not spoken, could not help bursting into laughter. “You disgusting and cheap woman, are you still talking nonsense? That night I was with Brother Xiao and we watched how you threw yourself at the attendant. Do you think a substitute like you will be able to gain Brother Xiao’s favor? Take a mirror and look at your ugly face first!”

Yi Ran’s chest heaved up and down. “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

At that moment, a security guard came over.

The explosion last night had shocked the security guard, but Xiao Yi was at the hospital and the door was locked. The police did not break into the house because of the Old Madam’s status before she died.

Xiao Yi called the security into the study and listed the offences of Yi Ran. “I hope you can throw her into jail, preferably with those ferocious and evil female criminals who have special hobbies.”

The security knew that Xiao Yi was the Old Madam’s heir and would naturally do as he instructed.

Xiao Yi did not want to end Yi Ran himself. He had already quit the mafia and did not want to stain his hands with blood. But he wanted Yi Ran to feel like she was in a living hell!

When Yi Ran was taken away by the police, she shouted Xiao Yi’s name loudly, but Xiao Yi was in the study and did not come out to even glance at her.

Like that, Yi Ran’s heart was dropped into the depths of an icy abyss, leaving her cold and disappointed.

Xiao Yi was too cruel!

But she still had one more chip. As long as Xiao Yi still cared about Xia Yanran, he would give in to her!

Xia Yanran also learned about the explosion of the Old Madam’s house last night. She did not know what happened, but she heard the explosion was very serious and an ambulance even went there in the middle of the night. She took a taxi there after the operation on Junyuan’s wrist.

The gate of the mansion was closed and was surrounded by the high courtyard walls. It did not look odd from the outside.

Although she was no longer together with Xiao Yi, she was still afraid that something had happened to him.

What had caused the explosion?

There were no neighbors around the Old Madam’s mansion and there was no way to find out what had happened last night.

Xia Yanran stood outside the gate for half an hour. Just as she was about to go to the Crown Palace to ask Nan Zhi about it, the gate of the courtyard was suddenly opened.

A black Lincoln with an extended wheelbase slowly drove out.