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Chapter 1153: Unmasking Him

As the night drew on, the bright moonlight streamed in and fell on a motionless figure on the big bed.

The door was pushed open with a slight click, and two figures came in one after another.

“A man poisoned by the powder will not last two hours. He must already be unconscious now,” one of the shadows spoke, his voice sinister and malicious.

Yi Ran looked at the figure on the bed and felt a pain in her heart.

The man looked at Yi Ran’s expression and his eyes darkened. “Did you not go according to the plan?”

“No, I did.”

The man snorted and pulled out a black pistol from his waist. He handed the pistol to Yi Ran and held Yi Ran’s hand. “Now, shoot him in the heart.”

Yi Ran’s fingers trembled and her eyelashes were fluttering like it was being hit by a storm. “No!”

A menacing look flashed past the man’s eyes. “You didn’t do what I asked you to do.”

“I can’t bear to kill him… I didn’t let Tang Chao poison him, he only put some sleeping pills… Can you give him to me? I’ll take him to an isolated island. He has been hypnotized by me and won’t be a threat anymore… I have his child and I really don’t want the child to be born without a father…”

The man pinched Yi Ran’s face hard, as if he wanted to crush her cheekbone. “You’re too sympathetic! We must get rid of him today or else I’ll kill you too!”

Yi Ran’s body trembled.

She dared not disobey the man’s words and closed her eyes in despair. “If you really want him dead, you shoot him yourself. I can’t do it!”

The man said nothing else. He silenced the pistol and shot the man on the bed with a dark expression.

No sooner said than done, the moment the bullet was fired, another bullet was also shot out and the two bullets collided in mid-air. The bullet that was fired later hit the bullet fired by the man. There was no explosion and after they fused together, they fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

The man and Yi Ran were both dumbfounded.

There weren’t many people in the world who could hit a bullet with another bullet. What was this insanity? Whose shooting skills was so ridiculously good?

The light in the room was turned on.

The dark space was suddenly replaced by a dazzling light and Yi Ran squinted her eyes under the glare.

Xiao Yi, who had been lying motionless on the bed, slowly stood up and in his hand was a small pistol.

That bullet just now was fired by him!

Yi Ran’s pupils constricted and the expression on the man beside her also changed in an instant.

Xiao Yi stood by the bed and looked at the man beside Yi Ran, whose face was exactly the same as him, and a cold, murderous look flashed past his eyes. “So you’re planning to kill me, disguise yourself as me and get the Old Madam’s fortune, aren’t you?”

Yi Ran looked at Xiao Yi in disbelief. W-wasn’t he hypnotized by her?

The man who was disguised as Xiao Yi pointed his pistol at Xiao Yi, but was looking at Yi Ran menacingly. “Didn’t you say that he was under your control?”

Yi Ran’s lips trembled. “He was really hypnotized by me… I-I don’t know why it became like this…”

Xiao Yi’s icy cold voice sounded, “Yi Ran, come over to my side. Don’t be afraid, I’ll get rid of this person for you.”

Yi Ran’s eyes turned wide. What nonsense was Xiao Yi talking about?

When the man disguised as Xiao Yi heard Xiao Yi’s words, he looked into Yi Ran’s eyes with murderous intent. “You betrayed me?”

“I didn’t!” Yi Ran shook her head like a drum-like rattle. “My life was saved by you. I swore that I would never betray you. Please believe me!”

The man then looked at Xiao Yi. “Are you trying to sow discord between me and Yi Ran? I’ll send you down to Hades first you piece of sh*t!”

Xiao Yi looked fearless, his gaze cold. “Really? Then I’ll have to see if you have that ability!”

As soon as Xiao Yi’s voice fell, the room’s door was opened and Xiao Feng, along with a row of bodyguards in black, stood outside. “Brother Xiao, their men have all been subdued.”


Shock flashed past the man’s eyes.

Before he carried out his plan, he asked Yi Ran to drug the drinking water in this house. The people in this house should be unconscious, but why were his men the ones now subdued? How? It was impossible.

Yi Ran, who had said nothing, came to understand everything.

So it turned out that Xiao Yi was not hypnotized by her at all. In pretending to do so, he made her let her guard down and beat her at her own game, luring her and the person behind her out and finish them off!

But Yi Ran did not understand why her hypnosis on him that day did not work.

Seeming to have seen Yi Ran’s doubt, Xiao Yi smirked coldly. “I’ve already guessed that you knew hypnosis. Before you hypnotized me, I found a psychiatrist in advance and asked him to give me instructions. If someone called me ‘Brother Xiao Yi’, it means that the person wants to hypnotize me. So, that day you called me ‘Brother Xiao Yi’ and met my eyes, I kept myself clear-headed.”

No… Yi Ran stepped back unsteadily.

So he was still as shrewd as ever. This time, she had underestimated him and treated him like he was the same as Tang Chao.

Xiao Yi looked at the man beside Yi Ran, his expression cold. “Put the gun down.”

The man looked at Xiao Yi and then at Xiao Feng, who had him surrounded. He gritted his teeth and slowly put the pistol down on the ground, a trace of coldness flashing past his eyes. What was there to be afraid of if he didn’t have the gun? Xiao Yi would not have expected that he had bombs all around his body. They could all just die together!

“Tear away your mask. I want to see who you are and what hatred you have against me to make you want my life!”

If Xiao Yi had not gone through many things and had a great sense of guardedness against people, he would probably have fallen into their hands.

“Why, you have the guts to kill me, but have no guts to show your real face?” Xiao Yi mocked.

His words provoked the man. He tore off the disguised skin and revealed a rough and gangsterish face.

Ku Li?

Xiao Feng also saw the real face of the man disguised as Xiao Yi and his expression changed. “Ku Li, you son of a b*tch! Brother Xiao had already quit the triad. You didn’t obey the code of the organization and wanted his life. We are the most loyal people in the organization and you went back on your word. The people in the organization will only know of your shamelessness in the future. You must receive the punishment you deserve!”

Ku Li’s hands clenched into fists, his expression became distorted and the vein on his forehead throbbing. “This time I wanted Xiao Yi dead not because he had offended me by not cooperating with me when he was still in the organization. But it’s a personal grudge, a deep-rooted personal grudge!”

“You’re f*cking spewing nonsense! What personal grudge does my Brother Xiao have with you? You’re promoting your own private interests under the guise of serving the public, and still want to escape from your shameless offences of going back on your word and betraying the organization?”

Xiao Feng was about to continue when Xiao Yi raised his hand and interrupted him. Xiao Yi looked at Ku Li with his eyes narrowed and countless images flashed across his mind. Seeming to have thought of something, his eyes darkened.

“I remember who you are. Yes, just as you said, we do have a strong enmity between us!”