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Chapter 1150: Inheritance

If it were any other woman, they would definitely beg him with tears and ask him not to do that to them. But Xia Tang only looked at Huo Ze quietly for a few seconds before saying, “Okay.”

Xia Tang was a classic beauty and there was no emotion on her face. There was no hate and fear and it was calmer than the sea at night.

But no one knew how embarrassed and humiliated she felt in her heart. She had seen how cruel these rich young men were.

Under the light from the lamp, Xia Tang spun around, the rims of her eyes were red and at first glance, it looked like blood.

With a flip, she was already over the railings.

Opening her arms, she was about to jump into the sea.

Lunatic, she was really a f*cking lunatic!

Huo Ze cursed lowly and grabbed the woman’s slender arm. She was so thin that it seemed like he would break her with one hold, but her bones felt so hard!

The yacht had already started moving! Jumping into the sea now, did she want to feed the sharks?

Xia Tang was not so stubborn and melodramatic to continue to want to jump into the sea after he grabbed her.

She was thrown roughly back onto the deck by him.

Though she was calm, he on the other hand, was furious. He had one hand on his waist and was glaring at her with a dark expression. “I really want to strangle you!”

Xia Tang looked at Young Master Huo’s twisted expression and found that he was really weird.

He was the one who asked her to jump into the sea and swim back to the shore. Why was he looking so angry now?

Ah whatever. Xia Tang was too lazy to think about it.

These rich young men were born with a silver spoon in their mouth… She would never understand how they thought.

Huo Ze scoffed angrily and returned to the room with a menacing expression.

Xia Tang rubbed her arm that was hurting and muttered softly, “You’re the one that’s crazy! Unpredictable lunatic!”

Xia Tang spent the night on the deck.

She was happy to be alone as no one came to her.

The next morning, the yacht docked. Xia Tang left in a hurry and went directly to the airport.

When Xia Tang arrived, Xia Yanran, Junyuan and Xia Mo had also arrived.

Xia Tang told them to be careful when abroad, and Xia Yanran and Junyuan told Xia Tang, “You’re alone in Ning City, so you have to take good care of yourself too.”

With a nod, Xia Tang was about to say something when a familiar voice sounded behind.

“Little Momo!”

Huo Ze was at the airport with his assistant, but they were taking the earliest flight back to Hong Kong.

Now he was dressed casually, a pair of sunglasses on his nose. He had one hand in his pants pocket and beckoned to Xia Mo with the other. “Come here.”

After Xia Mo let Junyuan know, she ran towards Huo Ze.

With that, Xia Tang understood that the connection Momo called the other time was likely to be Huo Ze.

Xia Tang asked Junyuan softly, “Brother, are Momo and Young Master Huo close?”

“Momo was the Huo family’s child bride before. She grew up with him so they’re very close.”

Xia Tang was speechless.

Xia Mo came up to Huo Ze and Huo Ze glanced at the Xia siblings through his sunglasses. “Are you really going to S Country with the doctor? You aren’t even married to him, but you’re following him around all day long. You must be careful or else he won’t treasure you.”

Xia Mo glared at Huo Ze. “The doctor is not that kind of person. But, you on the other hand, you’d better take good care of Sister Tangtang!”

Huo Ze gave a faint smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.”

Xia Mo found that Huo Ze was a little strange and was about to tell him not to bully or have any ideas on Sister Tangtang when Huo Ze smiled devilishly and grabbed the back of Xia Mo’s head, doing an action like he was going to kiss her.

He did not actually kiss her, but from Junyuan and his sisters’ angle, it looked like Huo Ze did kiss Xia Mo.

Xia Mo immediately pushed Huo Ze and glared at him angrily. “Why are you still so naughty?”

Huo Ze shrugged. “What do you know? With more men liking you, that doctor will have a sense of danger. Didn’t his feelings for you trigger because of my appearance?”

“Now that I’m with him, he will misunderstand if you do something like this.”

“Little Momo, you’re too naive. Men have to be provoked. Okay, I have to go now, bye!”

At this time, Young Master Huo did not expect that his casual actions meant he would meet with many problems when the time came that he wanted to get recognition from the Xia siblings.

Xia Mo went up the Junyuan and seeing that his expression was calm and was not affected by Huo Ze, she heaved a sigh of relief.

On the plane, Junyuan did not talk to Xia Mo much and she then realized that he was angry.

Xia Mo had to explain to him again, “He really did not kiss me. He only did that to make you angry on purpose. You must not let him get to you.”

Junyuan held Xia Mo’s hand and said gently, “Xiaomo, I can see that he is good to you. Do you really not regret being with me? If you choose to be with me, you can only live an ordinary life in the future. Are you really okay with that?”

As Xia Mo leaned her head against Junyuan’s shoulder, her voice was full of determination. “I don’t regret it! What I long for the most is an ordinary life. Besides, you can hold a scalpel after your wrist is cured and can save many patients. You’re not ordinary at all. You’re the most outstanding hero in my heart.”

Junyuan touched the tip of Xia Mo’s nose lightly. “You’re being playful again.”

Xia Yanran sat at the seat beside them over the aisle. Seeing their relationship getting better, her lips could not help turning up in a smile.

Only Momo’s cheerful personality could handle her enigma-like brother.

When they arrived at the Capital, Xia Yanran and the rest stayed in the hotel at night. The next day, Nan Zhi brought Bai Ye along to the hotel to find them.

Seeing Nan Zhi, Xia Mo was dumbstruck, Nan Zhi was the youngest and most beautiful queen in the world, and she was also Chinese. She was like a goddess in Xia Mo’s heart and she did not expect that she would see Nan Zhi here.

Grabbing onto Xia Yanran’s hand, Xia Mo garbled excitedly. “I-I’m not seeing things, am I? Sister Yanran, you’re the best friend of S Country’s Queen?! A-A-And you’ve never revealed it before?”

Xia Yanran looked at Xia Mo, who had turned into a little fangirl and could not help laughing. “If I revealed it so easily, there wouldn’t be any surprise, right?”

“Oh my God, the Queen is even more beautiful than on TV. Is she really a mother of three? She’s so tall and slim and has such a good temperament.”

Xia Yanran’s smile deepened. “She had been beautiful since she was young. She’s had a different kind of beauty at every stage.”

“Can I ask her for an autograph later?”

“Of course.”

Xia Mo held her face in her hands excitedly. “I’m so happy!”

After Bai Ye entered the room, examined Junyuan’s wrist and set a date and time for the operation, Nan Zhi invited the three of them to Crown Palace. When Xia Mo heard that she could go to the palace of the Royal family, she almost leapt up in excitement.

The second day Xia Yanran was in the Capital, Xiao Yi and Yi Ran also came. They had received news that the Old Madam was dying.

The Old Madam had already made her will and when Xiao Yi and Yi Ran went over, the lawyer was there too.

The Old Madam wanted to leave her personal property, real estate, funds and stocks to Xiao Yi. These were all of the assets she had accumulated after a lifetime of hard work, and it totalled 50 billion US dollars.