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Chapter 1149: Jumping Down from the Yacht

Xia Yanran was also stunned by Xia Tang’s performance.

At the end of the shoot, Xia Yanran hurriedly took the towel the staff had prepared and draped it over Xia Tang’s shoulders.


Lin Zihao came over and looked approvingly at Xia Tang. “You’re very talented.”

Xia Tang gave a shy smile. “Thank you Director Lin for your praise.”

It was an extravagant night.

In an upscale restaurant where only members could enter, a group of the most privileged gathered.

“Young Master Huo will be returning to Hong Kong tomorrow. How about we have a gathering at the yacht after dinner? Those willing to bring their female companions, bring them along. If anyone is unwilling, I have prepared a group of super beautiful models, all with fair skin, beautiful appearances and long legs.”

Huo Ze leaned against the chair, his posture casual, a smile on his lips. He raised his glass at the person who spoke. “Young Master Bai, your taste of liking models hasn’t changed at all!”

“Young Master Huo, you flatter me. I’m not sentimental like you. Although in the past few years you’ve been changing women like how you change clothes, you only dote on Ni Xianyue in the end. I heard that Ni Xianyue is back from filming in Hengdian. Why don’t you ask her to come along when we go to the yacht?”

“What for? She’s about to get married.”

When the people heard it, they said nothing more. Young Master Huo had been abroad for the last few years and met Ni Xianyue there. Later, Ni Xianyue went into the entertainment industry and Young Master Huo had given her a lot of resources. Although they seldom met, it was heard that Young Master Huo really doted on Ni Xianyue.

Sometime ago they heard that Ni Xianyue was rumored to be with a rich male actor from the set and angered Young Master Huo. From then on, Ni Xianyue had not appeared by Young Master Huo’s side during his gatherings with friends.

What they did not know was that there was actually nothing between Young Master Huo and Ni Xianyue. There was another reason for him to give resources to her.

“Women are women, if they get married you can forget about them. With Young Master Huo’s popularity, how can you not find another woman easily?”

Huo Ze smirked. “You’re right.”

As soon as his voice fell, a voice sounded from the door of the room, “Sorry I’m late. In order to express my apology, I’ll drink three glasses as punishment.”

“A popular director sure is forthright,” Young Master Bai said with a smile.

Lin Zihao took off his coat and sat beside Huo Ze and bumped his fist. “I just came to Ning City, but you’re going back to Hong Kong already. Why not stay here longer?”

“It’s not fun here.”

“I met someone interesting today, she’s a little artist from the Imperial Entertainment which you invested in. She looks reserved outside of the camera, but once she’s in front of the camera, her aura and gaze changed. I can assure you that it won’t be long before she’ll be the most popular one in Imperial Entertainment.”

The rest of them seldom heard Lin Zihao praising a little artist and were curious. “What does she look like? Do you have any pictures? Come on, show it to us.”

“You group of beasts. Wouldn’t you eat her alive after seeing her?”

Huo Ze looked at Lin Zihao with his eyebrows raised. “Why, you have a crush on someone?”

“Of course not. I just admire her.”

Huo Ze laughed. “Show me her picture.”

Lin Zihao understood Huo Ze’s character and knew the type of women he would not touch. He showed Huo Ze the pictures taken at the beach during the day. “Doesn’t it have a special feeling to it?”

At Huo Ze’s first glance, he found that this girl had a sense of depth in the pictures. From her gaze to her actions, it did not make people feel that she was gaudy or overly provocative, but was able to combine the temperament of a young girl and a woman perfectly together.

But his expression changed slightly with that glance.

Why did this girl look a little familiar?

Huo Ze looked at Lin Zihao. “What’s the name of this little artist?”

“Xia Tang.”

A strange smile appeared on Huo Ze’s face but he said nothing.

Everyone in the room knew that when Huo Ze smiled, he was extremely charming. Women would be unable to take a step and men would want to change their sexual orientation after seeing his smile.

Huo Ze slowly sipped his wine and took out his phone, sending out a message.

After finishing the publicity shoot, Xia Tang went to the recording studio in the afternoon to record a new song.

She planned to go home at night as her brother and sister would be going to S Country tomorrow morning and she wanted to go with them to the airport.

But a text message disturbed her plans.

Young Master Huo had asked his assistant, Huo Cheng, to pick her up from the company.

Xia Tang did not want to go originally, but Huo Cheng conveyed Young Master Huo’s words to her. “Young Master wants you to abide by professional ethics.”

Of course Xia Tang understood what Young Master Huo meant. He wanted her to remember that she was his mistress, a mistress who was at his beck and call.

But didn’t he say he did not want anyone to know their relationship?

Xia Tang held down the unhappiness and panic in her heart and followed Huo Cheng to a luxurious yacht comprising of four floors.

Once she boarded, Xia Tang was brought to a large and luxurious room.

Inside sat more than a dozen young masters, smoking, drinking and laughing. The room was similar to that of a KTV, there was a large screen for singing and some mahjong tables, but it was more high-end and luxurious than anything she had seen before.

Young Master Huo was sitting at the table playing mahjong, a cigarette between his lips. It seemed like he had a good hand and was laughing wildly.

He gave her a glance when she came in, but paid no attention to her.

Xia Tang dared not go forward to him and she found a corner, sitting down alone.

Lin Zihao had just come back from the washroom and seeing Xia Tang, he walked over to her with a face full of doubt.

“Why are you here?”

Xia Tang replied, “My friend asked me to come.”

Lin Zihao was a shrewd person and understood immediately that Xia Tang was no different from those women who wanted to climb her way up using shortcuts. After all, the women who appeared here were all here to catch a man and Lin Zihao looked at Xia Tang with a slight disappointment.

After chatting casually, Lin Zihao left.

Xia Tang also understood why Young Master Huo had called her over and ignored her. It was to humiliate her. She had seen through this when she saw the disappointment in Lin Zihao’s eyes.

Forcing back the tears that were almost coming out, Xia Tang went out of the room silently.

Sitting on the deck, Xia Tang enjoyed the sea breeze for a while, suppressing the helplessness in her heart. Taking out her phone, she sent a message to a male best friend she was quite close with.

Her male best friend was gay and he sent her two pictures of handsome men. “They’re both chasing me. Which one do you think is more handsome?”

“How long has it been and you changed boyfriends again?”

“Who asked me to be as beautiful as a flower.” Behind was an emoji that was shaking its butt in a funny way.

Xia Tang was amused and smiled, the haze in her heart flying away. Life was already hard, so why should she feel troubled by those people who didn’t deserve her attention?

Xia Tang was smiling and was about to reply when her long ponytail was suddenly pulled backwards. Xia Tang grimaced in pain and she turned around and saw the unpredictable man standing behind her. “What?”

“I didn’t ask you to come and play with your phone.”

“I know. You asked me here so people would look down on me. Director Lin’s impression is already bad and you’ve achieved your goal. Is there anything else you’re unsatisfied with?”

Such a sharp tongue!

Huo Ze had both hands in his pants pockets and he laughed eerily. “I’m not happy with every part of you. Take off your clothes now, jump down from here and swim back to the shore yourself.”