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Chapter 1148: Perfect Blend

“What does she want?” Xiao Feng looked terribly curious.

Xiao Yi kicked Xiao Feng from under the table. “It’s just a guess, I still have to confirm it.”

Did it mean that he wasn’t telling him first?

Xiao Feng shrugged, though he looked terribly disappointed. “Alright, you can do what you want, Brother Xiao, I will be your strongest support. I got your back.”

Leaning back against the chair, Xiao Yi narrowed his eyes at Xiao Feng. “How’s the company recently?”

Xiao Feng looked soft and kind, his facial features nice and elegant. From a glance, he looked like those popular hunks on the television, instead of those fierce men in the triad.

“Brother Xiao, you already settled everything when you left. I only listened to your order to manage everything properly. I’ve now groomed two assistants, so it’s alright if I go on a trip occasionally.”

Xiao Yi smirked. “You’re not young anymore. Have you met a girl you like?

Xiao Feng waved his hands. “Seeing Sister-in-law and you separate and get together, sweet and then sad again, I feel like I’m in the same situation without even being in one! I don’t dare to be in a relationship.”

“In that case, Yanran and I caused you to be single huh.”

“No, no, no, I just don’t want to be tied down by a relationship. It’s quite nice to be alone and free.” As if thinking of something, Xiao Feng asked, “What about Tang Chao? If Yi Ran isn’t willing to remove her control over him, once Yi Ran gets exposed, won’t he hate you as well?”

This was one of the things that worried Xiao Yi the most. Tang Chao was his good brother and he couldn’t let Yi Ran ruin his life like that. That was why he had to take every step very carefully.

After Xia Yanran sent the girl back home, she returned to her office.

The magazine agency was preparing to interview the new director, Lin Zihao. Xia Yanran originally planned to arrange for another colleague to interview him, but when she met Tangtang two days ago, her younger sister mentioned him.

Tangtang said that Royal Entertainment had arranged for her and several other celebrities to take a set of chic promotional photos. The director seemed to be Lin Zihao.

Xia Yanran called Lin Zihao. He was doing a shoot at the beach and had twenty minutes after the shoot. Xia Yanran wanted to go and meet Xia Tang, so she brought their company’s photographer to meet Lin Zihao personally.

The location where Lin Zihao was filming was a private beach. It had been booked out and about eight staff were decorating the place. Xia Yanran glanced around, but she didn’t see Tangtang.

Xia Yanran went forward to greet Lin Zihao, before she and the photographer stood by the side to not obstruct Lin Zihao as he worked.

Lin Zihao was still very young. It had barely been two years since he returned from overseas, yet his name was already very well-known amongst the directing scene. Apart from his well-off background, he was a very talented person as well.

Xia Tang and several other newbies in the industry were done with their first two sets of photos. Now, they were only left with the final set of shoot with a style that combined both innocence and sexiness.

The staff in the makeup room brought three sets of bikinis over.

The other two female celebrities took a set of bikinis each and brought it before their bodies. They were more confident for this set of photos than the more reserved Xia Tang was.

When they were taking the first two sets of photos, the director had heavily criticized them, saying that they were no sense in front of the camera. Although he didn’t praise Xia Tang, he didn’t criticize her either. This made the two of them start to exclude Xia Tang.

“Let’s see. With her figure, she must look like a joke wearing bikinis.”

Xia Tang usually wore more conservative outfits. Her outfits in the first two photo sets were loserish as well, and as she looked thin, the two of them were certain that Xia Tang wouldn’t be able to look good in a bikini.

Unaware of their silent judgement, Xia Tang didn’t hesitate or shy away. After the two other celebrities went to change into their bikinis, she went to change as well.

When she was done, she took a white shirt from the outfit rack and wore it.

Xia Yanran saw Xia Tang walk out from the changing room from afar. Xia Tang didn’t walk out in her bikini directly, wearing a white shirt over instead. Her legs were long and slender. Although she wasn’t tall, her proportions were good with her long limbs and slim figure. She looked slightly different.

When Xia Tang saw Xia Yanran, she waved at her older sister with a slightly heated face. Xia Yanran made a gesture to cheer on her younger sister.

After getting her sister’s cheers, Xia Tang smiled happily.

Lin Zihao furrowed his eyebrows when he saw Xia Tang wearing a shirt over the bikini, unhappiness appearing in his eyes. He didn’t like celebrities who didn’t follow instructions, especially newbies who usually had no idea what they were doing.

Lin Zihao took the photos for the other two celebrities first. They were rather confident in their figures, so their eyes weren’t as bright as they were in the first two sets. Although they didn’t completely follow Lin Zihao’s requests, the results were still rather good. Only, they lacked something different, as the photographs seemed more superficial and contrived.

When it was Xia Tang’s turn, Lin Zihao pointed at her shirt. “Take it off before you start.”

The other two celebrities started to giggle, scoffing softly. “She’s so conservative. Since she’s in the entertainment industry, she doesn’t have to act innocent anymore!”

Xia Tang ignored the two girls as she turned towards Lin Zihao. “Director Lin, I’m aware that the concept of this set of photos is a combination of innocence and sexiness. What you want is beauty and not one where we may be seen as too overtly sexual, right?”


The expression of those two girls immediately darkened. Was Xia Tang indirectly saying that they were promiscuous?”

Lin Zihao narrowed his eyes. “Are you questioning my ability?”

“No, it’s just that I’m confident that I can reach the perfect standard you want.”

Such big words!

Lin Zihao stared at Xia Tang. In an industry filled with beautiful girls, she wasn’t considered terribly pretty. But as a newbie, she was the first who dared to say such things in front of him.

If anything, she had guts.

Lin Zihao and Xia Tang stared at each other for a few seconds. Even Xia Yanran, who was watching everything by the side, felt nervous for Xia Tang. Just as she was about to say a few things for Xia Tang, Lin Zihao patted his leg. “Alright, let’s see how you can portray the theme perfectly.”

In front of the camera, Xia Tang was completely different from how she was normally. It was as though she was a completely different person.

Casual steps brought her into the water with a relaxed gait. A wave hit over and drenched her hair and body. She wasn’t panicked at all as she slowly turned around, her fair fingers combing her hair back to expose her pretty face. Her eyes were enchanting, even more enticing than a cat as her lips curled up slightly. Her drenched shirt clung tightly to her, exposing the black bikini instead.

The contrasting picture of white and black formed a very strong visual image. Although she was slim, the fabric clung to her skin tightly, showing off her figure completely. As the sun shone on her, she was like a sparkling figure that attracted everyone’s attention.

Seeming not to notice that her actions were overtly sexy and alluring, her expression changed into one of an innocent rabbit. Her eyes were exceptionally charming, exposing her pointy canines when she smiled. She seemed to embody the innocence and playfulness of a first love, portraying an innocent sexiness.

Compared to the two girls who only knew how to act sexy, Xia Tang was indeed able to show the effect that Lin Zihao wanted. Lin Zihao never thought that a newbie would be able to sparkle so brilliantly in front of the camera, even though she didn’t stand out at first.

There were certain types of people who were born for the cameras, and Xia Tang was likely one of them!