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Chapter 1147: Xiao Yi was Here

Hearing Yi Ran’s words, Xia Yanran’s heart tightened, chills running up her entire body immediately.

Why did Yi Ran know about her infertility?

Apart from Xiao Yi and Brother, she had never told anyone else!

Seeing the change in Xia Yanran’s expression, Yi Ran lifted her chin with a victorious smile. “Brother Xiao Yi showed me the letter you left for him. That day, he didn’t go meet you and I was with him for the entire day. He didn’t feel good with you being infertile, but he couldn’t accept it in the end, so you waited in vain.”

Hearing her pretentious words, Xia Yanran couldn’t stay calm and collected towards Yi Ran anymore. Yi Ran’s words were like long nails that kept hammering onto her chest ruthlessly.

Her heart felt like it was tearing into pieces. It hurt so badly.

Glancing at Yi Ran and seeing her smirking so widely and happily, looking like she was in love, made her to throw up. She was so young, but she knew how to use the sharpest weapons to attack others’ weaknesses.

This girl was frightening.

Xia Yanran’s throat felt extremely bitter, her fingernails sinking into her palms. She took a few deep breaths before she managed to calm herself slightly. She stared at Yi Ran, still speaking calmly, “At Bardahl, I had saved your life, but you kept eyeing Xiao Yi in secret. For ungrateful b*tches like you, if Xiao Yi really fell for you, then he can only be considered blind.”

Not wanting to speak anymore to Yi Ran, Xia Yanran turned around and left.

Yi Ran didn’t run after Xia Yanran. She could tell that her words had already given the strongest blow to Xia Yanran!

After the blood test results were out, Yi Ran was confirmed to be pregnant. She had gotten pregnant that night at the spa resort.

Staring at the results, Yi Ran felt so happy she wanted to scream and shout! It was a good thing to be fertile! She got pregnant with Brother Xiao Yi’s child so quickly!

Taking out her phone, she tried to call Xiao Yi.

After the call went through, Yi Ran told him about her being pregnant. Xiao Yi was silent for a few seconds on the other end of the call before he said, “I’m coming to fetch you.”

After the call, Yi Ran couldn’t help but smile brightly. Although his attitude was cold and distant on the call, he must be very excited!

Soon, he would have Xiao An or Xiao Wan!

On Xia Yanran’s side.

Her colleague chose to do a painless abortion, so she was able to leave after resting for twenty minutes. Apart from looking a little pale, the girl seemed to be fine.

Xia Yanran helped the girl to the elevator and went down. They went to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine before they walked towards the car park.

A few seconds later, Xia Yanran saw a familiar car parked by the road. Glancing at the car plate, Xia Yanran’s heart thumped crazily.

It was Xiao Yi’s car.

However, she calmed down very quickly. He probably came to the hospital to fetch Yi Ran!

“Sister Yanran, it’s such a coincidence! Brother Xiao Yi came to fetch me. Did you drive today? If not, do you want a lift?”

Xia Yanran smirked coldly as she stared at Yi Ran, who was smiling brightly. “If you dare say another thing, I won’t be polite to you anymore. So what if you’re pregnant with Xiao Yi’s child? With our relationship, do you think he would really throw me away immediately just for one child?”

Hearing Xia Yanran’s words, Yi Ran’s eyes constricted slightly.

It was true. Even if she was pregnant and knew how to hypnotize people, Xiao Yi wasn’t a normal person. Wanting to make him listen to her everything was not an easy feat.

Yi Ran glanced at Xia Yanran, before she went to open the door and got into the car without another word.

When the door was opened, Xia Yanran could vaguely see a tall and cold figure sitting at the back row. He was looking down at his phone. As Yi Ran got in, she covered his well-defined features.

With a loud bang, the door was closed.

The windows were tinted, so Xia Yanran couldn’t see what was happening inside anymore. That was why she didn’t see the man in the car suddenly look up towards her.

Soon after, the car sped down the expressway.

Xia Yanran remained frozen on the spot, her limbs cold and numb.

No matter how many times she separated with Xiao Yi in the past, she always thought that there would be a chance for them. But now, she finally realized that he had long left her.

He had already started a new life. Why should she still be caught in the past? No matter what happened in the past, it was always between them. Now, however, there was Yi Ran and a child.

Let go, Xia Yanran.

If she didn’t start afresh, how would she know if she could have a new life?

It was time to let go.

In the SUV.

Yi Ran stared at the man beside her. His side-profile was really attractive, his facial features exquisite, well-defined and handsome. Did he see Xia Yanran earlier?

He probably didn’t, if not, he wouldn’t have such an expression!


“Brother Xiao Yi, do you want to see my diagnosis results?” Yi Ran took out the results from her back. “I conceived that night at the spa resort. If you don’t want this child, I don’t mind to do an abortion.”

Xiao Yi glanced at the results, his expression indifferent as he smirked slightly. “What do you want to do?”

“I-I’ll listen to you, but I’m a little afraid of getting abortion. I heard that if the surgery isn’t done properly and becomes a habitual abortion, it’ll be very difficult for me to get pregnant again.”

Xiao Yi looked down, coldness flashing in his dark eyes. “You can decide for yourself.”

Seeing his cold attitude, Yi Ran pinched her bag strap harder. If she decided herself, she would naturally keep the child. If not, why would she have done so much?

“Brother Xiao Yi, I will have the child. If you don’t like it, I will raise my child alone.”

Hearing what she said, Xiao Yi only smirked, laughing coldly in his heart.

In the hotel.

After Yi Ran returned to her room, Xiao Yi went to the restaurant downstairs to meet Xiao Feng. Recently, Xiao Feng would follow Xiao Yi secretly wherever he went.

With Tang Chao having been hypnotized, his heart given to Yi Ran already, so Xiao Yi couldn’t trust him anymore.

When Xiao Yi went to fetch Yi Ran at the hospital, Xiao Feng was following behind them as well, so he naturally saw Xia Yanran. “Brother Xiao, how about we tell Sister-in-law about what happened to Yi Ran? She looked pretty sad.”

Xiao Yi pursed his lips. “It’s better to be sad than to be injured. Yi Ran knows how to hypnotize and drug people. She’s able to do any kind of malicious things. Before I know clearly what she wants to do, let’s not alert her for now.”

“From what I see, how about we just settle this once and for all and make Yi Ran, that b*tch….” Xiao Feng made an action of slicing his neck.

Xiao Yi’s eyes darkened. “Do you think she’s alone? It’s easy to settle her, but if we alert the person behind her, who knows what will happen next?”

“I just don’t understand, Brother Xiao. You’ve already retired from the triads, who would still be against you?”

Xiao Yi was about to say something when his phone vibrated with a call. He answered the call, lips tugging in deep thought when the call was over. “I think I know what Yi Ran wants.”