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Chapter 1146: She’s Pregnant

Today, Xia Yanran had gone to work at the magazine agency. A young girl that had just graduated approached Xia Yanran. “Sister Yanran, there’s something… I really don’t know what to do…”

Xia Yanran was more casual at work usually, so all of her colleagues liked her.

Seeing the girl’s pale and frail expression, Xia Yanran asked in concern. “What’s wrong? It’s alright, just tell me.”

The young girl started to choke. “That day, I went for a meeting with President Ma. Both of us drank too much and something happened between us. President Ma told me to not say anything, if not, he would make sure that I won’t survive in this industry, so I had no choice but to listen. But who would know that my period didn’t come this month? I went to buy a pregnancy kit. I… I think I’m pregnant.

“You know that President Ma listens to his wife a lot and I don’t want to ruin a family. Sister Yanran, I want to abort the child, but I’m scared…

“I’m not a local and don’t have friends or family here. I called the hospital to ask about an abortion and found out that I need someone to sign the surgery form. Sister Yanran, can you go to the hospital with me?”

Xia Yanran kept quiet for a very long time before she patted the girl’s shoulder. “Alright, I’ll go with you.”

They arrived at the hospital and the doctor scheduled a time for the girl’s surgery before a nurse led her away.

Xia Yanran sat by the corridor as she waited for her.

She could not help but feel sad. People who wanted children couldn’t have one, but those who didn’t want one would get pregnant after one accidental time. And those married men, who were they to use their money and power to treat another girl like this?

But what could she do?

This was the cruelness or reality.

Leaning back, Xia Yanran closed her eyes. She didn’t know how long she stayed like that, until she heard a soft voice. “Sister Yanran?”

Hearing the familiar yet unfamiliar voice, Xia Yanran immediately opened her eyes and saw Yi Ran walking out of the doctor’s office, freezing for a second.

Why would she meet Yi Ran here?

It was clear that Yi Ran didn’t think she would meet Xia Yanran at the hospital either. She came to Ning City on a business trip with Xiao Yi. Since President Bo’s office was at Ning City and their project was based here as well, President Bo had invited Xia Yi Ran over to start work on the project together.

The two of them came over last night and stayed at a hotel. When Yi Ran woke up in the morning, she felt some slight discomfort in her abdomen and even had some blood spotting. She was worried so she informed Xiao Yi before she came over to the hospital for a checkup.

Her period had been late for a week already, so the doctor told her to do a urine and blood test. She had just finished her checkup. Her urine test showed that she was in the early stages of pregnancy, but she needed to wait for another hour before the results of her blood test came out.

Yi Ran never thought that she would get pregnant after just one night. Her heart thumped crazily. However, when she recalled that night, Brother Xiao Yi had taken her a few times. On top of that, with his tall and broad figure and masculine vigor, the success rate of getting it immediately must be rather high for him.

Besides, she was in her ovulation period when she did it with him that night, so the chances of winning the lottery was very high. The doctor even said earlier that there was an 80% chance of being pregnant.

Yi Ran was both excited and agitated right now. If Brother Xiao Yi found out that she was pregnant with his child, he would definitely be extremely happy!

However, before Yi Ran’s happiness could calm down, she saw Xia Yanran in the hospital.

“Sister Yi Ran, have you gained weight recently?” Yi Ran walked over to Xia Yanran with a bright smile, checking out the latter to find that Xia Yanran wasn’t as pretty anymore, with her face slightly bloated. She couldn’t help but gloat. It had only been two weeks, yet Xia Yanran had already changed. It was clear that infertile women would only have sad lives.

When Xia Yanran stared at Yi Ran, her smile did not reach her eyes. “You’ve lost weight instead. Your chin is so sharp I bet you can deflate a balloon!”

Yi Ran froze for a second, before she smiled and cupped her mouth. “Yes, my appetite hasn’t been good recently. I almost vomited this morning, so Brother Xiao Yi told me to come to the hospital for a checkup. I didn’t expect to be pregnant.”

With that said, she stared unblinkingly at Xia Yanran, wanting to see her suffer a blow and lose her mind.

Indeed, Xia Yanran’s heart tugged with a pang. However, with her experience, she naturally wouldn’t show any expression on her face. She smirked faintly, “Oh really?”

Seeing that Xia Yanran didn’t believe her, Yi Ran cupped her abdomen. “Actually, it wad an accident. Not long after you left B City, the company managed to sign an important contract. To celebrate that, Brother Xiao Yi treated the entire company for a visit to a spa resort. The both of us drank too much that night and… I didn’t expect to fall pregnant after just one night.

“Actually, this is probably fate! Sister Yanran, you weren’t able to have a child with Brother Xiao Yi after so many years, I even thought that it was Brother Xiao Yi’s problem!”

Unable to help herself, Yi Ran poked at Xia Yanran’s wound immediately. Xia Yanran’s smirk slowly morphed into a tight line. Besides, Yi Ran’s story was almost perfect. After she separated with Xiao Yi, he never contacted her again. It’s not impossible for him to get drunk and get together with Yi Ran.

But somehow, her heart wasn’t willing to believe it.

If Xiao Yi really got together with Yi Ran, what was the point of her taking medicine to treat her condition? Would she be able to let go of her relationship with Xiao Yi and get married and have a child with another man?

Seeing the disbelief and panic in Xia Yanran’s eyes, Yi Ran felt a growing sense of satisfaction.

He was her lover for so many years after all. After hearing that another woman was pregnant with his child, no matter how calm she was, it would be impossible to remain uncaring!

Xia Yanran’s heart churned with all kinds of emotions, but she made herself to calm down slowly. When she went to B City the last time, she could already tell that Yi Ran had some ulterior motives, so she naturally wouldn’t believe Yi Ran’s one-sided words.

“Miss Yi, if you came to me to boast, there’s no need to. There is nothing between Xiao Yi and I anymore. If you can catch his heart and body, then that is your ability. However, if you’re saying this to me, you probably hadn’t caught him properly. After all, it seems you still see me as a very strong love rival!”

Yi Ran furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

Xia Yanran’s reaction shouldn’t be like this. Shouldn’t she be covered in tears, acting fiercely and looking all ugly?

Yi Ran wasn’t able to reply to Xia Yanran’s words immediately. Xia Yanran was right. Apart from sleeping with her that night, Xiao Yi had never acted intimately with her. He hadn’t even reacted to her blatant hints.

In her mind, she knew he was still thinking of Xia Yanran.

Indeed, it had been so many years. If he really didn’t think of her and shifted her feelings immediately, he would have been an a**hole.

“Before today, I might have treated you as a strong love rival. But now, I am pregnant with Brother Xiao Yi’s child. He might not love me immediately, but there is no way he won’t love his own child. Sister Yanran, this is our difference. I can give Brother Xiao Yi children.”

And you, Xia Yanran, will never be able to!