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Chapter 1144: Why She Left

It wasn’t a secret that Yi Ran had gotten an important contract signed for the company. Not only that, she had also gotten their boss to agree to treat everyone to go to a spa resort as a celebration. From these points alone, many colleagues saw Yi Ran as their future boss lady in private.

Several assistants that were close to Yi Ran would tease her about the boss occasionally. Although Yi Ran would scold them, her heart felt sweet.

Ever since Brother Xiao Yi called Xia Yanran that time, his attitude to her seemed to change a little. He would stare at her and daze out occasionally, a hint of gentleness appearing on his stiff and stern expression as well.

Maybe it was because she looked like Xia Yanran, so he would think of her when he looked at her!

She didn’t mind that.

After all, she was younger than Xia Yanran and could get pregnant. Not like that selfish woman!

From her observations, it seemed like Xia Yanran didn’t contact Xiao Yi again, their relationship cutting off just like that. However, they spent so many years running around each other. Whether or not they could cut their relationship clean was a huge question to Yi Ran.

She knew she had to take the initiative first and get pregnant with his child. The trip to the spa resort this weekend would be the perfect opportunity.

Very soon, the long-awaited weekend arrived.

That day, Yi Ran put on some exquisite makeup and wore a dress that showed off her figure.

Tang Chao had taken off the bandage on his head. After hearing that the company staff were going to the spa resort, he got into Xiao Yi’s car as well.

When he saw the prettily dressed Yi Ran, Tang Chao looked like his eyes were going to pop up from his head as he stared at her. “Yi Ran, you’re really pretty today.”

A shy giggle left Yi Ran’s lips.

By now, the whole crowd of staff were starting to arrive at the spa resort.

Xiao Yi didn’t go to the spa to relax with his colleagues, choosing to work in his room instead before he went with all of his colleagues for dinner.

Although Xiao Yi was usually stern and strict when it came to work, he was more easy-going and cool in private. He told his staff to drink and eat as much as they wanted.

The male colleagues all drank quite a bit, so they started to let go of their professional demeanor. Several young male colleagues liked Yi Ran, thinking that she was young, pretty and capable, so they all mustered their courage to chat up Yi Ran.

Thinking about what she should do at night, Yi Ran didn’t dare drink too much. Nearing the end of the dinner, Yi Ran brought a glass of wine to Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi was talking to several of the higher management. When Yi Ran walked towards him, some of the drunk people started to cheer.

“Cross your arms to drink! Cross your arms!”

Xiao Yi glanced at Tang Chao. Tang Chao was slightly drunk as he started to clap with the rest, shouting the same words as well.

Waving her hands in front of her face, Yi Ran said shyly. “Please stop joking about President Xiao and me, everyone. If Sister-in-law finds out about it, she’ll be unhappy.”

“Yi Ran, you probably don’t know, but Brother Xiao and Xia Yanran have already broken up! Brother Xiao is a golden bachelor now!” Tang Chao burst in.

Xiao Yi furrowed his eyebrows quietly.

Afraid that Tang Chao’s words would make Xiao Yi unhappy, Yi Ran hurriedly spoke up, “President Xiao, Young Master Tang has drank too much. I believe in Sister Yanran and your relationship.”

Xiao Yi stood up, covering Yi Ran with his tall shadow. Yi Ran’s heart started to beat faster, her body shaking slightly in her high heels. Seeing that she was about to fall towards Xiao Yi, a strong hand caught her arm.

When her skin touched his warm and hand, her lashes fluttered crazily.

Xiao Yi smirked and clinked their glasses together.

As Yi Ran watched him down the glass of alcohol, she stared at his jawline and well-defined features, and her heart couldn’t help but flutter.

On the outside, she drank her glass coolly.

Even though Brother Xiao Yi usually kept a distance between them, he probably had some feelings for her too!

She noticed that he only took a small sip of alcohol when some of the female colleagues toasted with him earlier. But just now, he drank the whole glass.

She was different.

After dinner, Yi Ran gestured quietly to Tang Chao and the two of them walked to a corner outside. She asked softly, “Did you put the drug in front of Brother Xiao Yi’s room air conditioner?”

“I did as you said.”

Tang Chao was the one who had arranged the rooms for the staff, so Yi Ran stretched her hand out. “Where’s Brother Xiao Yi’s room key?”

Tang Chao passed a key card to Yi Ran.

Yi Ran returned to her room to take a shower before she changed into a black nightgown.

Then, she went out and went straight to Xiao Yi’s room.

She had already calculated the time. At this time, Xiao Yi should feel the heat all over his body and would need a woman to help him relieve the pain and heat.

Just as she was about to open the door, a figure suddenly walked out from inside. That person was wearing a black outfit, looking tall and handsome.

Yi Ran blinked as a handsome face appeared in her sight.

“Brother Xiao Yi, I don’t know if I had drank too much, but my stomach feels really bad…” Yi Ran said as she crouched down and cupped her stomach.

“Your stomach hurts?”

“Yeah!” Yi Ran pouted her red lips, looking as if she was about to cry anytime. “It really hurts. Brother Xiao Yi, do you have any stomach medicine?”

Right now, Yi Ran looked teary, pitiful, alluring and attractive…

The man standing by the door bobbed his Adam’s apple as Yi Ran glanced at him secretly.

Ha, men. No matter how calm and controlled they were usually, didn’t they just expose themselves in the end?

“Ah, Brother Xiao Yi, it hurts so much…” She stumbled forward and fell into the man’s arms. The man didn’t know where to place his arms at first and she heard him scold harshly, “You little vixen!”

In a matter of seconds, the man lifted her body and carried her into the room.

At the hotel’s car park, there were two men sitting at the back row of an SUV.

One of the men had a laptop placed on his lap.

“Boss, this woman’s moans are really… It’s such a treat for that service staff that went to clean your room. However, this woman only likes you. Do you really have to let her be touched by such an ugly man?”

Xiao Yi closed the video and glanced towards Xiao Feng, who was sitting beside him. “Why? Do you want her?” If Yi Ran didn’t use Tang Chao to drug him, he wouldn’t have added a hallucinogen into her drink when she toasted him, causing her imagination to run wild.

Xiao Feng hurriedly waved his hands. “I didn’t mean it that way. I only felt a little pity because this woman looks a little like Sister-in-law.”

Xiao Yi pursed his lips tightly. “Are you angry at me for asking you help me check some things on the low? Especially since you came to B City to visit me?”

“Boss, what are you talking about?” Xiao Feng took out a cigarette from the cigarette box. However, at the thought that Xiao Yi was trying to quit smoking now, he put it back in. “Although you’ve retired from the triad, I would do anything that you ask, no questions asked!”

“Don’t call me Boss anymore. Just call me Brother Xiao like Tang Chao does.”

“Sure, Brother Xiao.” Xiao Feng took out a thumb drive from his pocket. “This is the CCTV I got through my friends. That day, after Sister-in-law left your apartment in the early morning, she went straight to Lily Garden. She stayed there for a very long time, but because the place she went to has no CCTV, I don’t have a video of what she was doing there. I only have the record of her leaving the garden completely drenched, looking slightly dejected and soulless as well.”

Xiao Yi took the thumb drive and watched the video Xiao Feng had given to him. After he was done, he remained quiet for a very long time.

“Brother Xiao, what happened between Sister-in-law and you?”

Xiao Yi recalled about her coldness to him after they returned from the Capital, about her saying that she had something to tell him when he went to find her at Ning City, about her hesitation when he proposed…

When she left that day, he already felt it was very strange. If she went back to Ning City for work like Tang Chao said, why would she go to Lily Garden?

A darkness flashed in Xiao Yi’s eyes.

“Let me go and find Tang Chao.”

An hour later, Xiao Yi got off the car and called Tang Chao over.

When Tang Chao saw Xiao Yi, his heart seemed thud an extra beat. However, at the thought that it had been more than an hour later, Yi Ran had probably gotten what she wanted already!

“Brother Xiao, it’s so late already, why aren’t you resting?” Tang Chao stared at Xiao Yi with slight guilt.

Xiao Yi didn’t reply, merely taking a bottle of strong liquor and poured a cup for Tang Chao and himself each. “I did something unforgivable to Yanran.”

Tang Chao took the glass and took a gulp of the liquid, his throat hurting a little from the burn.

They toasted each other. “If you treat me as your brother, drink with me.”

Half an hour later, Tang Chao drank so much his ears were heated. He lay on the counter and muttered, “Brother Xiao, you don’t have to feel sorry towards Xia Yanran. S-She’s the one who doesn’t deserve you.”

Xiao Yi placed a hand on his forehead as his eyes turned completely red. “I’m the one who doesn’t deserve her. I haven’t been able to give her a home after so many years.”

Tang Chao was terribly angry as he slapped the table. “Why do you mean you can’t give her a home? She’s the one that cannot give you a home! Brother Xiao, I know how much you want a child of your own, but she can’t give that to you!”

Xiao Yi immediately furrowed his eyebrows as he glanced at Tang Chao with red and cold eyes. “What the f*ck are you talking about?”

Seeing Xiao Yi acting so agitated, Tang Chao knew that he still loved Xia Yanran. He felt even more wronged for Xiao Yi now, burping once before he mustered up his courage and said, “Brother Xiao, since you’ve already slept with Yi Ran, she might be able to give you a child. Forget Xia Yanran! She doesn’t deserve your love! She’s just a hen that cannot lay an egg!”

The veins on the back of Xiao Yi’s hand popped up and he felt numb. He remembered that Tang Chao had a very good impression of Xia Yanran after their first meeting and kept praising her. After he returned from the Capital, he was very busy with work and Tang Chao even reminded him to pay attention to his relationship instead of just focusing on work. However, he seemed to change recently…

When did it all start to change? It made no sense at all.

Closing his eyes, Xiao Yi tried to recall everything in detail.

Ah. It was after Yi Ran came to their company to work.

Xiao Yi knew Tang Chao’s character very well. He wasn’t like Ye Long who would do things to betray and harm him behind his back. They were good buddies and good partners. Something must have gone wrong for him to become like this!