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Chapter 1142: Your Inner Membrane Was Normal Before

Seeing Junyuan so quiet, Xia Mo felt drums beating away in her heart.

Why didn’t she stop herself and mention that thing to poke at his wound?! Argh! Xia Mo, you put your foot in it!

Junyuan stared as Xia Mo looked like she wanted to bury herself in a hole in the ground out of embarrassment, and he pulled her onto the sofa. Xia Mo wanted to sit beside him at first, but he pulled her onto his lap instead.

Xia Mo covered her eyes, before she slowly opened her fingers the tiniest sliver to peek at him.

She only moved her hand away when she saw the adoring gaze he had on her, pouting as she said, “Do you think that I’m very easy? Actually, I haven’t had a boyfriend before, you’re the only one I have!”

Grabbing onto Xia Mo’s small hands, Junyuan played with them. “I’m afraid of inconveniencing you.”

“I’m doing it willingly. It’s for my happiness in the future too, so it’s not an inconvenience.”

Junyuan stared at Xia Mo’s bright eyes. Her perky and upbeat nature made her especially adorable.

“Wah, you have a six pack!”

Junyuan felt a little embarrassed from her words. “Don’t talk.”

“Oh oh, then I’ll concentrate.”

Her hands touched his belt.

Both their faces were slightly flushed.

“L-Let’s go to your room!” Xia Mo said shyly.

Junyuan hummed and lifted Xia Mo up. However, he only taken two steps when some noises could be heard from the door.

Xia Mo shivered and jumped out of Junyuan’s arms immediately. Where to hide, where to hide? She tidied her hair and tried to find a place to hide, but she couldn’t find any and ended up looking like an aimless fly.

Junyuan moved forward and grabbed Xia Mo’s hand. “When did you become so timid?”

Xia Mo’s face flushed. “Can’t I feel shy? How embarrassing would it be if Sister Yanran or Sister Tangtang saw this?!”

Junyuan knelt her hand. “Didn’t you want to do more embarrassing things?”

Xia Mo glared at Junyuan. Why was he so blunt! Seeing that Xia Yanran had returned, she hurriedly took her hand out of Junyuan’s hold as she ran towards Xia Yanran with a bright smile. “Sister Yanran.”

Seeing Xia Mo’s flushed cheeks and her brother’s smile, Xia Yanran immediately understood what was happening. She said with slight awkwardness, “Did I come back at the wrong time?”

“No, no, I came over to ask the doctor about some medical information. I’m heading off now!” Xia Mo took her bag and waved her hand at Xia Yanran.

“Brother, it’s too late now, so it’s not too safe for Momo to go back alone. How about you take her back?”

After Junyuan went to drive Xia Mo home, Xia Yanran dragged her exhausted body back to her room and took a shower. When she was done, she laid on her bed, her head heavy and dizzy. Her body couldn’t take it from being in the rain during the day after all, and she had caught a cold.

After Junyuan returned from taking Xia Mo home, he remembered seeing Yanran’s expression being not too good and he went to knock on her door.

He knocked on the door for a while, but no one replied, so he called her a few times.

Worried that something had happened to her, Junyuan pushed the door open. Xia Yanran had curled up on the bed like a cooked prawn, murmuring to herself incoherently.

Junyuan’s heart tightened as he rushed into the room, feeling her forehead which was terribly hot.

After finding the fever medicine, Junyuan helped Xia Yanran up, wanting her to take the medicine, but she wasn’t cooperating and kept shaking her head. “Brother, my heart hurts. It already feels so bitter, I don’t want to take more bitter medicine…”

Junyuan knew that she had been troubled recently, but since she wasn’t willing to say anything, he couldn’t keep asking either.

“Yanran, what happened? Tell me.”

Xia Yanran was completely dazed from her fever, her eyes covered with moisture. “I can’t have children… I’m not qualified to be a mother… The doctor said that my womb is small and the inner membrane is only three centimeters…”

“Nonsense! Why would your inner membrane be too thin?”

“It’s true… I went to the hospital to get a checkup after I returned to Ning City too.”

“How is that possible? Do you remember when you fainted for no reason when you were nineteen years old? Back then, I got my colleagues to do a more thorough checkup for you. At that time, the B-scan showed that your inner membrane was still normal. There wasn’t much of a problem from that checkup. You only fainted from being too stressed and exhausted, so I didn’t show you the checkup report and told you that everything was normal.”