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Chapter 1140: Stared at the Photo For a Very Long Time

“Xia Yanran, you need to learn to not always say break up!”

Even through the call, Xia Yanran could feel the darkness and unhappiness in his tone.

But, what was he unhappy about? Since he didn’t go look for her at the garden, wasn’t he planning to give up on her already?”

Or, was it that he didn’t want her to be the one to break it off?

“If you don’t like me saying it, then you can say it!”

Xiao Yi was angered by her attitude. He was about to say something when he heard Yi Ran’s voice from behind him. “President Xiao, President Bo is still waiting for you in the meeting room.”

Yi Ran’s injury wasn’t very serious, so she had gone back to work in the morning.

Hearing Yi Ran’s voice, Xia Yanran could guess that Xiao Yi was in the office. She laughed coldly in her heart. She waited for him in the garden for nearly a day, but he ended up working normally in the office. If that was the case, why did he call her at this time?

Xiao Yi nodded at Yi Ran. “I’ll be there in a minute.” With that said, he said softly to Xia Yanran, “I’m getting tired of you always breaking up with me, Xia Yanran!”

Xia Yanran froze for a second, wanting to ask him if he saw her note when he already hung up.

She had already returned to the magazine agency in Ning City. She didn’t go home, but chose to work overtime in the magazine agency instead.

Staring at the dimming phone screen, she felt a very strong urge to cry. She bit her lip hard, an emotion that even she couldn’t tell welling up within her.

Her fingers touched her phone screen. She really wanted to call him and ask if he really minded if she couldn’t have any children, but ultimately, she wasn’t able to muster the courage to do so.

She had placed the note on the bedside table, so he should have been able to see if the moment he woke up.

Even if he woke up slightly later this morning, it was impossible for him to not be able to go to the garden.

But, he hadn’t gone.

He couldn’t accept a life without children in the future, so why did she have to use her ten years to bind him down?

Xia Yanran put down her phone, not willing to think about the things that made her feel suffocated. Taking in a deep breath, she placed all of her focus on her work instead.

Yanran, it’s time to let go.

When Yi Ran walked out of the meeting once more, she saw Xiao Yi holding his phone tightly with a dark expression. He was exuding an angry aura, his expression tense and completely cold.

“P-President Xiao, are you alright?” When they were working, Yi Ran addressed him as President Xiao.

Xiao Yi glanced at Yi Ran briefly, his expression still cold. “I’m alright, let’s go in for the meeting.”

Seeing his cold expression, Yi Ran froze for a second. However, very quickly, she hid a smirk and followed Xiao Yi into the meeting room.

After the meeting, Xiao Yi and Yi Ran went to have a meal with the client, together with several of the higher executives and their assistants.

There were many pretty and young girls amongst the assistants, one of them being the assistant of the Sales Manager. She asked Yi Ran, “Assistant Yi, did President Xiao fall out of love? He doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.”

Yi Ran glanced at Xiao Yi, who was sitting next to President Bo. To be honest, his expression was mostly unreadable, but from the way he kept drinking with President Bo, he was indeed not in a very good mood.

“Let’s not talk too much about our Boss’ private matters.”

After the meal, President Bo wanted to go to karaoke, so Xiao Yi got Yi Ran to book a private room and the whole entourage went over to sing karaoke.

Once at the karaoke bar, President Bo, who had drank quite a bit, kept asking Xiao Yi to drink and even asked Yi Ran to drink with them as well.

In order to help the company clinch this contract, Yi Ran drank a few cups of strong liquor with President Bo.

Staring at Yi Ran, who was young, yet was willing to fight for her career, President Bo patted Xiao Yi’s shoulder. “Brother Xiao, I think your assistant is really capable! You should give her a raise and a promotion!”

Xiao Yi laughed. “Xiao Yi is indeed very capable. If we can clinch the project to work with President Bo this time, I will naturally reward her.”

Yi Ran was very sharp as she hurriedly took out the prepared contract from her bag.

President Bo laughed out loud. “I’ve seen President Xiao’s sincerity in the last two days. Alright, if Assistant Yi can drink these three shots of strong liquor in one go, I’ll sign the contract immediately.”

“President Bo, let’s not trouble a girl with us men doing business. I’ll take the three shots.”

Xiao Yi was about to take the shots when a slender hand reached over and took the glass before he could.

Yi Ran glanced at President Bo, smiling brightly. “President Bo, you have to keep your word.” With that said, she downed all of the alcohol in one go.

President Bo clapped his hands. “Assistant Yi is indeed a capable woman! Alright, I am a man of my word. I’ll sign the contract.”

After President Bo signed the contract, Yi Ran felt a little dizzy, her body shaking as Xiao Yi hurriedly supported her. “Are you alright?”

Yi Ran looked up and smiled brightly at Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi stared at Yi Ran’s bright smile under the light. It was like he was looking at Xia Yanran when she was in her early twenties again.

“President Xiao, I don’t feel very good, can you help me to sit down?”

Yi Ran felt extremely dizzy, her body falling towards Xiao Yi uncontrollably as she glanced at the service staff in the room.

The service staff caught Yi Ran’s gaze and hurriedly took a photo.

The angle the photo was taken was really good. It looked like Xiao Yi was hugging Yi Ran. However, Xiao Yi didn’t miss the two’s secret exchange.

After Yi Ran sat down, she sent the photo to Tang Chao while Xiao Yi was in the washroom. After instructing Tang Chao on what to do, she smirked.

Xia Yanran worked until ten at night.

Being busy helped her to forget some of her troubles.

That was why she was glad that she didn’t give up on her career for love. When she lost her love, at least she still had a career she could shine in.

It might have been because she was caught in the rain, but her nose felt a little stuffy now.

After tidying her things, Xia Yanran got ready to leave work. Since she hadn’t driven, she took the public bus home.

Now that many people owned cars, there was barely anyone who took the public bus so late at night. Xia Yanran sat at the last row, staring out of the window as she zoned out.

Suddenly, her phone rang with the notification of a new message. Xia Yanran took out her phone. When she saw that the message was from Tang Chao, she opened the message.

Xia Yanran stared at the photo for a very long time.

A scoff appeared on her lips. Did Tang Chao forget what she worked as? She worked in a magazine agency and used to be a secret reporter as well. Naturally she knew everything there was to know about making use of angles in photography.

The photo looked like Xiao Yi was hugging Yi Ran, but his hands weren’t on her waist. Looking at the photo closer, their bodies weren’t pressed together. However, in the photo, it was clear that Yi Ran and Xiao Yi had drank quite a bit.

Yi Ran’s side profile really did look like her when she was younger.

Xia Yanran didn’t expect for Tang Chao to hate her so much to actually send such a photo to her. Apart from her offending Yi Ran during the morning she went to find Xiao Yi, she really could think of another time she had done anything to make Tang Chao dislike her so much.

It was clear that Tang Chao was rooting for Xiao Yi and Yi Ran to be together.

Of course, she had no relation to Xiao Yi now. Tang Chao could stand for whoever he wanted, so why did he have to send this photo to her? Was he trying to help Yi Ran?