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Chapter 1139: Xiao Yi, I Wish You Happiness

Xiao Yi, by the time you read this letter, I will have left the apartment already.

I’ll wait for you by the Lily Garden’s Lily Pond. If you still want to marry me after reading this letter, you can come and look for me. I’ll wait until three in the afternoon as the air ticket I bought is at five in the afternoon.

If you think you cannot accept me after you finished reading the letter, please don’t come and look for me. I won’t blame you, because this is because of me.

I was very shocked and very touched by the proposal yesterday. I’m so happy to have that kind of proposal once in my lifetime. I don’t regret loving you. In this world, there are many couples who love each other but don’t end up together and we may be one of them. As long as we loved each other before, there wouldn’t be any regrets, right?”

Although I would be sad and would question God’s unfairness, I’m proud and happy to be able to have a deep and memorable love once.

Actually, I was cold to you for a period after we came back from the Capital, not because I don’t love you anymore, but because I was diagnosed to not be able to have any children. I should have long known this, since I should have observed that I hadn’t been able to get pregnant after we did it so many times without precaution.

I really like the names you made for our children, Xiao Wan and Xiao An. But in this lifetime, I cannot fulfill your wish anymore.

Xiao Yi, I’m sorry, I really want to tell you this in person, but I don’t have the courage to do so. I don’t dare to see the disappointment in your eyes… I’m scared!

I’m sorry.

As Xia Yanran wrote the letter, tears fell uncontrollably. Scorching hot tears fell on the letter with pretty words, smudging on the paper.

Xia Yanran sniffled, writing two more sentences before she put down the pen.

For a while she sat on the floor by the bed, staring at the man who was deep in sleep. As her eyes moved from his straight eyebrows, they trailed down his tall nose then to his sexy scarlet lips.

She could not help but slide her fingers across his handsome features.

Although she was afraid, she still hoped selfishly that he would go and meet her.

“Xiao Yi, I won’t blame you even if you don’t come.”

Leaning against the bed, she stared at him for a long time before she went to pack her luggage and left when the sun barely shown itself.

There was another person who wasn’t asleep. Tang Chao, who was in the other room.

Earlier in the day, he had listened carefully to Yi Ran’s words and observed every action and sound from the master bedroom.

When Xia Yanran walked out of the room with her luggage, Tang Chao noticed it immediately. Tang Chao opened his door slightly, furrowing his eyebrows in deep thought as he watched Xia Yanran leave the apartment.

After Xia Yanran closed the door, Tang Chao went into the master bedroom.

Xiao Yi was still sleeping. Tang Chao stood by the bed and stared at him for a while, before he suddenly noticed a neatly placed note on the bedside table.

Tang Chao opened the note, reading its contents before he slowly crushed the note into a ball.

When Xiao Yi woke up, it was nearly nine in the morning.

The important client last night was too much and mixed all the alcohol together to drink. It had been a while since he drank like this, so he felt extremely weak and only took a shower before he slept, even though he originally planned to be intimate with Xia Yanran after he returned.

Since he woke up after being very drunk, his head still ached, his temple twitching. Xiao Yi raised his well-defined fingers and massaged his throbbing temples.

As if thinking of something, he glanced beside him.

Where was Xia Yanran?

Xiao Yi hurriedly got up and went to the living room. Tang Chao came out from the kitchen. “Brother Xiao, I made some porridge.”

“You’re still injured, the doctor told you to rest in bed.” Xiao Yi furrowed his eyebrows, his expression dark. “Did you see Yanran?”

“Sister-in-law?” Tang Chao didn’t dare look at Xiao Yi, his eyes looking everywhere else as he said quietly, “Sister-in-law left in the morning. She said that her boss called her to go back to work. She even said that she’ll be very busy so she asked you not to contact her.”

Hearing this, Xiao Yi furrowed his eyebrows silently.

He had just proposed to her, but she didn’t want him to contact her? This was not like her. Besides, even if she was leaving, she wouldn’t let Tang Chao pass this kind of message to him!

After asking Tang Chao a few more questions, he went back to his room. He took his phone and called Xia Yanran, but her phone was turned off.

Xiao Yi sat on the bed for a while, feeling that something was wrong. Not only was Xia Yanran was acting strangely, Tang Chao was acting just as oddly. By right, with his head injured, he shouldn’t have woken up so early after his injection and medicine, right? How did he know that Yanran had left?

Unless, he didn’t sleep the entire night. Besides, the place where he and Yi Ran had gotten into an accident was not the route to the hotel the dinner meeting was at, so where was he taking Yi Ran?

The doctor also originally suggested that he stay in the hospital for three days before he got discharged, but he insisted on coming back last night.

What was he planning?

Xia Yanran arrived at the Lily Garden with a nervous heart. She had turned off her phone, not wanting anyone to contact her as she only wanted to wait for Xiao Yi.

After every so often, she would glance at her watch or glance at the busy entrance. Every time she heard footsteps, she would be so nervous her heart felt like it was jumping out of her.

It was like her heart was sitting on a roller coaster, going up and down, up and down again. The suffocating and nervous feelings made her understand how hard it was to love someone so deeply!

She could not help but admit that she didn’t tell Xiao Yi all of this in person because she was so scared and cowardly that she wanted to run away.

Yes, she was a coward.

Using the note, even if he didn’t come, she would know of his intentions and didn’t have to face him at all.

Many people came to the garden throughout the day. They saw a pretty woman sitting on a bench straight away, wondering if she had a mental problem. Sometimes she would clasp her hands together, sometimes she would hug her head or look up at the skies, then jump on the spot from time to time.

She waited from morning until the afternoon. The weather was still quite good in the morning, as there were some sunlight. However, in the afternoon, the skies turned dark and it started to drizzle. Later, the rain got heavier and drenched that pretty woman from head to toe.

A nice passerby wanted to give her an umbrella, but she shook her head and rejected it. She remained seated there, unmoved like a piece of dampened wood. Her face was slightly pale, her body shaking like she was about to faint.

When it was three in the afternoon, someone saw that pretty woman stand up.

She was downcast, her expression and entire being seemed as though she had lost her soul. A desolation that was hard to ignore emanated from her as her body shivered nonstop. Another person was worried that she would fall and went up to ask if she needed help. She shook her head and took her luggage, leaving the garden without another word.

Xiao Yi went to the office in the morning. After a meeting, he went to have lunch with another important client. In the afternoon, they discussed about their cooperation and by the time he was done with the day, it was already seven in the evening.

At the thought of Xia Yanran, Xiao Yi walked out of the meeting room and called her.

The call went through, but no one picked up.

The call disconnected automatically. He was about to call her again when he received a message from her.

Xiao Yi, I wish you happiness.’

Xiao Yi hurriedly called her again. This time, she picked up.

Before he could say anything, he heard her say coldly and sharply, “Xiao Yi, you can go and find another woman to have your Xiao Wan or Xiao An for you. It’s impossible for me to have them in my lifetime. I’ll send the engagement ring back to you as well. Xiao Yi, let’s break up.”

Hearing the words ‘break up’, Xiao Yi’s eyes flashed with darkness.