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Chapter 1138: Bitter Heart

There was no way Xia Yanran wasn’t touched by Xiao Yi’s proposal tonight. She had never imagined that he would express his love for her in such a romantic and sweet manner.

“Xiao Yi, if I cannot give you any children, do you still want to put this ring on my finger?” Xia Yanran stared at him cautiously.

Xiao Yi lifted Xia Yanran’s slender hand, pushing the ring onto her ring finger immediately. “Don’t spout nonsense. If you don’t give me children, who will you have children with?”

Xia Yanran stared at his well-defined handsome face, her eyes filled with tears suddenly.

She could really feel that he wanted to have their children.

Xia Yanran lost the courage to continue speaking, looking down at the ring instead. “Let’s go to the hospital to visit Tang Chao!”

Xiao Yi drove the car over and brought Xia Yanran to the hospital.

When they found Tang Chao’s room, Tang Chao’s head was covered with white bandages as he lay on the hospital bed with a pale face.

Seeing Xiao Yi and Xia Yanran walk over, Tang Chao called out, “Brother Xiao.” He ignored Xia Yanran’s presence straight away.

Xia Yanran could feel that Tang Chao didn’t seem to like her anymore after she came to B City again.

Was it because of Yi Ran?

She got into an argument with Yi Ran that morning. Was Tang Chao’s heart leaned towards Yi Ran already?

“What happened?” Xiao Yi walked towards the bed, staring at Tang Chao with furrowed eyebrows.

“I might have been too tired recently. I want to bring Yi Ran to a dinner meeting together, but I crashed into a tree and caused Yi Ran to be a little injured as well.”

Xiao Yi pursed his lips tightly. “Is your head alright?”

“It’s a small concussion. Brother Xiao, since you’re here, you should go visit Yi Ran too. I implicated her after all.”

Xiao Yi hummed as he turned towards Xia Yanran. “Do you want to go with me?”

Xia Yanran noted that Tang Chao was staring straight at her, looking as if he had something to say. She shook her head. “I’ll go over later, you can go first!”

Yi Ran was still Xiao Yi’s staff after all, and it was extremely normal for him to visit her since she’s injured. Xia Yanran wasn’t that petty to not allow any females around him.

After Xiao Yi left, Tang Chao wanted to eat some fruits, so Xia Yanran pushed a stool over and sat next to him, peeling an apple for him.

Although she felt that Tang Chao didn’t really like her, Tang Chao did help her back in Bardahl after all, so she couldn’t be mean to him.

“Sister-in-law, Brother Xiao proposed to you already, when are you planning to get married?” Tang Chao stared at the ring on Xia Yanran’s finger.

Recalling Xiao Yi’s proposal earlier, Xia Yanran’s heart was feeling warm and fuzzy. “I’m still not very sure.”

“How can you not be sure? Don’t get pregnant before your marriage. It’s still better to get married before you have children!”

Hearing about getting pregnant and having children made Xia Yanran freeze completely.

Tang Chao glanced at Xia Yanran quietly, not missing the darkness flashing in her eyes for that second. He laughed and said, “The last time you went to S Country with Brother Xiao, he said that your best friends had married well and all have children now. He’s very envious of that.”

Xia Yanran’s throat was slightly dry and hoarse. “Really?”

“Yes, that’s why Brother Xiao put everything into his work. He wanted to let you live the life of a princess in the future. He even coughed blood from his lung infection earlier. It’s all because of you and your future children. Do you know, Brother Xiao has already of the names of your future children.”

Xia Yanran’s heart thumped crazily as she stopped peeling the apple, glancing at Tang Chao instead. “He already thought of the names?”

“Yes, he said that if its a girl, he would call her Xiao Wan and if its a boy, he would call him Xiao An.”

Xia Yanran bit her lip strongly.

“Wan and An comes together to be Wan An[1] and An is love you[2]. See, Brother Xiao really loves you a lot.”

Xia Yanran immediately felt terrible. She passed the peeled apple to Tang Chao. “I’m sorry, I don’t feel very good, so I’ll go out for a while.”

It was hard to hold down the tears in her eyes as Xia Yanran walked out of Tang Chao’s room with large strides.

Xiao Yi had left Yi Ran’s room and went back to Tang Chao’s room, but didn’t see Xia Yanran. After conversing slightly with Tang Chao, Xiao Yi went out to look for Xia Yanran.

Xiao Yi found Xia Yanran in the garden downstairs. She was sitting on a bench as she stared out in a distance blankly. Xiao Yi walked over and hugged her. “What’s wrong? Are you unhappy?”

With a shake of her head, Xia Yanran grabbed onto Xiao Yi’s well-defined hands. “I heard from Tang Chao that you’ve even thought of the names of our future children!”

“Why is he so nosy?!”

Did that mean Tang Chao was telling the truth?

“I said it once when I was drunk. The names of our future children must be made by us.” He pulled her into his arms.

Listening to his strong heartbeat, Xia Yanran only felt her body turning cold, like she had fallen into a deep abyss and could no longer see the light.

“Xiao Yi, I’m going back tomorrow.”

Xiao Yi pressed a kiss at the top of her head. “Since you agreed to my proposal, you’ll be mine in the future. I’ll find a good time to go to Ning City and ask your brother for your hand in marriage.”

Xia Yanran smiled, her long lashes covering the sadness flashing in her eyes.

Xiao Yi, will we really have a future?

Tang Chao didn’t like the smell of hospitals, so he took Xiao Yi’s car back to their apartment.

“Brother Xiao, I’ll find an apartment to move to as soon as possible.”

Xiao Yi glanced at Tang Chao through the rear mirror. “It’s alright, you can stay there if you like it there. I’ll buy another house for Yanran and I.”

“Brother Xiao, you’re too nice! Good people will definitely be rewarded. You’ll definitely have many children and grandchildren when you’re old.”

Xiao Yi smirked. “Who wouldn’t have many children and grandchildren when they’re old?”

Listening to the men’s conversation, Xia Yanran felt her breathing tighten as her mind fell into a mess.

She couldn’t be so selfish anymore. He wanted children so badly, must she make him marry her because of their ten years of history and be a couple without children?

How could she bear to do that to him?

Tang Chao glanced at Xia Yanran’s expression silently, his lips curling up.

Because Tang Chao was injured, he couldn’t handle the company’s issues for the time being. He needed to go to a dinner meeting with an important client originally, but now, Xiao Yi had no choice but to go.

After Xiao Yi sent Xia Yanran and Tang Chao back to the apartment, he told Xia Yanran to rest earlier before he left.

Xia Yanran went to take a shower, lying in bed as she turned back and forth.

Xiao Yi only returned at two in the morning. As he had drank, he went to take a shower before he lay down and slept without drying his hair.

Xia Yanran sat up and took the hairdryer, drying his hair for him. She sat by the bed, staring at his sleeping expression as she felt the urge to cry.

Taking out a pen and paper from her bag, she kneeled by the bedside table as she wrote everything down, from her secret to the words she had been wanting to tell him.

She could not be like before and make a decision without telling him anything.

Even if he couldn’t accept not having children and didn’t want to be with her anymore, she still wanted to let him know so that there wouldn’t be any regrets left if they broke up!

[1] Wan An means good night in Chinese. If we break the letters up, Wan means I love you[1. Wan is the first letters of Wo Ai Ni, which is I love you in Chinese.

[2] An is the first letter of Ai Ni, which is love you in Chinese.