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Chapter 1137: Revealing Her True Colors

Yi Ran was working overtime at the office.

When she felt slightly tired, she went to the pantry to make a cup of coffee and by habit, took out her phone to look at the news.

She saw a video that one of their clients had uploaded, the caption saying: Accidentally Saw President Xiao proposing.

Yi Ran’s heart skipped a beat as she hurriedly opened the video. The video was of Xiao Yi confessing to Xia Yanran on the massive LED screen.

Yi Ran felt all of her blood flowing backwards.

He was proposing so quickly?

The scorching hot coffee spilled a little on the back of her hand, her skin a scalding red.

Yi Ran didn’t have the chance to feel that pain when her phone rang. Seeing the caller ID, Yi Ran’s expression changed.

Most of the staff had already left work, so Yi Ran was the only one left in the pantry.

Tang Chao was about to leave as well, but because he saw Yi Ran walk to the pantry when he left his office, he wanted to ask Yi Ran to go with him for a dinner meeting with one of their big clients, so he went to the pantry as well.

Just as he was about to reach the room, Tang Chao heard a woman’s angry voice trail from the pantry. “How can I get into his heart so quickly? Just because I look similar to Xia Yanran? Don’t worry, I have my own plans. So what if they got married? Xia Yanran cannot get pregnant. Even if Xiao Yi can bear it now, do you think he can bear it in the future? He’s a traditionalist, it’s impossible for him to not want any children…”

Tang Chao heard Yi Ran’s words and glanced into the pantry, seeing a dark and ugly expression on Yi Ran’s usually pretty and bright face. It was a look he was completely unfamiliar with, and he furrowed his eyebrows immediately.

Sensing that something was wrong, Yi Ran turned back and saw a figure leaving.

Yi Ran’s heart clenched as she hurriedly bid farewell to the person on the other end of the call before she hurriedly walked to the entrance.

Tang Chao had already entered the elevator. The doors were about to close when a slender hand stretched in.

The elevator doors opened once more and Yi Ran walked in.

As the elevator moved down, there were only Tang Chao and Yi Ran in the small space.

Yi Ran glanced at Tang Chao carefully, her heart skipping a beat because of his dark expression. Did he hear her conversation? How much had he heard?

A coldness flashed in Yi Ran’s eyes, but she didn’t show it. Tears covered her eyes instead. “Young Master Tang, did you misunderstand me?”

Tang Chao glanced at Yi Ran, who suddenly acted pitifully. He hummed coldly. “I suddenly understand everything. You joined the company, acting like you’re very driven and can do everything because of Brother Xiao, right? You even acted pitifully in front of me to sow discord between Xia Yanran and I purposefully by making me think that she’s not good enough. You’ve really put in a lot of effort!”

The elevator arrived at the basement, and Tang Chao rushed out angrily.

Yi Ran’s expression was tensed as she chased after him.

Tang Chao got into his car, only to have Yi Ran open the front passenger seat door and get on as well.

Tang Chao glanced at Yi Ran. “Get off!”

Yi Ran’s eyes were covered with bright tears. “Young Master Tang, you’ve really misunderstood me. I’m not who you think I am, can you listen to my explanation?”

Tang Chao laughed coldly. “What else is there to explain?”

Yi Ran suddenly took out a sharp dagger from her bag. Tang Chao furrowed his brows tightly. “Why? Now that you’ve showed your real face, you want to harm me?”

Yi Ran looked down, her tears falling. “I’ve been an orphan since young and was brought up by the Old Madam. I’m sure you know this too. Brother Xiao Yi’s Aunt is the Old Madam’s daughter, now that the Old Madam had been diagnosed with cancer and doesn’t have more to leave, she sees Brother Xiao Yi as her grandson. She wanted to see Brother Xiao Yi had a child before she leaves, thinking that she could let that child have her surname and let Brother Xiao Yi manage her company, so she forced me to approach Brother Xiao Yi and want me to have a child with him…

“I really don’t want to ruin Sister Yanran and Brother Xiao Yi’s relationship, but the Old Madam threatened me with her kindness to me, so I can’t not do it.” Yi Ran’s lips shivered as her tears fell nonstop. “If only Sister Yanran can have a child, I wouldn’t have to bear this responsibility. Young Master Tang, my heart feels really bitter…

“If you don’t believe me, I’ll prove it to you.” Yi Ran took her dagger and pressed it against her slender wrist.

Seeing blood ooze out, Tang Chao only felt his scalp turn numb.

He snatched the dagger and opened the window to throw it into the rubbish bin. “You’re crazy!”

“Do you believe me?”

She looked extremely pitiful.

Tang Chao’s mind was in a slight mess, but it wasn’t unreasonable for him to listen to everything Yi Ran said. “If that’s the case, I have to tell Brother Xiao about this. He’ll go talk to the Old Madam and stop her from troubling you.”

Tang Chao started the car engine.

Yi Ran didn’t think that Tang Chao wouldn’t listen to her, and didn’t think even more that he wanted to go find Xiao Yi.

Tang Chao drove really quickly, as Yi Ran’s face turned pale. “Young Master Tang, I’ll go look for Brother Xiao Yi with you later, but can you bring me to the hospital first? My wrists hurts a lot…”

Tang Chao glanced at Yi Ran’s wrist, the blood already soaking through her sleeve. He started to drive in another direction. “I’ll bring you to the hospital first.”

Yi Ran’s eyes turned cold. “Young Master Tang, let’s go that way, it’s closer!”

Tang Chao’s mind was still in a mess, so he couldn’t tell who Yi Ran was exactly right now, only feeling that she had two faces. However, he couldn’t just leave her be. All he wanted was to send Yi Ran to the hospital as quickly as possible before he went to listen to Brother Xiao.

The car drove onto a newly-built road. As the road was just opened, there weren’t a lot of cars there. Seeing this, Yi Ran suddenly reached out and snatched for the control of the steering wheel.

Tang Chao was completely unguarded. “Yi Ran, what are you doing?”

“Young Master Tang, I’m sorry.”

Tang Chao didn’t know where Yi Ran got her strength from, as he lost control of the steering wheel and the car turned and sped to the side of the road.

With a loud bang, the driver’s side hit a large tree.

Tang Chao was completely thrown off his seat, hitting his head strongly several times as the window glass broke into shards and stabbed into his arm.

The sharp pain in Tang Chao’s mind hadn’t eased when his face was suddenly cupped by a person’s hands. His bloodied eyes glanced towards the woman who was cupping his face.

Yi Ran stared into Tang Chao’s eyes. “Young Master Tang, do you think my eyes are beautiful?”

Tang Chao had gotten injured, his mind ringing as his conscious was weak and couldn’t be controlled. Staring into Yi Ran’s eyes, he only thought that she was very beautiful, her voice extremely sweet…

His vision slowly blurred as he replied Yi Ran, “Beautiful.”

“Then, are you willing to listen to me?”

“I am.”

“Alright, then, you should do this to make me happy…”

Xiao Yi took out his phone, his handsome expression changing after his call. Seeing this, Xia Yanran immediately asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Tang Chao is in the hospital.”

Xia Yanran widened her eyes. “What happened? Is he alright? Let’s hurry over and visit him.”

Xiao Yi stopped Xia Yanran, staring at her slender hand. “You haven’t accepted my ring.”