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Chapter 1135: Marriage Proposal

Xia Tang felt her scalp almost exploding. It was like she had been struck by lightning.

He was actually kissing her!

How can he kiss her?!

Xia Tang clenched her fists tight, wanting to fight for her life with him, but then he suddenly let go of her.

He lifted his hand to wipe the saliva by his lips, saying lazily, “I’ve seen your profile. If you cannot debut this time, your company will make you pay the sponsor or pay the high termination fee.”

Xia Tang was immediately frozen in place, as if someone was strangling her neck and was pressing against her aorta. All of the energy in her fists immediately dissipated.

“If you dare touch me, I will make sure that you will never be able to succeed.”

Xia Tang bit her lips. “What do you want to do with me?”

“Be my antidote.”

Xia Tang furrowed her eyebrows tightly. “Wasn’t the alcohol not drugged?”

Huo Ze didn’t want to waste any more time. He grabbed her arm, disregarding her struggle against him as he forcefully pulled her into one of the resting rooms in the private room.

Thud. He threw her onto the bed.

This girl was softer and more fragrant than he had thought. Xia Tang used all of her strength to push him away, but couldn’t, so she bit him. “I’m not selling myself.”

“That’s not up to you.”

Xia Tang had never been so intimate with another person before. Her mind was a little dazed as her body kept trembling.

Her evening gown was already torn into pieces by the man.

She kicked at his abdomen, only to have him use his long legs to press her down. He placed his hand on her, small beads of sweat appearing on his forehead as his dark eyes burned in the dark. As he stared at her, it was as if he was staring at his prey.

“No woman I like can run away from me. Be good, if not, you’ll be the one who suffers.”

Xia Tang had never met such an unreasonable person. “Go and die!”

Indeed, all of her softness and gentleness was an act. Her character was extremely strong!

Before Xia Tang could say anything, he kissed her once more. No matter how she bit him, how she hit and punched him, he was like a mountain pressing on her. She had never french-kissed another person, so no matter how disgusted she felt, her mind still started to turn blank from the kiss. Just as she felt completely dizzy…


The searing pain was so bad she wanted to die. As the pain washed over her, Xia Tang screamed till she was hoarse, her face turning completely pale.

This animal!

It was already late at night.

Hearing the heavy breathing from beside her, Xia Tang really wanted to cripple his lifeline.

This beast.

Her legs were extremely sore. She pushed the man’s hand away from around her waist aw as she stared out of the starry night outside, her face covered with two streams of tears.

When Huo Ze woke up, Xia Tang was already awake.

As her evening gown was torn into pieces by him, she couldn’t wear it anymore. As such, she was wearing a bathrobe she found in the resting room.

Her fair neck and collarbones were covered with red marks. He had taken her rather badly last night with no restraint at all.

He sat up on the bed, the blanket falling down until his abdomen and revealed his naked torso. His figure was extremely attractive, having retained all of the required muscles from his learning of kungfu. If the blanket fell even more, his private area would be exposed, but he didn’t care and took out a cigarette and some matchsticks from the bedside table.

Just like that, he stared at Xia Tang lazily and devilishly. “Your first time? Is one million enough?” The cigarette was placed in between his lips as he looked down to light the matchstick. As a fire was lit, it made his eyes look extremely dark.

Xia Tang stood by the bed quietly. “I don’t want your money.”

When the cigarette was lit, he looked up at Xia Tang. “You want to be my woman? You’re not qualified enough.”

As Xia Tang stared at his handsome face, she could see the derisive smile on his lips. Clenching her fists tightly, she said slowly and firmly, “I want you to help me end my contract.”

Huo Ze stopped in his actions, before he broke into devilish laughter a few seconds after. “You’re quite greedy. I’ve heard that your termination fee is at least fifty million.”

“With your capability, you probably don’t need fifty million. You just need to say something. I’m merely a nobody in the company. The only reason why they asked for such a high amount of termination fee is because the company wants to hold me captive.”

Xia Tang hadn’t slept for the entire night. Her thoughts even dwelled back on whether she could kill Young Master Huo, but that thought was quickly defeated by reality. If she killed him, she would be ruining the Xia family.

Since things had already happened, she wouldn’t seek vengeance in killing him, or act dignified and leave either. He took her first time, so why did she have to give it to him for free?

Huo Ze exhaled a mouthful of smoke out, suddenly staring at Xia Tang. “You’re not worthy of me owing you a favor.”

Xia Tang pursed his lips slightly. Just as Huo Ze was waiting for her to act pitiful and gain his sympathy, she spoke coldly, “I took photos of you after you fell asleep last night. I have some of the photos and some texts to several well-known bloggers. There’s half an hour more. If you don’t agree to my condition, the photos and the news that you raped me will be announced to the entire world.”

Huo Ze furrowed his eyebrows.

Seeing his expression darken, Xia Tang clenched her fists tight as she tilted her chin up, smiling slightly, “Is your reputation worth it?”

With Huo Ze’s background, although he was usually playful and not serious, it was impossible for him to not have his own tricks. He was smart, suspicious, heavily guarded and hated it the most when others threatened or tricked him.

This soft and weak-looking lamb was the first woman who dared to act so strong against him.

He stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray, before getting off the bed. Walking to stand in front of Xia Tang, he was stark naked as he grabbed her chin. “So you’ve planned all this already. Tsk, I couldn’t tell that you had your own tricks up your sleeves.”

Holding onto the pain at her chin, Xia Tang stood there without moving.

“Do you believe I will squeeze you to death?”

“It’s up to you.” She acted like everything was already done.

Young Master Huo’s chest heaved up and down, wanting so badly to kill this extremely daring woman with a slap.

The stalemate continued on for a few minutes, before Young Master Huo smiled coldly. “Alright, just wait here.”

Ten minutes later, Young Master Huo, who had taken a shower, opened the door to the resting room in a bathrobe. His assistant was standing outside and passed him a document and folder.

Young Master Huo threw the document at Xia Tang. “You’re acting strong against me? Sure, sign this document first and I’ll settle your termination contract. If you don’t, even if you upload those photos, with just a word from me, I’ll see who dares to upload it!”

Xia Tang picked up the agreement.

After reading this, she glanced at him with a strange expression. “You want to financially support me for a year?”

“With how you look, I think I’ll probably throw you away within a month.” Young Master Huo had an expression of contempt. This contract was purely because he wasn’t happy to have been tricked by her.

Xia Tang could tell that he had no good feelings for her. If he wasn’t because he was drugged last night, he probably wouldn’t have touched her either.

An hour later, Xia Tang wore the clothes that Young Master Huo’s assistant had brought and left the clubhouse. As she sat in the public bus, she stared out of the window, tears slowly blurring her vision.

She had signed that contract while Young Master Huo also promised to let his assistant settle her termination contract issue with her company. He even got her to sign a contract with Royal Entertainment.

She believed that he really despised her. When she left, he even warned her not to tell others about their relationship, and to act like they didn’t know each other, even if they met outside.

Xia Tang sniffled, humming softly. She couldn’t wait for him to ignore her for the rest of the next year!

In B City.

Xia Yanran didn’t know what Xiao Yi was busy with. He originally agreed to have dinner with her last night, but something cropped up at work suddenly and he only returned home early in the morning.

When she woke up, he was gone already. She really wanted to tell him about her body’s condition, but she hadn’t been able to find the chance to.

She stayed at his apartment for the entire day. Tang Chao and Xiao Yi were not around, so she was the only one.

It was only around five in the evening that she finally received a message from him*. ‘I’m done with work. Let’s have dinner together tonight, I’ll get my assistant to come fetch you.’*

She had just finished reading his message when her phone rang. It was his assistant. His assistant arrived and got Xia Yanran to come down.

After Xia Yanran got into the car, the assistant brought her to a luxurious restaurant.

“Miss Xia, please go in.”

The lights weren’t turned on in the restaurant and didn’t look like it was open. Confused, Xia Yanran walked in. The moment she stepped in, a candle suddenly lit up. Xia Yanran glanced into the restaurant, only to see several couples standing in the restaurant’s corridor.

The first couple walked up to pass Xia Yanran the red rose they were holding. “We wish you happiness.”

Xia Yanran received the rose and thanked them with her thumping heart.

The next couple approached them and she received the second rose. “We wish that you’ll be happy forever.”

With every step she took, she would receive the blessings and rose from a couple. By the time she arrived at the third floor, she was holding ninety nine roses and had received ninety nine blessings.

A pleasant piano melody rang suddenly in the quiet third floor.

Xia Yanran looked up, only to see the spotlight on a semicircle stage. There was a black piano on the stage, while Xiao Yi was sitting there in a black suit, his well-defined fingers flying across the piano keys.

He was looking down slightly, his fringe covering his forehead. His features were well-defined, and handsome, his side profile flawless and attractive. After the prelude, his lips moved slightly as he sang into the microphone:

Loving you isn’t only because of your beauty

I love you more and more

Every gaze would touch my heart

Because you let me see what forever is

I finally understood myself

I’ll cherish the days we have together

His voice was dark and simple, with a hint of laziness and hoarseness, sounding like he was drunk, making others’ hearts flutter.

He glanced at her, his depthless eyes looking like they were wormholes with a strong attracting power, making her heart heat up with the crazy flutters.

So he had been busy the last two days because he wanted to give her a surprise. Tears covered her eyes as she felt like she was getting drunk.

She was drunk in his handsome appearance.

She was drunk in his magnetic voice.

She was drunk in his deep and dark eyes.

After he finished singing, he stood up. A small distance was between them. “It’s my first time playing the piano, so I’m not that good. Don’t laugh at me.”

Xia Yanran’s eyes were still slightly covered with tears. “It’s really nice.”

He smirked, walking towards her with large strides.

His tall figure was standing straight, his dark eyes looked like they were brandished with diamonds, glimmering brightly and attractively.

As he took step after step towards her, Xia Yanran’s heart thumped even faster. She could already guess what he was going to do next.