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Chapter 1134: Seeing It Clearly

Xia Tang frowned and reached out her hand to push the young man’s hand away. But then she realized that she could not offend these people. If not, she really wanted to kick him away.

“Girl, don’t play hard to get. I don’t buy it.”

Huo Ze took the billiard cue over and stood behind the young man.

The head of the billiard cue poked at the young man’s back. The young man was pulling Xia Tang and seeing that someone was poking at him, he shouted impatiently, “Who the hell is poking me?”

Turning around, he saw a person standing behind him. Because he was drunk, he could not see the person’s face clearly and thought it was a person who did not know his place. Shaking his head, the young man snapped, “Did my picking up girls get in your way? Piss off and get out of here.”

The young men who knew Young Master Huo well wanted to come forward, but Young Master Huo raised his billiard cue and hit the young man hard with it.

The young man moved back a few steps and before he could stand firm, the cue hit him on his lower abdomen. “Do you still want me to get out?”

The young man keeled over on the ground in pain and turned sober slightly. Seeing that the one who had poked him was Young Master Huo, he shivered with fright. “I’ll go, I’ll go! Young Master, don’t get angry. I drank too much and didn’t know she’s the woman Young Master is interested in.”

After the young man crawled out, Huo Ze took the cue and walked to Xia Tang. “Do you want to sell yourself?”

Xia Tang choked and her ears turned red. “No.”

Huo Ze curled his lips. “Fine. Since you helped me win the chips tonight, I’ll let you sing here and leave after we end the gathering.”

“I need to go to the washroom.”

Huo Ze treated it as she was scared out of her mind and a trace of mockery flashed past his eyes. “Hurry.”

Xia Tang went out of the box as if she was being granted amnesty.

After Xia Tang went to the washroom, she accidentally heard the conversation between two girls while returning to the room.

“I heard that if you get together with Young Master Huo, even the breakup fee is good.”

“But Young Master Huo changes women like he changes clothes. There’s no one who can last more than three months. His temper is too unpredictable and I heard he has a strange hobby. You must think properly. Are you really going to drug him later?”

“I need the money. If I give my first time to Young Master Huo, he will give me a sum of compensation, even if he doesn’t like me.”

“Then you must be careful.”

When Xia Tang entered the room, there were more than a dozen fair and beautiful girls in the room. The one in the middle was the girl who wanted to drug Young Master Huo.

Xia Tang started to sing but her mind was distracted. That girl was the most beautiful and was arranged to sit beside Young Master Huo.

Reminding herself not to poke her nose into other people’s business, Xia Tang didn’t know what to do. But then, he had helped her just now and she did not want to owe him.

Just when the girl was about to put the glass of wine by Young Master Huo’s lips, Xia Tang could not help but burst out, “Don’t drink it.”

She had forgotten that there was a microphone in front of her and as soon as she said it, the people in the room were silent for a few seconds and looked over at her.

Xia Tang put on a bold face and went up to Young Master Huo. Seeing her walking over, he raised his eyebrows. “Why?”

“You can’t drink this wine.”

Young Master Huo lifted his lips slightly into a faint smile. “Why can’t I drink it?”

The woman beside Young Master Huo looked at Xia Tang with a sharp gaze. “Who are you and what right do you have to speak? Or do you think this wine is drugged? Do you think I want to harm Young Master Huo?”

The woman then took a big mouthful of wine.

Young Master Huo leaned against the sofa and looked at Xia Tang with his eyes narrowed. “What do you think is inside the wine?” Then, he called another young man who was in the room over. “He’s a doctor, if there’s anything in it, he will know.”

That young man sniffed the wine and used his fingertip to dip a little and put it on his tongue tip. “It’s normal. There’s no problem.”

The woman beside Young Master Hup smiled coldly and said, “I think you just want to attract Young Master Huo’s attention, right? I’ve seen a lot of women like you.”

Xia Tang furrowed her eyebrows slightly, not understanding why the wine was not drugged. She clearly heard…

Young Master Huo saw Xia Tang not saying anything and he lost his patience. “I gave you a chance and you said you don’t want to sell yourself. Now, you want to fight for attention. I hate women like you who play tricks and play chaste. If you want to move up the ranks, I’ll give you another chance.”

“I didn’t…”

Huo Ze interrupted Xia Tang’s words with a cold smile. “Jiang Bo, I’ll give her to you.”

Jiang Bo was the most frivolous among them all and he would never refuse as long as it was a beauty.

“All right! Thank you, Young Master.”

Xia Tang’s expression changed slightly. “Mr Huo, I don’t want to move up the ranks. I heard that someone wanted to drug your drink when I went to the washroom just now, and I thought…”

Suddenly, a hand touched Xia Tang’s back and the emotions Xia Tang had suppressed the whole night finally erupted. Not wanting to hold down her grievances anymore, she threw Mr Jiang over her shoulders before he could react to what had happened.

It happened in just a few seconds and no one would have thought that Xia Tang, who looked so slender, was this amazing.

Huo Ze saw it all.

The little sheep had shown many sides of herself in one night. With her moves, that drunk man from before would not have been able to take any advantage of her.


Huo Ze rose from the sofa and felt a growing heat in his lower abdomen. Seeming to have thought of something, he looked at the woman beside him. The woman did not dare to meet his eyes and looked down.

Ah, so the drug was not in the wine, but on the woman’s body.

Huo Ze’s lips twitched and there was a menacing look in his eyes. “Jiang Bo, take this woman out and have some fun.”

Raising his long fingers, he unbuttoned the third button of his shirt and swept his gaze over the people in the room. “I have something else to do. All of you go to another room. All expenses are on me.”

The people in the room left and Xia Tang’s tensed heart also slightly fell back to place. She turned, wanting to leave with the crowd when her slender wrist was grabbed by a clean and large hand.

Xia Tang’s eyelids jumped.

She looked back at the man holding her, wanting to pull her hand back, but the fingers on her wrist tightened its grip, as if he wanted to crush her bones.

Xia Tang was thinking whether to use force to overpower him, but she heard him laugh lazily. “My Grandpa had hired a master for me since I was a child and my Wing Chun is good. Do you want to have a go?” He suddenly kicked at the coffee table and the black and heavy coffee table was kicked several meters away by him. Xia Tang’s heart jolted. So he knew martial arts.

“Young Master Huo, I won’t talk nonsense anymore. Let… go of me first.”

Huo Ze had the tip of his tongue poking his cheek and he looked at Xia Tang’s sharp face, with its classic type of beauty. He smiled, not saying anything and raised her chin, his handsome face coming towards her.

Xia Tang eyes turned wide in disbelief as she stared at the man as his lips pressed against hers.

It took a few seconds for her to recover and she began to struggle violently, but the man had no intention of letting her go. He grabbed her waist with one hand and the other pressing the back of her head, kissing her even more deeply.