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Chapter 1133: Absorbed

Hearing the man’s voice, Xia Tang turned her head back subconsciously.

The man’s handsome face was reflected in her eyes.

Because he was close to her, the man’s breath landed on her skin. Xia Tang looked at the man standing behind her with her pupils constricted.

The light shone from the top of his head, making her unable to see his eyes clearly.

But she remembered his face.

This was Huo Ze, one of Imperial Entertainment’s main shareholders. And he was also that scary Young Master Huo who had eliminated Ye Qianqian directly.

It turned out that she was sitting in his seat.

He was very tall and standing behind her, his back was hunched slightly. He looked at her with his long upturned eyes slightly narrowed. There was a cigarette between his lips and his jawline was smooth. The end of the cigarette was burning red and Xia Tang shrank back, afraid that the cigarette ash would burn her.

Seeing her movement, Huo Ze’s lips turned down slightly and there was a trace of coldness and contempt in his eyes.

He was still in the clothes he wore as Imperial Entertainment’s judge previously, but had taken off the blue suit jacket, leaving only a thin white shirt underneath. With his blue pants and his outstanding figure paired with that face, he had the look of a typical rich playboy.

“You sure have the guts to sit in my seat.” He took out the cigarette from his mouth and flicked the ashes.

From what had happened earlier with Ye Qianqian, Xia Tang could see he was not someone to be messed with. She stood from the chair immediately and lowered her head, apologizing sincerely, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault.” She could not afford to offend the master of the room and if she said it was another man who asked her to sit down, she would also offend that person.

The other young men at the table knew all about Young Master Huo’s temper and no one dared to speak up for Xia Tang. Like spectators, they were all looking on as if waiting to enjoy a show.

Xia Tang’s palms turned clammy.

She did not know how to entertain people, especially these rich young men. They all had bad tempers and Sister Jin had warned her many times that if she offended anyone, she would have to pay the termination fee.

What could she do?

With the current situation at home, she could not pay such a large sum of money. Besides, she did not want her brother and sister to worry about her.

She could only blame herself for being young and naive and not knowing the dangers of society, thinking that in signing with a formal management company she would be able to achieve her dream with her own talent and voice.

Now thinking about it, she was really naive!

Huo Ze took a breath of smoke and looked at Xia Tang, who had her head lowered and looked incredibly stiff. He gave a faint smile. “You didn’t look so timid when you took my sunglasses during the competition.”

Xia Tang’s head dropped even lower.

Huo Ze looked at Xia Tang for a few seconds and pulled a chair to sit beside her, his legs opened and he blew a ring of smoke at her. “If you can win all the chips from the three of them, I’ll let this matter pass. If you can’t win, then take off your clothes and sing!”

The other three young men whistled.

These rich people were unbelievable!

Xia Tang furrowed her eyebrows. Although she was not good at entertaining, she had been in the entertainment company for two years and had heard that these rich people were scandalous, full of tricks and were very bad.

If she was stubborn, they would have plenty of means to deal with her. Xia Tang’s eyelashes fluttered and she looked at the man puffing at his cigarette.


Huo Ze looked at Xia Tang and saw that there was a trace of disgust in her clear eyes. He frowned and when he looked at her again, her eyes were back to looking quiet and unassuming.

Huo Ze burst out laughing.

She was just an unpresentable girl, how dare she show disgust and contempt?

Xia Tang sat down on the chair again.

“Girl, have you thought it through? You have to win the chips from the three of us or else you have to take off all your clothes,” the young man opposite Xia Tang reminded her.

Xia Tang nodded. “I know.”

The game started and Huo Ze did not think Xia Tang would win. He looked down at his phone and after a while, found that the situation of the game was not right. His three friends were pulling long faces. How could such a young and unassuming girl have such skills?

Huo Ze put down his phone and stared at Xia Tang for a while. She was sitting upright, looking at the tiles with full concentration.

He smirked. Ah, so she had a photographic memory.

Xia Tang was thinking about what tile to put out when the man’s fingers brushed past the fair and smooth skin of her back suddenly. Xia Tang felt angry and wanted to wave that hand away, but thinking of Sister Jin’s words, she gritted her teeth and held it down.

Her dress revealed her back and the man’s fingers brushed past before landing on her soft waist, pinching it slightly as if they knew each other very well. His thin lips then came close to her ear. “Put out your tile.”

Xia Tang was speechless.

The other people around the table looked at one another when they saw Young Master Huo approaching Xia Tang, one hand going over the back of her chair to hold her waist and his handsome face close to her intimately.

Young Master Huo never touched this type of girl before!

Xia Tang could not do anything so she could only stiffen her body and continue the game.

The man was close to her and the atmosphere was too ambiguous, making one feel suffocated. Xia Tang was distracted and lost two rounds.

She could not sit still anymore and turned to look at the man by her side. The man looked at her tiles on the table like a beast in human clothing, but his hands that were rubbing her waist were very skilled.

These young men were really annoying. Would they always take advantage of women who sat beside them?

Just when Xia Tang’s mind was in a mess, the man suddenly reached over to the side of her waist. It was Xia Tang’s sensitive area and she could not help giggling when she felt the ticklish sensation. “D-don’t touch there.”

Her laughter was completely uncontrollable, like she was being tickled under the armpits.

When Xia Tang laughed, she was like a blooming begonia, pure and beautiful. Her eyes that were covered by her eyelashes were clear and innocent.

Young Master Huo’s expression became dazed slightly when he saw Xia Tang’s smile. He withdrew his hand that was on her waist, stood up and went out of the room.

After a while, someone came over to call him back in. “Young Master Huo, your female companion won all the chips.”

Huo Ze flicked the cigarette ash and there was laughter in his dark, ink-like eyes. “Tsk, the little sheep’s really something.”

When Huo Ze returned to the room, Xia Tang had successfully gotten out of her pinch and did not need to sing naked. She was now standing on the semicircle stage, singing a recently popular song.

Huo Ze did not make things difficult again and went to play billiards with several young men.

As they were playing, there were some noises coming from the semicircle stage. Huo Ze turned back and saw a young man who had drank too much hitting on the little sheep.

The little sheep’s slender and fair arm was grabbed by the man.

“You look so beautiful, fair and slim like a white lotus. I like white lotus…”