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Chapter 1131: She’s Different

Like that, Xia Mo was stuffed into Junyuan’s car.

And he even fastened the seatbelt for her.

Not giving her a chance to speak, he started the engine and sped away.

Xia Mo was pulled outside by him through the restaurant’s side door. She saw that Mr Zhou was still waiting outside through the rearview mirror.

Junyuan saw Xia Mo looking at her date and the car suddenly took a sharp turn.

The momentum almost caused Xia Mo to hit the car window, but fortunately he had slowed down. She glared angrily at the man driving. His expression was calm, but veins were protruding from his hands that were holding the steering wheel.

A crisp ringtone sounded and Xia Mo looked at his pants pocket. Her phone was ringing.

“How long are you going to keep my phone?”

Junyuan held the steering wheel with one hand and fished out her phone from his pocket with the other.

It was Mr Zhou.

It must be her blind date.

“Tell him properly.”

Xia Mo looked at him, who looked like he had already owned her, and felt both angry and amused. “Doctor Xia, even if there is anything between us, I’m still free and have the right to have friends.”

Junyuan glanced at Xia Mo and was silent for a few seconds before saying, “Okay, do as you like.”

What the hell? He gave up just like that?

Xia Mo vented her anger on Mr Zhou’s call and hung up the call directly. Then, she sent a text message over. “I’m not interested in you. Don’t contact me again.”

Junyuan looked at the girl who was furiously tapping at her phone. She ignored him and turned

her head away from him.

Junyuan drove to the district.

Getting out of the car, he was about to open the front passenger seat’s door when he suddenly saw a familiar figure in a mask.


Hearing Junyuan’s voice, Xia Tang turned around. “Brother.” As she was speaking, she saw a beautiful girl sitting in the front passenger seat.

Xia Tang heard from her sister that there was a beautiful girl pursuing her brother.

“Is she Momo?”

Junyuan did not hide it from Xia Tang and hummed, pulling Xia Tang to the side of the car.

When Xia Mo saw this, she did not stay in the car. Although she was angry at the doctor’s actions, she still liked the two sisters from the Xia family.

“Sister Tangtang.”

Xia Tang’s eyes curved into crescents. Although she was wearing a mask, it could be seen that she was smiling. “Hello, Momo.”

Junyuan looked at Xia Tang. “Why are you wearing a mask?”

Xia Tang’s eyes shifted away slightly. “Nothing.”

But Junyuan knew his sister well. There must be something going on if she was looking like that. “Take off the mask.”


“Do you want me to do it?”

Sighing, Xia Tang took off the mask slowly and there were rashes on her fair and clean face. When Junyuan saw this, his eyes darkened. “What happened?”

Xia Mo also asked worriedly, “Is it an allergy?”

Under Junyuan’s repeated questioning, Xia Tang had to come clean. “I was careful after that time when there were some problems with my throat. But, this time I didn’t expect someone to put pollen in my pillow. You know I’m allergic… After practicing for the whole night, I fell asleep after returning to the dormitory. When I woke up, my face was full of rashes.

“Brother, you know that for trainees to debut, it’s decided by the company. Tonight, several shareholders of the company will be coming to listen to us sing. The supervisor didn’t let me participate because of my rashes and asked me to go home.” What Xia Tang did not tell Junyuan that when her company found out about this, they had asked her to ‘accompany’ their investor. If she was unwilling, they would ask her to pay a high termination fee.

In the beginning, she wanted to pursue her music dream but she was too naive, thinking that if she signed a contract with a formal management company, she would be able to release songs. Who knew that the songs she wrote were all taken away by the popular singers in the company and she had never released a single.

This time joining the trainees to debut under a group, she sang the best out of all the trainees. But if she did not pay attention, she would be plotted against and was unprepared for all the vindictiveness behind the scenes.

Xia Tang did not want to tell her brother and sister about this. She was raised by them and after graduating, she wanted to repay her brother and sister, but things did not turn out the way she wanted.

Xia Mo looked at Xia Tang. “What’s the company you’re a trainee at called?”

“Imperial Entertainment.”

Didn’t Young Master Huo invest in Imperial Entertainment? After telling Xia Tang to wait for a moment, she took out her phone and went to the side.

After a few minutes, Xia Mo smiled and said to Xia Tang, “Sister Tangtang, you can participate in the competition later in the evening.”

Xia Tang’s jaw dropped open and she exclaimed in disbelief. “Really?”

“Yes, yes. I asked a friend.”

“Momo, you’re amazing.”

Xia Mo almost said that she would be her sister-in-law in the future, so of course she would help!

“But the rashes on my face…” Xia Tang touched her face. “The supervisor said that we must have both the looks and the voice. If I go like this, won’t I scare the judges?”

Junyuan, whose gaze was on Xia Mo, said, “I’ll give you some allergy medicine to take later.”

Xia Mo nodded. “Take the medicine first and I’ll help you put on makeup. I guarantee you’ll be able to compete beautifully!”

Junyuan went to the drugstore to pick up the medicine for Xia Tang and after Xia Tang had taken it, she was pulled to the mall by Xia Mo.

Xia Mo chose a dress for Xia Tang and put on makeup for her in the flagship store.

When Xia Mo came out with Xia Tang, she called out to Junyuan, who was sitting on the sofa reading a magazine while waiting for them, “Doctor, take a look at Sister Tangtang.”

Junyuan raised his head and looked at Xia Tang who was standing beside Xia Mo.

Xia Tang was wearing a dress that showed her butterfly bone, the close-fitting fabric outlined her figure and her hair was tied in a low ponytail by Xia Mo, her fringe parted in the middle, with a delicate, wispy fringe over her forehead. She was not wearing glasses and when she was standing there, Junyuan almost did not recognize that she was his conservative sister.

Compared with Xia Yanran, Xia Tang was much quieter. Because she had lost her parents at a young age, she was much more mature than girls of her age. Junyuan had advised her many times that she should not feel pressured. Without their parents’ love, he would always love her as her brother.

But she was too sensible. She would get scholarships every year when in school and was well-behaved and obedient. The only rebellious thing was that she did not work in a job related to her art major after graduating from university, but chose the path of music.

Ever since she was a child, she had always had a beautiful voice. She sang well and wrote many songs. Several popular songs by popular singers were all written by her.

“Sister Tangtang is so pretty after wearing makeup and when she isn’t wearing her glasses.” The Xia siblings each had their own characteristics, they were handsome and beautiful.

Junyuan put down the magazine and stood up, looking at Xia Tang with his glass-like eyes. “Good luck for later.”

Xia Tang nodded. “Thank you Brother and Momo.”

Soon after, Xia Mo and Junyuan took Xia Tang to Imperial Entertainment.

After Xia Tang went up, Junyuan looked at Xia Mo. “If it were any other girl, they would have been irritated, but you treated my sister like your own family. Xiaomo, you’re really different.”