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Chapter 1130: It Has Nothing to Do with You

The man’s breath was close.

W-What?! Damn it, damn it! He was cheating!

Was the doctor mad? It didn’t sound like something he would say!

Was he drunk?

Xia Mo’s body was pressed against the wall and strands of hair fell messily onto her cheeks. She raised her head and brushed them back, her eyelashes fluttering and she did not dare to look at him. “Doctor, are you crazy?”

She was already speaking to him in such a tone, shouldn’t he be angry and hit her?

“Raise your head and look at me.”

Instead of looking up, Xia Mo lowered her head even more. “Why should I listen to you? Besides, I don’t want to see your face at all.”

He said nothing and the atmosphere was awkward and stiff.

Although she did not look up, Xia Mo knew that his glass-like eyes were staring fixedly at her. His breath landed on her forehead which made her heart beat faster.

Just when she thought he was not going to say anything, she heard his gentle voice say, “Weren’t you clearly telling me that you were here, putting the address on your moments?”

Xia Mo’s mind turned blank and her face flushed red. She clenched her fists and hit his shoulders. But before she could touch him, her fists were grabbed by his large hands.

His palms were warm and dry. With her fists wrapped in his hands, her heart almost jumped out from her throat.

He stared at her, not wanting to miss any expression on her small face. “Was that guy from before your boyfriend?”

Xia Mo struggled for a while and could not break away from his hold. She raised her head defiantly. “What does it have to do with you?”

“If you have someone by your side, I won’t kiss you.”

Xia Mo choked. “Who cares for your kiss?”

The lights in the room were turned off. Outside, the sky was turning dark gradually and her face was open and stubborn under the rays of light. There was exquisite makeup on her face, showing a femininity to her. His gaze swept to her fair and long legs that were exposed outside of her skirt. He frowned. “Are you interested in your blind date?”

In his impression, except that time she introduced Lily to him, she rarely dressed like this.

Xia Mo felt angry just by looking at him and did not want to talk to him. She struggled, trying to escape from his grip.

He looked slim, but was actually quite strong. Instead of letting go of her when she struggled, he used his other hand to hold her waist.

She held her breath.

This stupid doctor, why was he holding her so tightly?

“Speak.” His voice was not cold, but was not warm either.

Xia Mo wanted to reply with a ‘none of your business’, but seeing his deep eyes, she was suddenly like a deflated ball.

She glared at him with red eyes. “No.”

Although she did not say it clearly, he understood her meaning. That boy from before was not her boyfriend and she was not interested in this boy now.

Xia Mo could feel the oppressiveness dissipate from him and she pulled back her hand from his palm. “Can I go now?”

She was about to turn when the back of her head was held by his hand.

Before she could react, she felt a strong force on her lips.

Her phone suddenly rang and Xia Mo became clear-headed. She pushed the man with one hand and used the other to take out her phone from her bag.

Looking at the caller ID, she saw that it was from Mr Zhou. Before she could do anything, her phone was snatched away by a long and clean hand, and the call was hung up, before her phone was put into the pants pocket of the hand’s owner.

When Xia Mo saw this, she found it inappropriate to take her phone from his pants pocket.

Her face had turned red. “Give me back my phone!” She lowered her eyelashes, not daring to look at him at all.

Fortunately, the sky had turned dark. Perhaps he might not be able to see her expression clearly.

It was extremely shy.

Junyuan remained quiet.

“Give me back my phone!” She repeated, louder this time.

No words left his lips when he pressed her against the wall, kissing her once more.

Oh no, oh no!

Why was he flirting with her? She really, really could not resist being flirted by him!

Was she going to just give in like that?

No, no! She could not just do what he wanted!

Although she was the one who first pursued him, he did not treasure it and hurt her once. This time, although he took the initiative, wouldn’t men not cherish women in the future after getting them easily?

She could not have her heads in the clouds just because he flirted with her, right?

After Xia Mo became slightly clear-headed, she took the opportunity to push him, and pushed him hard.

She had pushed him away, but their bodies were still close.

Suddenly, he picked her up and with his fingers pressed on her knees, he asked her, “Do you want to go back with me or go to a hotel?”

Huh?! Xia Mo’s mind turned blank again.

Was this the same doctor she knew?

Must he be so straightforward?

Wait, where did he get that confidence from?

Although it was embarrassing for her to be carried by him like this, she did not struggle to get down and looked at him with her eyebrows raised. “Have you recovered down there?”

She thought that he would throw her down to the ground when she mentioned this.

After all, it would hurt his self-esteem again!

But he did not, and even held her tighter, his face red. Seeing him like this for the first time, she could not help panicking. “Who’s going to your house? Who’s going to the hotel? Stupid doctor, let me go!”

She was not experienced and was a novice, so she could not stand such agitation!

“Then we’ll go to my place.” It just so happened that his sisters were not around. Without waiting for her to respond, he put her down, wrapped his fingers around her wrist and pulled her out of the room.