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Chapter 1128: She Went for a Blind Date

Xia Yanran had decided.

She had to tell him the truth when they went out for dinner tonight. No matter what his decision was, she would respect him.

Xia Yanran sat on the carpet again and looked at her phone. Clicking open her WeChat moments, she found a new post from Xia Mo while she was scrolling down the page.

Xia Mo had taken a picture of a table and there was a vase with a lily inside on the table.

There was a line of words on top of the picture. “Blind date now. I’m feeling an inexplicable nervousness, what to do?”

There were several comments from the former colleagues of the newspaper agency below:

“Momo, you’re still young, why did you go for a blind date?”

“I want to see what Momo’s blind date looks like.”

“Momo, you rejected all of the male colleagues from the company and went to have a blind date? Hurry back to work overtime!”

“Momo, were you provoked by something? Do you still need to go for a blind date with your appearance and qualities?”

“I don’t think your date needs to eat anymore, he can just think of how to eat you up.”

Xia Mo replied to the last comment with an emoji of a hammer hitting a head.

Xia Yanran saw this post from Xia Mo and she did not move for a while.

Why did Momo go for a blind date for no reason?

She could not help but think about that night she was drunk. It seemed like it was Momo who had taken her back home!

Xia Yanran immediately returned to the chat page and found Junyuan’s WeChat, sending a screenshot of Momo’s moments about having a blind date to him.

After a minute, Junyuan sent back a ‘?’.

Xia Yanran replied immediately, “Brother, if you don’t grab on to Momo, she might really leave you.”

Junyuan then replied, “Did I say I liked her?”

Tsk, this brother of hers was even getting arrogant!

For the sake of his happiness, Xia Yanran mercilessly exposed him. “That night I was drunk, it was Momo who helped me change, right? If you’re not a tiny bit interested in her, you wouldn’t have asked her to help me change. Didn’t you always ask the auntie staying opposite to help me change? If you don’t want to have anything to do with Momo, you should have asked her to leave after she had sent me back!”

“You’re thinking too much.”

Xia Yanran scoffed in her heart. “Really? Then forget it!”

Thirty seconds later, Junyuan sent a line of ellipses over.

Xia Yanran ignored him. But they were after all siblings for many years and she understood him. This fellow must be feeling anxious in his heart now.

Sure enough, a few seconds later, he sent a single word over. “Address.”

Xia Yanran had only taken a screenshot of Xia Mo’s words and picture, but did not send over an exact address. Seeing that Junyuan could not take it anymore, she sent a smirking emoji and sent the screenshot of the restaurant’s address over.

Junyuan did not reply Xia Yanran anymore, but Xia Yanran could guess that his expression must not look good right now.

Xia Yanran thought of his expression and could not help giggling.

As she giggled, she felt that something was amiss. There was a heat by her ear and the man’s hot breath entered her ear. Xia Yanran felt so numb that she shrunk her neck, looking sideways at the man.

The man’s handsome face came close to her and when she turned, she touched his jaw.

Thinking that they were in the living room, she wanted to move away, but he kissed the corner of her lips. Xia Yanran immediately used her elbow to jab at his chest, then whispered. “There’s someone here.”

Xiao Yi grabbed her hand. “What were you laughing about just now?”

Xia Yanran showed her conversation with Junyuan to Xiao Yi. After seeing it, Xiao Yi smiled. “The dry wood finally became enlightened.”

Xia Yanran glared at him. “Don’t say that about my brother.”

Xiao Yi laughed. “It’d be good if your brother can get together with Xiaomo, then Xiaomo can say a few good words in front of your brother for me.”

Xiao Yi was a fearless person. Though he had gone through so many dangerous situations, he was still surprisingly afraid to face Junyuan.

Sitting in the restaurant, Xia Mo felt bored.

After using her phone for a while, a trace of sadness flashed past her eyes when she saw that there was no comment from Sister Yanran on her moments.

If Sister Yanran did not see it, then the doctor would not know.

Xia Mo puffed up her cheeks and hit her head. She had already decided to let go, why was she still thinking about it?

“You’re funny.”

A voice suddenly sounded. Xia Mo raised her head and saw a tall, slim and fair young man with dyed brown hair standing in front of her, dressed in a Korean style.

Young Master Huo had sent her the picture of her date. It was the Zhou family’s son, Zhou Yu.

Xia Mo stood up from the chair and greeted Mr Zhou with a smile. “Am I? Why does it sound pejorative?”

Mr Zhou laughed and sat opposite Xia Mo.

They were similar in age and soon, were chatting well, talking about all sorts of things. Xia Mo had grown up in the Huo family and had seen all kinds of men at Young Master Huo’s side. A type like Mr Zhou really did not have many traits that attracted her.

Just the usual bragging about how impressive he was when he was dependent on his family.

But being the polite and courteous person she was, she couldn’t be bothered exposing him.

When the waiter brought the menu over, Mr Zhou was gentlemanly and let Xia Mo order first.

After ordering, Mr Zhou chatted with Xia Mo for a while. He found that Xia Mo was able to talk about any topic and was counted knowledgeable among girls. She was not just a pretty face with no brains so his interest in her deepened.

“I heard from Young Master Huo that you haven’t been in love? I’m also a novice so please take care of me in the future.”

Xia Mo smiled. “I’m not quite a novice. I’ve chased after men before.”

Mr Zhou was stunned. “I haven’t heard Young Master Huo mention anything about it.”

“He’s not my father so why should I tell him about my embarrassing experience?”

“Then, did you get the man?”

Xia Mo’s eyes turned dim. “If I did, would I still be sitting here?”

Mr Zhou had never seen a girl like Xia Mo. If it were other girls, they would definitely not say this out. But he could conclude that this girl had no feelings for him.

Mr Zhou felt that he had egg on his face, so he worked even harder to find a topic to attract her attention.

As they were eating, it was the first time Mr Zhou had the feeling of not knowing what to say. This girl looked easy to get along with, but if he really wanted to pursue her, it might not be that easy as she had her own views.

When they were eating fruits, Mr Zhou did not know what else to say. When he saw there was some white sauce at the corner of Xia Mo’s lips, he picked up the napkin, leaned over and wiped it for her.

He was too fast for Xia Mo to react.

She did not push him away immediately as she was stunned. He was very close to her and their eyes met. She could smell the cologne on him.

Xia Mo suddenly thought of the doctor’s scent. It was fresh and clean, and he never used any cologne. Occasionally, there would be the smell of medicine on him too.

It was the smell she liked.

If the doctor saw that there was something by her mouth, he would not be like Mr Zhou and would just remind her…

Why was she thinking about him again? Xia Mo blinked and when she was about to push Mr Zhou away, she saw a slim and tall figure out of the corner of her eye.