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Chapter 1126: It’s So Embarrassing

Xiao Yi’s curiosity was piqued by Xia Yanran.

“You’re not going to surprise me by proposing first, are you?”

Xia Yanran laughed at his words. She clenched her fists and hit his chest. “You wish! I don’t plan to get married yet.”

Xiao Yi said nothing and his expression suddenly changed. Xia Yanran asked hurriedly when she saw it. “What’s the matter?”

“Heart hurts.”

Xia Yanran thought he was injured and wanted to unbutton his shirt. “Where? Show me quickly!”

As soon as her voice fell, Xiao Yi hugged her and turned her over.

“Stop fooling around.”

Xiao Yi buried his face into her neck and said in a hoarse voice, “Yanran, I want to kiss you.”

Xia Yanran was stunned. Previously, when he wanted to kiss her, he would not let her know and come pressing down towards her directly.

Before she could say anything, she heard him say gloomily, “But I don’t want to pass my cold to you. Forget it.”

He was about to get up from her body when the woman’s hands wrapped around his neck. He looked at her with bright eyes. “I don’t have self-restraint in front of you. Don’t test me.”

Xia Yanran smiled and used her actions directly.

There was a knock on the door suddenly.

“Brother Xiao, Sister-in-law.”

Tang Chao’s voice sounded outside.

Xia Yanran pushed Xiao Yi away hurriedly and said softly, “Okay, I don’t want to kiss anymore.”

“But I’ve only just gotten a taste.”

“I don’t want to catch your cold.”

“You seduced me and don’t want to be responsible for it.” Her cheek was pinched by his fingers. “Are you bullying me because I have no strength?”

Xia Yanran raised her feet to kick at him. When she almost kicked him, she could not bear to do it hard. Getting up, Xiao Yi rubbed his head that was still slightly aching and said hoarsely, “The door’s not locked.”

Tang Chao pushed open the door and seeing Xiao Yi up, he said, “Brother Xiao, I bought breakfast. Come out and eat it with Sister-in-law and then have a good rest after that.”

Xiao Yi nodded. “Okay.”

After Xia Yanran went to the bathroom in Xiao Yi’s room to wash up, she changed and then went out.

Tang Chao and Yi Ran had laid out breakfast on the table and seeing Xia Yanran coming over, Yi Ran pulled at her hand enthusiastically, saying softly, “Sister Yanran, don’t put what happened earlier to heart!”

Xia Yanran apologized to Yi Ran. “I’m really sorry to have misunderstood you.”

Yi Ran waved her hands. “It’s all right. Actually it’s fate too. I’m on my internship and came to B City to find a job and happened to apply for Brother Xiao Yi and Young Master Tang’s company. I was really shocked when I learned that they were the bosses!”

So that’s how it was.

“Although Assistant Yi is young, she’s very capable and not arrogant at all. She’ll be of great talent in the future.”

“Young Master Tang, you flatter me,” Yi Ran said in an embarrassed way.

Tang Chao glanced at Xiao Yi, who was scooping porridge for Xia Yanran and smiled, saying, “Brother Xiao, don’t you think Yi Ran has good working ability?”

Xiao Yi answered carelessly, “Not bad.” She was able to finish whatever he ordered quickly and efficiently.

Yi Ran heard Xiao Yi praising her and the smile on her face became brighter. She could not help looking over at Xiao Yi and when she saw that his gaze was on Xia Yanran, helping her scoop the porridge and pouring milk, she lowered her eyes, a trace of sadness in her eyes.

Judging from his gaze and actions, he really loved the woman beside him.

But he was so outstanding, did he want to be a man with no successor?

Although the Old Madam did not say it, Yi Ran knew that she left a will and might leave all her assets to him. In the future, he would be a billionaire without even relying on his own efforts. Was he going to end up with no successor?

Yi Ran looked at Xia Yanran.

She could not help putting herself in Xia Yanran’s shoes. If she were Xia Yanran, she would not stick by the man’s side if she was unable to bear a child for the man.

It was better for women to have some self-awareness! These thoughts were moving around Yi Ran’s mind and she had no appetite to eat.

Tang Chao frowned when he saw that she had not eaten much and put her spoon down. “Assistant Yi, what’s wrong?”

“Young Master Tang, CEO Xiao, I suddenly remembered that I still have some work to do at the company. I’ll go and finish it off first.” Yi Ran stood up and seeming to have thought of something, she passed the medicine she had bought last night to Xia Yanran and told her how many pills to take with which medicine and when to take it, before she left.

Tang Chao looked at Yi Ran’s back and found that it was not easy for her. She suffered grievance from Xia Yanran but did not mind and even told Xia Yanran how Brother Xiao should take his medicine.

If it was other girls, they could not do it!

Xia Yanran on the other hand, after sitting down at the dining table, she did not smile much at Yi Ran. If she was so sensitive and suspicious, did it mean that no other females could be by Brother Xiao’s side in the future?

While mulling over this, Tang Chao felt a trace of unhappiness towards Xia Yanran, but did not show it on his face.

After breakfast, Xiao Yi saw that Xia Yanran’s eyes were bloodshot. He knew that she had driven the car overnight so he pulled her onto the bed. “Sleep for a while. I’ll take the medicine myself.”

After staying up the whole night, Xia Yanran was indeed slightly tired, so she did not decline. After taking a bath, Xia Yanran snuggled into Xiao Yi’s blanket and closed her eyes to sleep, smelling his scent on his pillow.

When she woke up, it was already afternoon.

Xia Yanran came out from the room and saw that there were several men sitting in the living room with Yi Ran sitting aside, who was recording something in her laptop.

Xia Yanran did not expect them to be having a meeting in the living room. She was wearing Xiao Yi’s nightrobe, but it was too late for her to return to the room.

The several men in the living room looked over at her. Xia Yanran was rooted to the spot, neither could she retreat nor advance.

Xiao Yi was looking at a document and listening to the the marketing manager, when the marketing manager suddenly stopped talking. The atmosphere was slightly strange and Xiao Yi saw Xia Yanran as soon as he looked up.

Xiao Yi immediately put down his documents and stood up. “Let’s pause for a while.”

He strode towards her. Seeing that she was barefoot, he picked her up and carried her into the room under several pairs of startled eyes.

Xia Yanran covered her burning face with both hands. “Ah, ah, ah. It’s so embarrassing! I didn’t comb my hair, change my clothes and was even barefoot. Did I embarrass you?”

Xiao Yi looked at her distressed and embarrassed face. He didn’t feel that she was embarrassing, but found her extremely adorable!

His rough fingers rubbed her face, his voice deep and husky. “I’ll take you out for dinner after the meeting.”

Xia Yanran looked at the tenderness flowing out from his eyes and she wrapped her hands around his neck, burying her face in it. “Xiao Yi, if one day, you found that I’m not as good as you imagined, would you still want me?”