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Chapter 1125: Exhausted

Xia Yanran had always been a responsible person who owned her actions. She was the one at fault when she threw the water on Yi Ran’s face in a fit of anger.

Pursing her lips, she said to Tang Chao, “I’ll apologize to Yi Ran later.”

Tang Chao was not a person who would not let this matter go. Seeing Xia Yanran owning up to her actions, the familiar smile appeared on his face. “I’m also to blame. I couldn’t find a suitable house recently and Brother Xiao is loyal and said that it’s big here so he asked me to stay here temporarily. I didn’t expect this kind of misunderstanding to happen this morning. Sister-in-law, don’t take it to heart. I’m a straightforward person, I’m not defending anyone, I just think that Yi Ran’s not wrong.”

Xia Yanran nodded thoughtfully. “I know your character.”

“Brother Xiao is still asleep. His room is the first one on the right at the end of the corridor.”

Xia Yanran hummed and went over with her suitcase.

After Xia Yanran entered Xiao Yi’s room, Tang Chao knocked on Yi Ran’s door. “Assistant Yi, have you finished changing?”

Yi Ran opened the door.

Looking at her face that was still tear-stained, he looked carefully at her and found that her fair neck was slightly red. “You injured your neck?”

Yi Ran shook her head and turned away, avoiding Tang Chao’s gaze.

Tang Chao went up to her, frowning. “Were you scalded by that cup of water Sister-in-law threw at you?”

Yi Ran lowered her eyes, her eyelashes that were wet with tears looked even more dark and long. She said in a hoarse voice, “Sister Yanran didn’t do it on purpose. Let’s forget about this. I’m also not scalded that badly. I’ll apply some medicine when I go back later and it’ll heal in a few days.”

She was so delicate and there was such a large patch of red on her neck. He felt pained looking at it and she still said it was not serious!

After interacting more with Yi Ran at work, Tang Chao found that although she was young and could be considered a workaholic. She was not afraid of hardship, was smart, willing to learn and she was able to accomplish anything handed to her extremely well.

Although Tang Chao was usually careless and casual, he admired girls who were smart and willing to endure hardship.

Even though Yi Ran was just an assistant, she would not be shy when there was a need for her to entertain clients. She would drink how much the clients wanted her to drink, was dedicated to her work, but was slightly silly.

He could see how she was doing the best for the company.

She was pretty and a lot of male colleagues in the company were interested in her, but she never got too close with them and focused on her work. This was what Tang Chao admired about her.

Tang Chao frowned. “It was a cup of hot water?”

Yi Ran bit her lip. “Young Master Tang, it’s really nothing. Don’t tell Brother Xiao Yi about this, Actually, I know how miserable Sister Yanran feels. She has her difficulty so she is sensitive and didn’t believe Brother Xiao Yi…”

Tang Chao raised his eyebrows. “What is it?”

“Stop asking. I’m not badly scalded so just forget about it!”

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll go tell Brother Xiao right now and ask him to decide what is right.” Tang Chao pretended to leave.

Yi Ran pulled him back hurriedly and looked at him with a troubled expression. “Don’t go bother Brother Xiao Yi for such a small matter.”

“Then are you going to tell me about it?”

Yi Ran sighed. “Then you must promise not to let Brother Xiao Yi know and can’t tell anyone.”

Looking at Yi Ran, who looked like she was about to cry if he did not agree, Tang Chao raised his right hand. “Okay, I promise.”

“When Brother Xiao Yi and Sister Yanran went to visit the Old Madam, the Royal Hospital’s doctor, Doctor Wei was also with the Old Madam and when she saw Sister Yanran, she told the Old Madam about how Sister Yanran can’t get pregnant. I overheard their conversation accidentally.”

Tang Chao looked incredulous.

Xia Yanran could not get pregnant? How could it be?

Some time ago, he still heard Brother Xiao said that Xia Yanran had agreed to have children with him and that he had to work hard to earn money, so that his wife and children would have good lives in the future!

“Young Master Tang, Sister Yanran might be sensitive and suspicious because of this, so you really can’t blame her.”

Tang Chao pursed his lips and said nothing.

No wonder some time ago, Xia Yanran was cold and indifferent to Xiao Yi. It might be because of her being infertile and she did not know how to face Brother Xiao!

Xia Yanran did not know that Tang Chao and Yi Ran knew her secret. She entered the room and saw the man lying on the bed, a gauze wrapped around his head and he had not woken up.

She touched his forehead.

It was still a little hot.

Xia Yanran stayed by the bed and stared at him for a while. There were no blemishes on his well-defined face, his eyelashes were dark and long, the faint shadows under his eyes showed his haggardness and his tightly pursed lips also showed a trace of tiredness.

Xia Yanran’s heart softened.

He was usually so lively and energetic. When had he ever looked like this?

She went to the bathroom and took out a basin of water. She wiped his face and was about to wipe his palm when she did not notice the man slowly opening his eyes.

His sight was still slightly blurry and could not see the person sitting by the bed clearly, he only felt that it was a woman.

Xia Yanran was wiping his palm when suddenly, she felt a pain in her wrist. She was being grabbed at the wrist by the man.

She looked at the man on the bed and seeing his dark expression, she said hurriedly, “Xiao Yi, it’s me.”

The grip on her wrist loosened immediately.

The man on the bed propped his tired body up and looked at the woman by the bed. He raised his palm and held it over his forehead, his voice deep and hoarse. “Yanran?”

Xia Yanran rubbed her wrist and pretended to be angry, glaring at him. “You almost crushed my bone.”

The man looked at her lips and grabbed her wrist again. Before Xia Yanran could cry out in pain, she was pulled onto his body.

The tip of her nose bumped onto his firm and hard chest. Her hands were on his chest and she looked at him, her eyelashes fluttering. “What are you doing?”

He had one hand pressed on the back of her waist, not letting her get up. “Why did you come here so early?”

Xia Yanran did not reply and looking at his thin and handsome face, she puffed up her cheeks and said, “You also didn’t plan on telling me you were sick, right?”

“It’s a small matter, I’m all right.”

Thinking about how it was a girl who looked after him the whole night last night and she knew nothing about it, she felt jealous. But she felt that she was being too petty. He had fallen into a deep sleep because of his fever and knew nothing, so what could he tell her?

Perhaps because of her body condition, she could no longer be as confident as she was before in front of him.

He touched her long hair that was spread over her shoulders. “The other time at Ning City, you said you wanted to talk to me. What was it?”

The reason Xia Yanran had come here this time was to confess to him. But at this moment, she did not know how to say it.

“I’ll tell you when you get better. I’ll stay here for a few days.”