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Chapter 1123: Her Words Could Make Him Come All the Way

Xia Mo’s heartbeat sped up slightly.

But she could not be like before, showing her emotions so clearly on her face. He rarely came so close to her on his own initiative and he was so close that she could clearly smell the clean and fresh scent on him.

Her hands that were hanging by her sides clenched into fists and she tried to control her panicking heart.

Xia Mo. Don’t let yourself sink any further.

She did not want to experience that sharp and stifling pain after her failed confession last time. Never again.

Looking at his glass-like clear eyes, Xia Mo was afraid that he would say words that would embarrass her the next second. In order to conceal her feelings, she smiled even deeper. “Doctor, you don’t have to apologize to me. I’ve already walked out of the hurt you’ve brought to me.”

But had she walked out of it?

Junyuan frowned slightly and the image of the big boy holding her at the airport the other day appeared in his mind. The boy was tall and handsome, and they looked compatible standing together.

Xia Mo saw that Junyuan was silent and still had his hand pressed on her car door. They were standing very close and she could see the eyelashes on his lowered eyes and his fair and flawless skin.

He was beautiful and Xia Mo dug her fingernails into her palms, reminding herself to keep calm.

He was here to apologize to her and should have no other motives, so it was better that she did not have any wishful thinking.

Junyuan looked down at Xia Mo. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Xia Mo’s heart skipped a beat.

What kind of question was this?

There was a faint expectation in her heart, followed by a fear.

“It’s that boy from the airport that day, right? You look quite good together.”

Her cheerful feeling disappeared because of his words. There was a trace of anger in her eyes and her face was tense. “Really? You think we look good together?”

Junyuan hummed and then withdrew his hand that was pressing against the car door.

Xia Mo raised her chin and there was anger in her eyes. “Okay, I’ve received your apology. My boyfriend and I will be happy.” Her tone was unfriendly and there was an obvious unhappiness to her voice.

Junyuan saw her attitude towards him becoming bad, and a complicated look flashed past his eyes. Without saying anything more, he stepped aside and let Xia Mo get into the car.

“Be careful.”

With a bang, Xia Mo slammed the car door shut, blocking out his evil face and unpleasant voice.

The sports car then sped away.

After getting out of the district, Xia Mo lowered the car window. She was almost charmed by him when he put his hand on the car door and their bodies were close.

Fortunately, she did not do anything embarrassing. But she felt ashamed of herself, because for that few seconds, she even hoped that he would kiss her.

Xia Mo took out her phone and made a call.

After ringing for a while, the person on the other end of the line finally answered. Loud music could be heard and there were sounds of glasses clinking together and laughter.

Young Master Huo said lazily, “Little Momo, why are you calling at such a late hour? You miss me?”

Xia Mo could not help rolling her eyes. “You have so many girls around you, you don’t need me.”

“Tsk, tsk. Can’t you just coax me? Tell me, why did you call me at this hour?”

“Didn’t you say you want to introduce a boyfriend to me the other time? I’ve thought it over. Ask him out for me and see when he’s free to meet me!”

“What a surprise. I thought you were going to be an old woman forever!”

“Can’t you put it in a nicer way?”

“Okay, okay, I got it. I’ll send you a text once I’ve arranged it.”

The next day.

Xia Yanran was still asleep when the doorbell rang.

She had a splitting headache and did not want to get up. Snuggling herself deeper into the blanket, she turned over and continued sleeping.

But the doorbell was like an evil sound, ringing nonstop.

Argh! Shut up!

Xia Yanran opened her eyes. Not only was she having a headache, her eyes were slightly dry because of her hangover. She rubbed her eyes and felt around, picking up the alarm clock on the bedside table.

It was almost eight o’clock.

Xia Yanran hurriedly lifted her blanket.

The doorbell was still ringing.

Xia Yanran thought Junyuan had forgotten his keys when he went out in the morning and she had no time to freshen up. She ran towards the door barefooted.

Xia Yanran was stunned when she pulled open the door.

It was not Junyuan, but Xiao Yi.

He was wearing a black shirt, faint stubble covering his jaw. He had one hand on the wall and the other was continuing the action of pressing the doorbell.

The rays of light from the corridor shone from behind his shoulders and landed on his well-defined face, showing the tiredness of staying up. His deep eyes were bloodshot like he had not rested all night .

Their eyes met.

Xia Yanran’s head that was still slightly in pain suddenly thought of some things about last night. Did she video call him? What did she say?

Because of her words, he came all the way here?

Xia Yanran felt the urge to cry and she glared at him. “It’s still quite cold in the morning. Why aren’t you wearing a jacket?”

“I was in a rush and forgot about it.”

He stepped forward, reached out his long arms and pulled her into his arms. Her face was pressed against his chest and smelling the scent from his body, she felt choked up.

Xia Yanran’s delicate chin was raised by his slender and long fingers and before she could say anything, her lips were pressed by his.

He only released Xia Yanran when she was almost out of breath. Her eyes were glistening with tears, her breath unsteady. “Why did you suddenly come?”

His forehead rested against hers and his eyes were intoxicating. “You missed me, so I came.”

Did she say she missed him last night? Xia Yanran had no recollection of it at all.

But, it would be a lie to say that she was not touched when he came all the way here all because of what she had said.

She knew that he had returned to B City from Bardahl and his company was thriving. Her hands wrapped around his slender waist and looked up at him. “You drove here?”


“So you bought a new car.”


“Not bad, Boss Xiao.”

He pinched the tip of her nose. “It’ll only get better. Anyway, it’s the weekend. Want to go to B City with me and look at where I work and live?”

Xia Yanran looked at him, her heart bittersweet. He was so good to her. Was she going to keep her condition a secret from him?

She should give him a chance to choose. If he could not accept it, they should just end it, right?

Although she was unwilling to give it up and helpless, who could she blame it on? She was not good enough to keep his love.

Xia Yanran held Xiao Yi’s hand and pulled him into her room.

“Sit down for a while. I have something to tell you after I wash up.”

Xiao Yi looked at her solemn appearance and laughed. “You seemed to be ignoring me recently. Do you have a wild man outside?”

Xia Yanran laughed at his words. “What will you do if I do?”

“Break his legs.”

Xia Yanran’s mouth twitched. “Boss Xiao, why can’t you change your evil nature?”

“I won’t be soft on those who dare to steal my woman.”

Xia Yanran smiled and went into the bathroom. She could feel that he cared about her and loved her a lot.

After coming back from the Capital, she did not know how to confess to him. Because she cared about him too much, she was afraid that if she said it, their feelings would get affected and so she wanted to escape.

But she understood that escaping was unfair to him.

He had the right to know everything.

After washing up, Xia Yanran mustered up her courage and went into the bedroom.

“Xiao Yi…”

Xiao Yi was not in the room and was answering the phone on the balcony of the bedroom.

“Is it very serious? Okay, I’ll leave for the airport right now.”

After ending the call, Xiao Yi turned around and looked at Xia Yanran, stepping forward and kissing her forehead. “I have to go to Bardahl. A worker has fallen off the building for the first phase of a project. His family is making a scene so I have to go over.”

The words that were on the tip of Xia Yanran’s tongue were swallowed back down her throat.

“How long before you’ll be back at B City?”

“A week, if it goes well.”

Xia Yanran bit her lips. “If you get on the plane here, I’ll drive your car to B City next Friday!”

Xiao Yi pursed his lips and touched Xia Yanran’s head. “Okay, but it’s a long drive. You have to be careful.”

“Don’t worry. I could already drive when I was twenty, so I’m experienced.”

“Experienced?” Xiao Yi hugged Xia Yanran. “You’re experienced?”

Xia Yanran’s lips curled into a smile. “I’ll let you know how good I am when we’re at B City.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Xiao Yi handed Xia Yanran the car keys and then told her the address and password for the fingerprint lock. Then he kissed the corner of her lips and left reluctantly.

Xia Yanran went to B City a day ahead. She did not call Xiao Yi and did not know if he was back from Bardahl, but if he was back, it would be a surprise for him.

Just like how he had suddenly appeared at her doorstep that day, she was pained and surprised seeing him looking so travel worn.

His car was a Land Rover and the view was broad. Speeding away from Ning City at ten at night, she arrived there at eight the next morning.

Xia Yanran drove the car to the district Xiao Yi lived. She carried her suitcase and went into the building.

Xiao Yi lived on the second floor so Xia Yanran went up the stairs.

Entering the password, the door opened with a click.

Upon entering, Xia Yanran stood in the hallway and was about to take off her shoes when she suddenly discovered a pair of female high heels by the side of the shoe cabinet.

It was a stylish pair that was young and fashionable.