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Chapter 1118: Fatal Blow

It was five in the evening.

Xia Yanran followed Xiao Yi to the doctor’s office.

After they got the results, Xiao Yi didn’t even look at it and didn’t let Xia Yanran see it either.

Although he looked like he feared nothing and was extremely calm, Xia Yanran knew that he was worried and afraid as well.

As they sat opposite of the doctor, Xiao Yi’s hands on his knees clenched into tight fists and Xia Yanran placed her soft hand on top of his.

The doctor took a close look at the CT scan and saw a dark shadow at his lungs. However, he didn’t give an immediate conclusion and took a look at the cells analysis as well.

It was only a few minutes, but it felt like two centuries long to Xia Yanran.

She kept praying nonstop that it would be nothing, that it would be fine.

Once the doctor was done looking at the results, he pushed his spectacles up a little. “The results are good. There are no mutations, so it’s not cancer. But your inflammation situation is a little serious. You will have to quit smoking and alcohol in the future.”

Hearing the doctor’s words, Xia Yanran sighed heavily in relief. She glanced at Xiao Yi, his lips were curling up too.

It was a good thing that it was nothing!

The doctor gave Xiao Yi some anti-inflammation medicine and instructions as well.

As the two of them left the doctor’s office, their expressions were relaxed and happy.

“I have to go to the gynecology department.”

As Xia Yanran had done a full body checkup, it included a gynecology checkup as well.

Xiao Yi wanted to go with Xia Yanran, but received a glare from her. “Men cannot go into the gynecology department. You can wait for me in the waiting area!”

Xiao Yi nodded.

Xia Yanran walked to the office of the doctor who did her check up earlier.

The doctor was a female doctor in her fifties. When she saw Xia Yanran walking in, she nodded at her. “Please take a seat.”

After Xia Yanran sat down, she smiled as she asked, “Doctor, there isn’t much of a problem with my body, right?”

The doctor looked at Xia Yanran’s checkup results, falling silent. Seeing this, Xia Yanran’s originally relaxed hands clenched slightly.

Was there something wrong with her body?

There probably wasn’t, right? She rarely got colds, so what would be wrong?

Xia Yanran stared at the doctor, asking once more, “There’s nothing wrong, right?”

The doctor furrowed her eyebrows a little as she looked away from the results and looked up at Xia Yanran. “Are you still single? How long have you cohabited with your boyfriend with?”

Xia Yanran froze for a second, not knowing why the doctor would ask her this. However, at the thought that the doctor was a gynecology expert, she answered honestly, “It’s been a few years.”

“Have you gotten pregnant before?”

Xia Yanran’s long lashes fluttered. “No.”

“Did you always take precaution?”

Xia Yanran thought about it. “Not every time.” When he was violent to him back then, he took her whenever he wanted and never cared about her feelings. He would never use any protection either and although she would take the pill sometimes, she didn’t take it every time.

Her heart skipped a beat. They rarely took precautions in the past, but she had never gotten pregnant.

When Zhizhi had Xiaojie, she got pregnant after being with Young Master Mu once. Huahua also seemed to had Little Apple after an accident.

Why was it so hard for her to get pregnant?

There had never been any accident.

Cold sweat covered Xia Yanran’s hands as she stared without blinking at the doctor, saying with a tight throat, “Doctor, is there something wrong with me?”

She didn’t realize earlier, but now that she was thinking about it carefully, a shiver ran up her spine.

The doctor flipped through the results, only saying after a while, “From your results, your womb is slightly smaller and is only two-thirds of that of the normal people. Also, the inner membrane of your womb is three centimeters. It is too thin, so it’ll be hard for you to get pregnant. Furthermore, even if you did get pregnant, it would be hard to keep the baby.”


As Xia Yanran listened to the doctor’s words, her ears rang. In that one second, everything seemed to disappear around her. She stood alone in a deserted plain, cold wind blowing at her from all around, making her shiver terribly from the pain.

“Miss Xia, Miss Xia…”

Someone kept calling her nonstop. Xia Yanran regained her senses, her pale lips shivering terribly as she felt extremely cold. Cold sweat covered her forehead like she had been brought out from the water. “Doctor, do you mean that I can never get pregnant?”

Xia Yanran never thought about it in this way. If she didn’t come with Xiao Yi, she would have never come for a checkup alone.

During that morning at Bardahl, she even told him that she wanted to have children with him.

Now, all of it seemed to be a joke.

She couldn’t have children!

Staring at how lost and soulless Xia Yanran looked, the doctor got up and gave her some water. “Miss Xia, don’t be too sad. With how advanced medicine is now, you can try test-tube babies or get a surrogate mother if you want children.”

Xia Yanran’s eyes were covered in tears. “I don’t want to.”

“The fertilized egg that surrogate mother will have would still belong to your boyfriend and you.”

“I know you can have a child that way, but I don’t want to use another woman’s womb.” If that was the case, she would rather not have any children.

The doctor stared at the agitated Xia Yanran, sighing softly. “I’ll give you some medicine that you can take for a while and we will see if it can correct your situation.”

Xia Yanran nodded with trembling lips.

Xiao Yi waited outside for nearly twenty minutes. Seeing that Xia Yanran wasn’t out yet, he was about to call her when he saw her walking out slowly.

He moved forward and caressed her hair. “Why? What’s wrong?”

Xia Yanran’s chest was terribly stuffy. How was she going to tell Xiao Yi? She could tell that he liked children and wanted to have a lovechild with her.

She could bear to see the disappointment in his eyes.

He might not say anything for now, and might even comfort her. But what about later?

In the past ten years, with them separating and getting back together many times, he still had some interest in her. However, once their relationship was promoted from love to kinship, they needed a child to grow the responsibility and feelings between them.

However, she couldn’t have a child. He wouldn’t even have the chance to be a father.

A dull pain spread within Xia Yanran’s heart. She didn’t know how to say and didn’t know how to face it either.

What was she doing to do? What would they do? She felt extremely clueless, helpless and scared.

Seeing that Xia Yanran wasn’t speaking, Xiao Yi grabbed her hand, furrowing his eyebrows when he found that her hands were slightly cold. “What’s wrong, Yanran?”

Xia Yanran glanced at Xiao Yi, breaking out into a bright smile suddenly as she poked her tongue out at him. “Haha, were you scared?”

Xiao Yi froze for a second before he realized what was happening and pulled her into his arms. “You were scaring me?”

“Yes, I wanted to see what your reaction would be like if there was something wrong with me.”

Xiao Yi patted her perky butt twice. “Don’t scare me like this in the future.”

Xia Yanran pressed her face against his chest, looking down to hide her sparkling tears. “Got it!”