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Chapter 1116: It Was Already Very Late at Night

Xia Yanran stopped struggling.

She knew Xiao Yi. He was a man with a high degree of confidence man and was definitely feeling upset for her after seeing her best friends having found respectable partners.

So she laid her head on his shoulder, staring at his well-defined face. A happy and sweet smile appeared in her eyes. “Don’t give yourself too much pressure! I’d still be happy as long as we’re together.”

“Alright, hold on tight, my Princess. I’m going to speed up.”

He started to run as Xia Yanran hugged his neck harder, crisp laughter leaving her lips. Right now, she was happy… She wanted to freeze time in this moment especially.

He piggybacked her for almost an hour. When she was leaning on his back, people would pass them occasionally and she would hear their whispered comment of envy.

He carried her back to the hotel. After they walked out of the elevator, they even started kissing each other in the corridor.

She let him press her against the wall, letting him kiss her.

Their breathing slowly got heavier.

She clenched his collars weakly. “O-open the door first…”

“The room key is in my pocket.”

Seeing that he wasn’t willing to let go of her, she had no choice but to find it herself.

When they finally opened the door, he carried her up and placed her on the counter.

Hot lips moved along her soft ones, lingering down to over her chin, gradually leaving a trail down below.


The night was long and quiet.

Xia Yanran was almost losing her mind as she was flipped over and over again, the man having receiving some unknown agitation.

Slowly, her mind dazed out and she didn’t even know when she had fallen asleep.

Her last memory of the night was of her begging him to stop again and again…

It was already late in the night.

Xiao Yi wasn’t sleepy at all as he stared at the woman whose hair was sprawled out, her cheeks flushed, his slender fingers caressing her sweat-drenched long hair.

His pretty eyes were dark as he stared down at her. “Yanran, give me a little more time.”

Xia Yanran seemed to hear the man beside her say something, but because she was too exhausted, she turned around and fell asleep once more.

Yan Hua was pulled to the palace entrance by Little Apple. When she saw the familiar SUV, happiness sparked in her heart.

Ever since she returned, Bo Yan had gone back to work at the camp. She didn’t even have the time to talk to him.

Did he come fetch her tonight because he planned to ease their relationship?

In the past, she always thought that she loved him more than he loved her in their relationship.

Tonight, after hearing from Zhizhi that he went to the temple to pray for her and was even willing to give some of his life to her so that she would still be alive, her heart was both sad and warm.

He wasn’t a person who expressed himself usually and liked to hide everything in his heart, making it hard for others to read him.

Once they got into the car, Yan Hua carried Little Apple to sit with her in the back. Little Apple called ‘Daddy’ brightly before she blinked playfully at Yan Hua.

Yan Hua glanced at the expression-less face Bo Yan had, swallowing the words that were almost out of her lips.

She had a feeling that he would ignore her if she spoke to him now.

That was why none of the two adults spoke on the way back. Little Apple was the only who spoke to Bo Yan for a moment, then spoke to Yan Hua.

Little Apple was in a rather good mood tonight. Although Brother Xiaojie had only treated her as a younger sister, he accepted her crystal apple!

Once they arrived at the General’s manor, Bo Yan got off first.

Little Apple glanced at Yan Hua who was beside her, furrowing her eyebrows. “Mommy, I had to act sick to get Daddy to come back from work. Why didn’t you humor and dote on him properly?”

Although Yan Hua had broken her expectations before, she had always been a little afraid of Bo Yan since she met him, especially so when he was angry. That was why whenever she did a small thing that made her feel a little guilty, she wouldn’t even dare talk to him.

Besides, after he was promoted to be a General, he exuded a strong and cold aura all over. With just a glance at her, her heart thumped crazily.

“Mommy, you were the Queen at home in the past, with Daddy chasing after you. Why did you become a coward after your trip?”

Yan Hua coughed awkwardly. “It’s because I’m at fault.”

“Then apologize to Daddy properly. He must have missed you a lot after not seeing you for such a long time. He’s just stubborn. Mommy, you have to learn from Tiantian and me, act cute and the boys will listen to you obediently!”

Yan Hua stared at Little Apple, speechless as she pinched her daughter’s chubby cheeks. “Where did you learn this from?”

“Because every time Brother Xiaojie ignores me, I just have to cry and whine a little and he can do nothing to me.”

Yan Hua didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. However, she was a little worried too. Little Apple liked Xiaojie so much now, but Xiaojie really only treated her as his younger sister. If her innocent love now became an unmoving love for Xiaojie in the future, wouldn’t they be like Bo Yan and her?

Although Xiaojie wouldn’t be like Bo Yan and hurt Little Apple’s heart terribly, Xiaojie was the Crown Prince who would inherit the crown in the future. If he didn’t like Little Apple, he definitely wouldn’t give Little Apple a chance, right?”

Yan Hua stared as Little Apple jumped off the car, shaking her head hurriedly. Her daughter was still so young, she was thinking too much.

However, she had to find a chance to ask Xiaojie about this. If he only treated Little Apple as his younger sister, then their families would stop mentioning about their promise of marriage.

Yan Hua gave Little Apple a shower, waiting until she fell asleep before she returned to the bedroom.

The bedsheets were neat and tidy and she couldn’t see Bo Yan.

Yan Hua walked into the bedroom. A while later, the bathroom door was pulled open and Bo Yan walked out in his home clothes.

He was holding onto a towel, drying his hair.

He glanced at Yan Hua who was sitting by the bed, as he said indifferently, “I’ll be doing work in the study tonight and will leave early tomorrow morning. If there’s nothing at home, I won’t come back for the time being.”

Seeing him act so aloof, Yan Hua bit her lips. “Bo Yan, can we have a proper talk?”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” The tall figure walked towards the door.

Seeing his cold figure, Yan Hua’s heart immediately panicked.

She cupped her heart and gasped out loud.

Bo Yan turned back to look at Yan Hua. Recalling Little Apple’s words, Yan Hua softened her voice. “Bo Yan, m-my heart hurts.”

Her voice was originally pleasant, soft and nice. After she softened it intentionally, she sounded even softer and more mesmerizing.