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Chapter 1115: A Teenager From the Comics

When Little Apple walked into the palace, Xia Yanran was bidding goodbye to Nan Zhi and Yan Hua. After Mu Sihan had come back earlier, he told her that Xiao Yi was waiting for her outside.

“Auntie Yanran, are you going out to see your boyfriend? I saw him when I was in the car, he’s really super super handsome!”

Xia Yanran stared at Little Apple. The young girl was fair and soft, having inherited all of the good things from Yan Hua and Bo Yan. She was as pretty as a doll, while her personality was optimistic and hyper, attracting the adoration of everyone.

Xia Yanran picked up Little Apple in her arms, unable to resist the urge to peck her pretty cheeks. “I really want to have a child quick.”

Nan Zhi originally wanted to ask Xia Yanran to stay for the night. However, when she heard Xia Yanran’s words, she whispered in her ear, “So you’re in such a rush to go see Xiao Yi to create a life, hm?”

Xia Yanran didn’t shy away from the attention either, admitting it openly. “Seeing the little cuties Huahua and you have, I have to work harder!”

At this moment, a soft voice trailed from the living room. “Sister Apple.”

Tiantian, who had gone over to Ye Fengjun’s palace, ran over towards Little Apple. Seeing Xia Yanran, she greeted her sweetly before her grape-sized eyes glanced at Yan Hua. She hummed for a second before she widened her eyes. “I know you, you’re Auntie Huahua, Sister Apple’s Mommy!”

It was the little girl’s first time meeting Yan Hua in person, so Yan Hua was a little surprised. “Is this Little Tiantian? You’re so cute! How do you know me?”

“Because I saw your photo in Sister Apple’s room. You’re a big celebrity that sings really nicely and you’re super pretty.”

Yan Hua glanced at Nan Zhi. “Your Princess is really capable, her words are so sweet they could kill.”

Nan Zhi smiled unconsciously, but before she could say anything, a cold and stern voice interrupted. “She only knows how to talk sweetly and act cute to everyone. She can never follow up with her homework.”

Little Yuyu walked in then. They were twins, but he was a lot taller than Princess Tiantian. He spoke really maturely as well, and wasn’t cute like a child normally was. Princess Tiantian pouted. “Brother is more strict than Daddy and Big Brother now. I’m a girl, can’t you give me some face?”

Little Apple grabbed Tiantian’s chubby hands, smiling sweetly. “Girls who know how to act cute are really adorable.”

“Sister Apple, you have to act cute to Big Brother often. Let me tell you, there’s a girl in our class that likes Big Brother. She even wanted me to pass a present to him. Hmpf, I told them that Big Brother is my Sister Apple’s!”


Hearing a cough, everyone glanced towards the lobby.

Xiaojie, who had brought the twins to visit their grandfather, had returned. He had grown into a handsome and young little man. Since he had inherited Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi’s height, he was taller than a lot of the children his age. His tall figure, short haircut from camp, his dense eyebrows, perfect nose bridge and well shaped lips look slightly sharper now, compared to his face that still had a little baby fat when he was younger. His dark and bright eyes were the only thing that were the same, sparkling as bright as ever. His lashes were like his Daddy’s, long and dense. He was extremely handsome.

He was wearing a white outfit, looking like a teenager from a comic as he walked over.

Xia Yanran couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh my god, my godson is so handsome now!”

The closed military training didn’t let Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan see their Xiaojie for a year, not to mention Xia Yanran seeing him.

Children changed every year. Xia Yanran recalled the time when Zhizhi just returned to Ning City with Xiaojie. Back then, Xiaojie still had leukemia, his face pale and figure slender. But now, he was already a young teenager.

Xiaojie walked over and greeted Xia Yanran and Yan Hua politely.

“Brother Xiaojie.” Little Apple walked in front of Xiaojie with a giggle, looking up as she stared brightly at him.

Now that the girl was slightly older, she stopped calling him Brother Husband in front of everyone.

However, Xiaojie knew that she only stopped doing it in front of people. She was still extremely naughty when it was only the two of them.

Xiaojie treated Little Apple as a younger sister, so he nodded and responded to her.

Little Apple was still young, her thoughts extremely innocent and naive. She liked Brother Xiaojie, besides, she knew that she would be his Princess Consort in the future.

After Xiaojie greeted everyone, he went up to study his culture lessons. Seeing him go up, Little Apple told Yan Hua and ran up hurriedly.

Xiaojie was at the study’s door when he saw Little Apple running after him. He turned around to look at her.

Little Apple smiled brightly at him, saying naughtily, “Brother Husband, I heard that you’re going to a school for aristocrats to study soon! If a girl gives you anything, you cannot accept it!”

Little Apple took out a crystal apple from her small bag, taking Xiaojie’s hand and placing it in his hand. “If they really want to give you a present, then say ‘I have Apple already’.”

Xiaojie stared at the exquisite-looking girl in front of him, his fair fingers flicking at her forehead. “What are you thinking of everyday? Don’t put the adults’ words to heart. You’re still a child, I will always treat you as a younger sister.”

Before Little Apple could say anything, Xiaojie laughed and said, “But I will keep the crystal apple you gave me properly.”

Little Apple didn’t know what Brother Xiaojie meant, but hearing that he would keep her gift properly, she nodded excitedly.

Seeing Nan Zhi’s three children and Yan Hua’s Little Apple, the urge to have a child only grew even stronger in Xia Yanran’s heart.

Nan Zhi sent Xia Yanran out to the door. She wanted Yi Fan to send her to the hotel, but Xia Yanran rejected her.

She could briefly guess why Xiao Yi was still waiting at the square and didn’t come in with Mu Sihan. She jogged out of the palace and arrived at the square.

From afar, she could see the tall figure squatting by the fountain. He was playing with a lighter in his fingers, his side profile cold and dark, looking like he was deeply troubled.

He was wearing a black shirt, a pretty line extending from the back of his neck and into his collar, exuding masculinity even unconsciously. Xia Yanran’s heart fluttered at the sight.

It was weird now that she thought about it. She had known him for so many years, but she never seemed to get tired of looking at him.

He had a different feeling to him at every stage.

Xia Yanran crouched down as she walked behind him. He remained squatting, unmoving as Xia Yanran suddenly leaned forward and dropped herself on his back.

His arm was still injured, so she couldn’t bear to lean on his arm with her weight.

However, the moment she touched his back, his arm reached around to press her down. Following that, she was carried off the ground as he piggybacked her.

Xia Yanran gasped quietly. “You knew I was here? No, no, your arm is still injured.”

“It’s just a small injury, it’s nothing.”

“No, let me walk by myself…”

“I don’t have a luxury car now, but I’m full of energy and can piggyback my wife now. I can also work hard to earn money so my wife can have a good life.”