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Chapter 1114: Unable to Accept

The Old Madam stayed at a rich area, so it was really hard to get a taxi. Xiao Yi walked for a very far distance before he was able to get a taxi.

After hearing that he wanted to go to the Crown Palace, the driver stared at him strangely.

Naturally, Xiao Yi couldn’t enter the Crown Palace, so he waited by the square’s fountain. He glanced at the luxurious palace, feeling a little stuffy, so he took out a cigarette and lighter.

He had just placed the cigarette between his lips and was about to light it up when he remembered the ban Xia Yanran had given him to stop smoking. He smirked and laughed out loud, before he reached to throw the cigarette into the rubbish bin.

There was no need to call her. He knew that she had a lot to say when she met her best friends.

For more than two hours, he waited at the square.

The night during the Capital’s summer was still slightly chilly. Xiao Yi was only wearing a black shirt, but he didn’t seem to feel cold.

There were guards on duty at the Crown Square. Seeing that Xiao Yi had stood there alone for a long time, the captain of the guards brought his men over.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” the leader questioned Xiao Yi seriously.

Xiao Yi placed a hand in his pocket, his expression indifferent. “I’m waiting for someone.”

“Who are you waiting for? Please show us your identification card.”

Xiao Yi had placed all of his identification documents in his luggage, which was in the hotel and had brought nothing with him. He narrowed his dark eyes. “I didn’t bring it.”

It had only been a short while since Xiao Yi had retired from the triads, so there was still a gangsterish aura on him. The leader felt that he was acting suspicious. “Since you didn’t bring your identification card, please come with us.”

Xiao Yi didn’t want to cause trouble here, so he forced himself to remain patient as he said coldly, “I’m waiting for my wife.”

“Your wife?” The leader stared at Xiao Yi. “Where is she?”

“She’s in the palace. She’s your Queen’s best friend.”

Although Xiao Yi was speaking the truth, his words sounded like a joke to the guards. Several guards even burst out in laughter.

“Your wife is our Queen’s best friend?” It was clear that no one believed him.

It was understandable. Xiao Yi had taken a taxi here and wasn’t wearing any branded clothing. There was nothing on him that showed his status either, so he looked like a peasant who looked a little more handsome to the guards.

How could a peasant’s wife have the rights to be best friends with their Queen?

Wasn’t he daydreaming?

The leader didn’t want to talk nonsense to Xiao Yi anymore. The more he did, the more he thought this person was suspicious. He raised his hand. “Take him away.”

A dark and cold glint flashed in Xiao Yi’s eyes. He was never someone with a good temper. Everyone would be in a bad position if he was angered.

So what if they were guards? Could they take people away so casually?

Xiao Yi clenched his fists tightly, his knuckles cracking loudly.

Just as the two parties were at a stalemate, a bright light shone over at them. Five black sedans drove over slowly, their aura powerful and extravagant.

Seeing this, the guards all moved into an orderly row as they bowed with straight backs.

Seeing the car plate, Xiao Yi could briefly guess who was in the car.

A few moments later, the cars stopped.

The door of the car in the center of the entourage was pushed open, and a tall figure walked out.

Mu Sihan had just returned from his office. He was wearing a black coat, a white shirt with a tie and suit pants that wrapped his slender legs. He looked handsome and cold, yet respectable as well.

After becoming King, his aura was incomparable to anyone else.

Back in Ning City, Xiao Yi already knew that Mu Sihan wasn’t a normal person. Now that he had become a King, Xiao Yi wasn’t too surprised either.

The guards were all greatly surprised when they saw Mu Sihan walk towards Xiao Yi after he got out of the car.

Was this man’s wife really the Queen’s best friend? He knew the King as well?

Mu Sihan walked in front of Xiao Yi, their heights around the same. They knew each other in the past, so they weren’t too unfamiliar with each other now that they met again. Mu Sihan reached his hand out first. “It’s been a while, Xiao Yi.”

Xiao Yi laughed, reaching out to shake Mu Sihan’s hand. “Should I address you as the King or Young Master Mu?”

“Up to you.” Mu Sihan had found out from Nan Zhi that Xia Yanran had come. If Xiao Yi was waiting here, he must be waiting for Xia Yanran.

“Why didn’t you go in?” Mu Sihan said as he seemed to realize something. He glanced at the guards, to which the captain immediately knelt down. “I’m at fault and failed to recognize a formidable person as I didn’t know that this mister was acquainted with Your Majesty.”

Mu Sihan glanced at Xiao Yi with his dark eyes. “Did they trouble you?”

Xiao Yi waved his hands. “They were just doing their job, it’s nothing much.”

“Do you want to go in and take a seat?”

“No. Please tell Yanran when you go in that I’ll be waiting for her here.”

When Mu Sihan saw Xiao Yi again, he realized that Xiao Yi wasn’t as arrogant and wild as he was before

It seemed the man had matured a lot.

Mu Sihan didn’t force the issue, so he got back into the car and waved at Xiao Yi.

With Xiao Yi able to make their King come down and shake his hand personally, and even invite him into the Palace, the guards didn’t dare to offend Xiao Yi anymore. After Mu Sihan left, they invited Xiao Yi to go wait in their resting room, but Xiao Yi rejected their offer calmly.

Not too long after Mu Sihan’s car drove into the Crown Palace, another SUV arrived.

That was when the guards saw again how the usually stern General Bo also got down to shake Xiao Yi’s hand. They didn’t know what the pair said, but General Bo actually burst out laughing.

After General Bo’s car drove into the palace, the guards were all thinking quietly that Xiao Yi must be some important figure as well! If not, how could he be good enough for the most important men in S Country to come down and shake his hand!

The gazes on Xiao Yi immediately changed.

Xiao Yi didn’t pay attention to them. After Bo Yan left, he felt even more stuffy.

Yanran might not care about how he was, but he couldn’t let go of it. He would work even harder after returning to Bardahl.

He wanted to give her a life of a princess and enjoy the best of everything in the world, instead of staying with him in his cheap apartment and toiling around.

Xiao Yi’s throat felt bitter. He wanted to use nicotine to dissolve that stuffiness, however at the thought of Xia Yanran, he suppressed the urge to smoke.

Bo Yan parked his car at the palace entrance.

Little Apple, who was sitting behind, poked her head out and blinked as she stared at Bo Yan’s calm and cold expression. “General Bo, are you really not going in to fetch your wife?”

Bo Yan glanced at the rude little girl. “You’re being rude, call me Daddy.”

“General Bo.”

“I’m not going.”


“I’ll wait in the car for you.”

Little Apple glanced at the man’s cold expression, thinking that this was probably Daddy’s largest compromise.

Who asked Mommy to hurt Daddy’s heart by leaving?

“Alright, alright!”

Little Apple pushed the door open, about to get off the car when Bo Yan suddenly said, “Were you in such a rush to come to the palace to fetch your Mommy or to see Crown Prince Xiaojie, who has come home after finishing his training?”

Little Apple giggled, her chubby fingers pressed against her small chin as she thought about it for a while.