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Chapter 1113: I Don’t Care

Xia Yanran was wearing a summer outfit she had bought at the airport as they were rushing over, so the love marks on her neck could be seen.

Hearing Nan Zhi’s words, Xia Yanran felt a little embarrassed. However, she wasn’t one who shied away from such things, so she lifted her chin, moving her neck towards Nan Zhi. “Look all you want, I don’t believe your husband doesn’t leave marks on your neck.”

Nan Zhi couldn’t help but smile, her dimples appearing on her cheeks as she looked extremely pretty. “He used to do it, but he doesn’t really dare to now.”

After they got married, she had to go on television occasionally and represented the country as its Queen, thus she couldn’t appear as casual as she did before.

All of her actions and words had to be elegant and dignified. She only dared to laugh and play around like this in front of her best friends.

Both Xia Yanran and Yan Hua knew that the higher their status, the heavier responsibilities they had. Zhizhi was very happy, but she had a heavy burden from her position as well.

Just a small bad action from her would be magnified. Not everyone could become the country’s Queen.

Yan Hua and Xia Yanran were both proud of Nan Zhi, feeling that it was their honor to have such a best friend.

“We were talking about you, don’t bring the attention onto me.” Nan Zhi glanced at the red mark on Xia Yanran’s fair neck, her smile bright and teasing. “When I got married, who was the one who told me that she broke up with a certain someone?”

Xia Yanran flushed from Nan Zhi’s words, using her hands to cup her flushing cheeks as she glared at Nan Zhi with a pout. “How do you know it’s left by him? Can’t I find another man?”

Almost simultaneously, both Nan Zhi and Yan Hua sent her a gaze that said that no one believed her.

Both of her best friends were smart people. Xia Yanran knew that she wouldn’t be able to hide away from them, so she raised her hands up in surrender. “Yes, yes, I’m too disappointing to only have that a**hole of a man from the beginning to the end.”

“Tsk tsk, aren’t you two done with each other? Where’s Xiao Yi? Wasn’t he with you when I called you? He didn’t come?” Nan Zhi folded up her sleeves teasingly. “When I see him, I’ll punch him a few times. It’s been so many years, when will he finally marry our Yanran? If he doesn’t have any plan to, I know quite a few nobilities…”

Xia Yanran pounced at Nan Zhi, cupping her mouth. When she realized that Xiao Yi wasn’t present and couldn’t hear what Nan Zhi was saying, she hurriedly let go of her best friend. She puffed her cheeks up. “He’s very nice. I won’t like any other nobleman, no matter how good he is.”

Nan Zhi hugged Xia Yanran. “I know, I know. You’ve probably fallen for Xiao Yi for the whole of your life. However, with him in the triads, can he give you a peaceful life?”

Xia Yanran pursed her lips. “He already retired from the triad.”

Nan Zhi froze for a second, before she regained her senses and hugged Xia Yanran tighter. “That’s good. I used to think that Xiao Yi wasn’t too dependable, but now, he’s really changed my impression of him.”

Hearing that Xiao Yi had gotten the approval of her best friends, Xia Yanran’s heart was drowned in sweetness. She said softly, “He’s really very nice. He treats me very well.”

Both Nan Zhi and Yan Hua couldn’t help but start laughing. “Mrs Xiao, are you defending your Mr Xiao already?”

“Zhizhi, Huahua, don’t you two defend your husbands?”

“Tsktsk, she’s already calling him husband.”

“Stop teasing me, you two! If you continue laughing, I’ll tickle you to death!”


The three of them laughed crazily as they played around.

All of them were extremely happy. It was so nice to be with their sisters, it was light hearted and fun.

On Xiao Yi’s side.

He followed Yi Ran to the Old Madam’s house.

The Old Madam knew that Yi Ran had found Xiao Yi and was bringing him to meet her, so she had been waiting in the living room in anticipation.

Xiao Yi had met the Old Madam when he was young, but it had been so long, so his impression of the Old Madam was already faded. However, when he saw her again, those blurry memories of her seemed to turn a little clearer.

The Old Madam had aged a lot, her hair white though she still could be recognizable.

Aunt looked extremely like the Old Madam.

Seeing that Xiao Yi had arrived, the Old Madam wore her glasses and inspected him from head to toe. After a moment of silence, she looked behind him.

The Old Madam’s action made Xiao Yi’s throat tighten. He closed his eyes, saying hoarsely, “Old Madam, Aunt had passed away.”

The Old Madam fell onto her chair, banging the floor with her walking stick. “It’s no wonder I couldn’t find her, no matter how hard I tried. When did it happen?”

“It was the fourth year after you left.”

The Old Madam remained quiet for a very long time, her tightly pursed lips trembling slightly.

Xiao Yi bent his knees and knelt in front of the Old Madam, kowtowing three times to her. “It’s because of me. If you feel sad, you can hit me!”

The Old Madam only had one daughter. In the past, her daughter did everything to follow Xiao Yi’s father, and she objected to her daughter becoming Xiao Yi’s stepmother. However, her daughter was too stubborn and got married to Xiao Yi’s father secretly. However, the story didn’t go on well after that. Xiao Yi’s father got into an accident and passed away and the Xiao family went bankrupt, so she had rathered cut all ties to raise Xiao Yi alone.

At the thought of her daughter’s sorrowful and sad life, the Old Madam raised her walking stick and waved it towards Xiao Yi’s back with all of her strength.

Seeing this, Yi Ran, who had been standing beside them, pounced onto Xiao Yi’s back without any hesitation and received the hit full on.

It was too late for the Old Madam to stop.

Yi Ran laid on Xiao Yi’s back, humming in pain.

Xiao Yi turned around to stare at Yi Ran, who had taken a hit for him. He furrowed his eyebrows. “Miss Yi, what are you doing?”

Yi Ran held down the fiery pain on her back as she knelt down in front of the Old Madam as well. She choked slightly, “Old Madam, when I went to Bardahl to find Brother Xiao Yi, I met some thieves on my way. If it wasn’t for Brother Xiao Yi, I might not have the chance to see you again. I think that Brother Xiao Yi must be sad that Aunt Qing isn’t here anymore as well, so please don’t blame him.”

The Old Madam stared at Yi Ran’s red eyes. After a long while, she leaned back onto the chair, waving her hands. “It’s been so many years since I wasn’t able to find her, I have long prepared myself for it. It’s her life, I can’t blame anyone else.” The Old Madam glanced at Xiao Yi. “You can leave first, I’m tired.”

Xiao Yi stood up. “I’ll come and visit you another day.”

After Xiao Yi left the mansion, Yi Ran hobbled after him in her crutches. “Brother Xiao Yi, it’s not easy to get a taxi here. How about you take my car first?” Yi Ran passed Xiao Yi a set of car keys.

Xiao Yi placed his hands into his pockets as he shook his head. “There’s no need, I’ll walk out of the are to get a taxi.” As if thinking of something, he glanced at Yi Ran. “There’s no need to do that again in the future. It was Yanran’s decision to save you, you don’t owe me anything.”

Yi Ran opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but Xiao Yi had already left with large strides.

Staring at his leaving figure, Yi Ran furrowed her eyebrows slightly, unable to look away for a long time.